Are You Thick Or Just Fat?

Too often the term “thick” is being misused and abused by women of color around the world. They may be at least 70-100 pounds overweight but still consider themselves thick. They can barely make it up the stairs without clutching their heart but see no need in a healthy diet. This form of denial is not helpful in the strive for being as healthy as you can be. You can spend all of your life defending your body and screaming that you are thick and then one day your heart might give up on you because you are making it work too hard. Despite your self concept of being “thick”. The body doesn’t lie.

This is not an attack on curvaceous women or a way to encourage sista’s to conform to look like the “other”. I love the fact that we have hips, thighs and a round derriere. This is a reality check. Being overweight does not always equate to being thick. Too often the word is used as an excuse to cover up a bad diet, and an unhealthy lifestyle… To Read The Rest Please Visit YeahSheSaidIt


  1. U betta preach sista! We all know how we are built but to keep calling yourself thick when u are clearly overweight is just wrong..

  2. There is so such thing as thick, Either you’re fat or you’re thin, and the word Fat just like Dark, is only negative if you let it be, You can be fat and healthy skinny and unhealty and vice versa, I have a big butt, I consider myself fat but don’t hate my body!

  3. Ok, thick does not equal fat. Some women say they are thick, but are fat! There are actually women who are thick and not fat. I’m what some would consider thick. I have a big butt and big breasts. Small waist line, for real. No, I’m not gasping for air when I walk up a flight of stairs. I’m in very good shape. I workout, but my body type is just like Nicki Minaj and Serena and that is what is considered thick. Ask a black man and he will tell you the same, lol!

  4. Great post! I’m sure a lot of women needed to read this. It really is important to be heathly. And while you may protect your ego, pride, and esteem by labeling yourself thick when you are indeed obese, you inevitably damage your body and organs and even the people around you that love you. I need to take heed to this post myself because while I’m not obese or thick (I am solid however), I could do a lot more to improve my health and overall physical fitness. Thanks BS! 🙂

  5. its a lotta FAT sistas in Baltimore …hope they reading this !!!

  6. I agree! I definitely think that we all need to do better health wise. I work out 6 days a week and eat healthy about 60% of the time. I am still about 15 pounds over weight but I am working on trimming that down. I do not have diabetes or high blood pressure. My doctor says I am in great shape, however, my cholesterol is a little too high. In knowing this, I have adjusted my diet to eat right about 80% of the time. We really need to take heed and take better care of ourselves! My mom is obese and her quality of life is horrible. I do not want to be this person! WE HAVE TO DO BETTER!

  7. I’m no were near thick or fat…i’m more petite like “meagan good” jada pinkett i consider them petite

  8. I read from someone’s tweet yesterday (can’t remember whom) that 80% of Black women in America are considered obese. I’ll try to find the link to that statistic, but in answer to your post, yeah I know the difference.

    I think women say ‘thick’ to make themselves or their ‘non-skinny’ seem ‘cute’ or ‘sexy’. And while it’s great to have confidence, BE REAL as you all have stated. It’s most likely FAT. Get to the gym. Work it out. Forget semantics and don’t use either word, rather use ‘healthy’. To be or not to be. My doctor is by standards not a ‘thin, skinny’ woman; she’s got some ‘stout’ to her but she is physically healthy. She and I have discussed weight and all that ad nauseum. Be healthy. That should be the goal.

  9. Me too @$ignature!
    I am petite myself. And there is a difference between being skinny and petite. Loving the post by the way!

  10. This post seems to be more about vanity than health. First and foremost who gives a damn if someone wants to consider themselves thick vs fat, and for someone to get upset by that proves one thing that women who are what some call “thick” do not want to be labeled as “fat” It’s all about the superficial. Stop hurting ppl with words and begin to help. America is forever bashing women of color for various reason. It’s not only women of color who are obese/overweight but it’s a problem nation wide. So stop being over concerned with who is calling themselves whatever they’d like. Clean up your own life before you involved yourself in someone else’s.

  11. I have often said the same thing myself about this story. I think it is an excuse they use for being over weight. It is unhealthy an we need to start taking better care of ourselves.

  12. :hifive: Annie Anne

    If this opinion commentary was to enlighten our women to make a positive change and have a goal to be healthy, then I would be in 100% agreement but this article was simply negative. I have girlfriends of all sizes and they don’t have to justify their body type to me whether they are “fat” or “thick”, “skinny” or “thin” because I don’t live in their bodies and they don’t live in mine. Great health should be the ultimate goal and whether someone considers themselves “thick” or “fat” is entirely irrelevant. This screams SUPERFICIAL, which means it’s unproductive and will not inspire anyone to make lifestyle changes, which should be the motive. However, I believe an overweight person must have called themselves thick, which infuriated the writer and was the catalyst for this ridiculous commentary!!

  13. @Seplastar Totally agree with you 100%. No one has to justify themselves unless they feel insecure. Being over weight goes far beyond the jean size. And these articles and blogs are in no way meant to help. If helping my sista’s means we get together, sit down and come up with