Are we loving this look?


Yes, we do! Here is Serena at the Celebration Philippe West in L.A just a couple of days ago. I’ve always been a fan of Ms. Williams on and off the court! I was honestly shocked that she went for this look its Simply Chic! I love it…How about you?


  1. her face looks like all i can say is “you are you playa! you are YOU!!!”
    i mean the make-up. the dress….wack. them sheer pantyhose….wacker. yo if that ain’t pantyhose…..we need some cocoa butter stat.

  2. ^^^ *smh* 🙂

    But seriously, Serena (or her MUA)has to be careful about how much makeup is applied so as to NOT make her look “drag-like” and w/ her body type… she must be conscious that she may not be able to pull off certain trends. What she has on looks nice….
    just not on her. A slim/skinny woman w/long legs can pull off this outfit much better, IMHO.

  3. the pantyhose, the shoes and makeup kind of ruin this…i like to see people take fashion risks, this is just plain bad.

  4. i dnt like it….there is something off about serena’s fashion sense,its like she is trying to hard to look like a typical woman,dnt get me wrong she is beautiful and i love her body,all she needs is to find a good professional stylist,Jada Pinket Smith has a strong physique but she knows how to balance her style….however i love the fact that is a strong sista and Common loves her the way she is,now thats a real man

  5. wat happened to Serena she usually dresses nice. luv Serena but me no likey this outfit sorry

  6. She looks terrible. The outfit needs to be returned to Blanche Devereaux of the Golden Girls. Serena needs to go sit down somewhere and concentrate on her tennis moves and leave the red carpet to movie stars and entertainers. She is at the opening of every envelope. SMDH!

  7. I think the outfit softens her broad shoulders and I like her hair. But the makeup is too heavy and is not blended at her hairline. I like the shimmering hose but not with that outfit.

  8. The dress is cute, makes her body seem more feminine and not as muscular…

  9. I loving the hair and the dress. They highlighting her softer side. She looks awesome. The only thing that brings her outfit down just a notch is the tone of that darn pantyhose.

  10. she a beautiful woman with her cocoa dark smooth skin, however she has to much makeup on which is covering up her natural beauty. A little makeup is ok but Sernea when you got it…you just got it!!

    Keep shining like you do!!

  11. I realy like the dress but she should have not done the hose…she’s got great legs and could have done without the hose, the shoes should have been a softer color maybe a silver or something other than black and her make-up is all wrong and the hair is a mess…it’s heavy looking…too heavy for that dress….maybe a fabulous chignon or a sultry long ponytail would have been better. I love Serena too but this look could have been done better.

  12. IDC what anyone has to say, Serena looks sexy and stylish in this outfit. Howeve; a little less makeup would not hurt. She is a muscular female and her body frame shows that, but she pulled off this outfit without a hitch..

    Go Serena….do your thang…!!!!!

  13. This is just wrong, its all wrong. The dress the make up the stockings. The dress looks like a 70s prom dress, the stockings and and make up make her ashy. Her hair is cute though. Nice try Serena.

  14. SErena is pretty but this look was a big boo boo. She doesn’t really impression me with her fashion game.

  15. Its the makeup. The white shadow under her eyes, and the blush couldve been omitted. The dress is cute. But she has to understand she has a muscular and athletic body. She should wear dresses for that body type. She’s still pretty.
    If I was to change anything it would’ve been the makeup

  16. Oh and I like her hair. I like it better than that blond/brown she had.

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