Are You A Prostitute?

At first glance at the title, you may think I mean:

Prostitute:  a person who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse in exchange for payment (usually money)

However, that is not the case.  In this instance, I mean:

Prostitute:  a person who debases his or her talent(s) for payment (usually money)

We are all born with a gift, a talent.  Some of us are born with quite a few.  By using these talents, we can find a certain fulfillment in this life.  Not to mention help others in their lives.  The challenge is that most people do not consider their gifts as a gift.  See having a gift/talent is very different from discovering, appreciating and nurturing your gift/talent.  We tend to either sell ourselves short or give it all away for FREE.  This is where the act of prostitution comes in.

With ‘physical’ prostitution, a woman (or man) sells the use of her/his body for payment of some sort.  Usually the payment is money.  (In my opinion, there’s not enough money in the world that could truly compensate for a service such as this.  But that’s just my opinion.)  The ironic thing about prostitution is that it starts in/with the mind, not the body.  A prostitute has to mentally prepare to perform an act.  Ask any ‘pimp’ and they’ll tell you.  Once you get the mind, you can do anything with the body.   As a matter of fact, that is how most prostitutes are made.  The ‘pimp’ will shelter, feed and clothe the new prospect.  All the while, the ‘pimp’ makes sure that the new prospect feels indebted for the favors being given.  The ‘pimp’ will also be sure to remind the new prospect that no one, I mean no one else would ever be as good to or for them.  Once caught in the grip of the ‘pimp’ it’s hell to get out of.   And although prostitution can be quite lucrative, there are many risks involved.  One of those risks being life itself.

There’s not much difference with ‘spiritual’ prostitution.  It starts with your mindset as well.  We either believe we have no gift or that our gift is not worth very much.  The ‘pimp’ in this scenario is FEAR.  Fear keeps us from acknowledging our talent.  Fear keeps us from honoring our talent.  And fear keeps us from proper compensation for our talent.  Fear is like a deer blinded by the headlights of a vehicle.  It causes the inability to move and leaves us open to risk.  The risk of living an unfulfilled life.

‘Spiritual’ prostitution comes with risks as well.

The ‘pimp’ in this scenario can also be your family, your friends, your associates.  They shelter you, feed you and even clothe you with doubt, negativity and lack.  They teach you that you shouldn’t, you can’t or that you won’t ever be able to find anything better than the life of prostitution.  See how it works?  Control the mind, control the man.

I’ll be the first to admit that….My name is J’licious  and I am a recovering prostitute.  I was born with gifts/talents that I did not recognize, honor or nurture .  I allowed my ‘pimp’ named FEAR to keep me from moving forward when my path was clearly laid before me.  I was afraid to take my gifts out of the box and share.  And when I finally decided to share them, I shared them with people who clearly did not appreciate them or me.  Those people  included my family, my friends, my lovers, and my business clients.

Ok, I’ve admitted my sordid past.  Now it’s your turn…..Are You A Prostitute?

Know your worth,


© Copyright 2010/10/01  Jacque Keil All Rights Reserved


  1. Some women don’t recognise that bartering themselves for $$$ is Prostitution. Just because u r not on a corner doesn’t mean u r any better than someone who is. Having ur hair or nails done or receiving a dress in exchange for Sex is PROSTITUTION!!!

  2. According to me, prostitution is selling sex. You don’t have to stand on a street corner to be a prostitute. If you give sex for money, you’re a prostitute. That dress he bought you, that apartment he is renting for you, those credit cards he lets you use… so you can have some sexy time with him… Same thing in my book.

    I also laugh out lout when porn stars say they are not w.h.o.r.e..s. Really ladies???????? You get paid to have sex….

    I watched the very first episode of the “Girls Next Door” (Hef’s ex-girlfriends Kendra, Holly and Bridget) and I clearly remember Kendra saying “We’re not wh..res, we’re not sluts…” REALLY? Cause your rent in that mansion, your room service, your trips, your plastic surgery, your cars, your gigs, your clothes, your parties, your hair extensions, etc….

    Another thing I would like to add. People always talk crap about video girls shaking their asses all over rappers and whatever… but doesn’t singers do the same? So it’s ok when Beyonce, Shakira, Madonna, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, etc.. When they do it, it’s nice and classy but when video girls do it, they’re “wh..ores”? What about actresses who have those over the top, almost naked photoshoot? Are you telling me that they are not selling their sexuality for a …. career?

    Bottom line, to me, all of those things are considered prostitution. I don’t think G-d wants us to exploit our “sexuality” to get something. When Jesus talked about talent, I don’t think he talked about using sex… otherwise He wouldn’t have contradicted himself and asked us to dress modestly and humbly.

    Anyway, I admit that I am not perfect and I haven’t used many of my talents for something good but I’m working on it…

  3. Artist out today are prostitutes..look @ Beyonce. First pimped out by her dad “oh he quit his high paying job so now this dc thing betta work” to now her husband “blowing her up by giving her street cred and alowing her to be obviously sexual in her music and videos”. How does some give u ur sexual abilities? Answer :pimping u into believing that without him,ur not even worth having due to that fact that all u are good for is sex and they’ve grown tired of it very quickly..when u have to keep getting even more sexual “Rhianna”, what’s left? Pimpin ..pimpin!

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