Are you living your life to the fullest?

It seems as though lately, we have been constantly reminded of the fact that life is not promised. I learned just how true this was when I was about 12-years-old. You see, my big sister died of cancer at age 14 and what I realized reflecting back on that time of my life is that her death was the pivotal moment in which the perspective that I would have on life was formed. At a young age, I was able to develop a sense of purpose in life. I was able to conjure up big dreams for myself. I was able to make big plans. I just thought that since my sister wasn’t able to live her life to the fullest, then I knew I had to.

Some of us are living our lives with no purpose or direction. Some of us have dreams we want to see fulfilled and goals we want to accomplish, but for whatever reason, we haven’t been able to set things in motion. Maybe fear or self-doubt is holding us back. Maybe we are easily influenced by the negative people in our lives. I am not sure. But what I am sure of is, life is not promised, and to live your life to the fullest, and to live life without regret, you owe it to yourself to make you dreams come true, to accomplish your goals, and to leave your mark in this world? So I ask the following questions today.

What are your dreams?

What are some of the goals you want to accomplish in life?

What’s keeping you from making your dreams come true, accomplishing your goals, and living a fulfilled life?


  1. Im so sorry to hear about your sister 😳 keep staying strong & living your life cause im sure your sister would want you to! I recently lost a older cousin 40yrs. old do to complications of diabetes and she was one of the coolest cousin’s in the family. But my family and i were able to maintain and keep her in our prayers.

    My dreams is be a successful nurse (working in the trauma unit in the hospital in Miami)

    My goal is to graduate from college this year

    My heavenly Father , My family & close friends , and me just continuing to stay humble

    I know all of this could not be possible if i did not have God in my life he continues to bless me and that’s why i have a life to live!

  2. Beautifully said, I have so many goals and dreams myself and I think the biggest set back for me acheiving them is the fear, the self doubt. listening to others and the guilt. But one really has to let those things go and just be them. It is a daily struggle for something that just seems so easy and so natural. But we make things more difficult then they should be. It is funny how we can encourage and help others but when it comes to ourselves we tend to forget and see others succeed, which is okay, but at the same time it is self damaging.

    Good luck to all and just live, be daring – do something different and creative everyday…but most of all just be yourself.

  3. Im sorry to hear about your sister. I lost my mother 6 yr ago of cancer she was only 46 yrs old.

    My dream is come a clothing designer. Im working on that right now.

    Im living my life to the fulliest you never know when you going to go. (look at michael jackson).

    Im going to start college in jan of 2010 because im moving into my mother house can not wait.

    I just want to stay healthy for my daugther by the way going to starting high school this yr (crying my butt off lol)

    My mother quote what eva you put in life is what you going to get out of it.

  4. Thanks ladies for sharing your dreams!

    @$ignature BARBIE, I am also working on my nursing degree! I start my nursing classes in January 2010. I wish you the best!

    @lady, Sorry about your mom. I think when we lose our love ones, it makes us reflect on our own lives and just motivates us to want to live a fulfilled life.

    I wish you the best as you pursue your dream of becoming a fashion designer. There is always room for another great fashion designer.

  5. @Stacey, You bring up a very valid point!

    We can encourage and help others, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to forget and see others succeed.

  6. I have so many dream for myself and my family. Thanks to God, some are set in motion.

    Lets start with the family
    I have an older brother who has self-motivation deficiency. It’s evident in his schooling and on the low end jobs he performs. I know he is dissatisfy with the way things are going for him because he shares that with me. He dreams of going back to school; however, there’s a disconnection between the dream and achieving it. I know growing up around me has been though on him because of the comparisons people draw, our parents included, between our accomplishments. I’m not an overachiever, but I get most things I start done. I get annoyed at these comparisons because their usage are negative. They pull him down, intended or not. I find that practice quite harmful, and I straight up discourage my father from continuing that. What my brother needs is an extra pro-motivation and encouragement shot darnit!

    Well…when you combine my brother’s motivation, some of my father’s and mine gear in one direction, you get results! This June my brother took the initiative to further his education. We couldn’t be more proud! Before he went to visit his dorm room, he was grumbling to me about our father pushing him a bit too hard, calling him a couple of times per day asking did he get this or that done. Little did he know, I was telling my paps to keep up the [pressure] motivation 😆

    Now that he is away, I miss him terribly 😥 , but I’m so glad he is actively pursuing one of his goals. God bless my brother.

  7. @SnijanaFleur, I am glad that your brother took the step in the right direction to further his education and to better himself. Sometimes all it takes is just one person to motivate us and believe in us. I hope he is grateful for the love and support of his family.

  8. A Word For My Sistas, thanks for sharing our joy. It’s true that sometimes all it takes a person to believe in us.

    It would be great if my brother is grateful for our love and support. It would be even better if he shows at least a small amount of that gratefulness to our father. He is advancing in age, and he does some of what he does out of love. They have a rocky relationship. Our father plays a big role in making the status of their relationship what it is even before my brother was born. Nevertheless, nobody’s perfect. In fact, I believe the imperfect aspects of ourselves make us more complex and compelling beings. I hope my brother continues learning to forgive and to show appreciation when it’s due. It’s for his sake.

    As for myself, I don’t really give a crap whether he shows gratefulness to me or not. It’s not required. It’s not expected. Maybe it’s a cultural thing that stuck with me. It goes like this-> whenever a Haitian family member receives an opportunity for a better life, some of the family left behind are grateful for this member because s/he has a wonderful chance to become independent in all sense. That my dear is one less mouth to feed and one less soul to worry about! 😆 Sometime that initial gratefulness and joy you feel for this member is enough. You know what I mean?
    IF they are lucky, that member will bring pride and joy to the family and give back some of his/her blessings.

  9. I have accomplished 4/5 of my dreams and i live my life to the fullest, i have been trough hell but i came back and today i stand before you as a strong mother,good wife and overall decent human being, I am not going to share my whole life story with you because not only i don’t know you like that, i am not one to talk about my experiences My advice to most brownsista “women” is to stop trying to identify themselves to celebrities, one day you’ll wake up and find out that you didn’t [Try to] accomplish much and that is failure.

  10. well, my main dream all my life, well at least since i was about 4 or 5 years old, was to be a singer. I know it sounds cliche, but i really love to sing, and music is very deep in my heart. I’ve done normal stuff, sang in the choir, been in numerous girl groups (that never went anywhere of course), tried to sing in a band that fell apart just weeks before our first show. Recently i even went to dallas to audition for american idol, only to not make it past the shows “producers” to sing for paula and randy (simon called it quits). I’m beginning to wonder if i am even meant to be in this business. Even though the music industry is pretty much in shambles if you ask me, i still think i have something i can contribute to it. I guess if that doesn’t work out, i’ll just continue on with my degree in business, i just pray God sends me in the right direction for the path he wants me to take

  11. MRSJONES: “i really love to sing, and music is very deep in my heart.” that only let me know that you might be a better musician than most of them out there DO NOT give up, ever keep your faith up and fight for your dreams!


  13. I applaud all the brown sistas above for being so positive and supportive of each other. I wish to see more of it in our community.

    My goals and my dreams are one in the same.
    1) Be a good mother, keep my son as a priority.
    2) Continue my schooling and graduate from a university with my Masters. (This will take longer to accomplish depending on how my following dreams come to fruition.)
    3) Since I was about 14, I wanted to have my own camp for underprivileged children and non-profit for homeless. I already have the name, business plan, and logo. The logo is hot y’all.
    4) Become a successful and best-selling author. My first novel Beautiful in stores soon.
    5) Beautiful to become a movie.
    6) I also want to be the first 5’5 high fashion runway model. I have done several photo shoots and first runway about two months ago.
    7) After modeling, I want to venture off into acting.
    8) Learn how to drive by my 27th birthday. I know, some people think it a shame that I am 25 and do not know how to drive, but I really do not have an interest. So, I am going to learn for my son.
    9) Another goal of mine is to stay ground, always pray and be mindful of God, and to continue to grow as a woman.

    One of my professors and I were having a discussion yesterday. He thinks my goals are going in to many directions. He says, “You need to pick one thing and pursue that.” However, I believe no matter what I do, I will always strive to be a good mother. When I market my book and do interviews, I will make it my goal to mention my hopes of Beautiful becoming a movie and me being a model. Once I become a well known author, model, turned actress, I will have the money to build my camp and non-profit housing-program. Though some people think my goals conflict with each other, I believe they complement each other.

    I am doing what I need to do to prepare myself for the good things ahead. Besides my general classes, I am taking debate, speech, dance, acting, and grammar review classes to prepare myself for my career. I’ve been through so much from homelessness, domestic violence, being suicidal, etc. I am going to accomplish everything above. I won’t settle for anything else. I can’t.

    I wish all my brown sistas well. God bless you all. – Antoya

  14. @MRSJONES, You are not alone. I have also prayed that God send me down the path that I am to follow. I want to do so many things. But for now, I will stay in college and continue to work towards my nursing degree. I know things will fall into place. Hang in there MRSJONES!

    @Voice is on point. DO NOT give up ever, keep your faith up, and fight for your dreams!

    @LJ, You are right, we have to muster up enough strength to jump over that hurdle.

    @ Antoya, You remind me so much of myself. I have always had big plans for myself, even as a little girl. I can sense your motivation and there’s no doubt in mind that you can make all your dreams come true. Your professor is right; it might be easier to pursue one or two of your goals at a time, just keeping in mind that you still have a list of goals to accomplish. Though you experienced homelessness, domestic violence, and being suicidal, you are stay here and you are motivated to leave your mark in this world. You are such an inspiration! I wish you and your son the best Antoya!

  15. @ A Word For My Sistas

    Thanks for your support and word of encouragement.

  16. My dreams would tak more time than I care to give to type.

    Some of my goals to settle w/ the man I am sure I will spend ly life with and have a small family one two kids, preferably all boys, have a property in some of my fave spots in the world. get through to medical school and get a doctorate and get my feet wet in a successful career.

    Nothing is keeping me from my career goals. Relationship wise lol finding a man out of these “boys” I talk to that aren’t a big headache or play too many games.

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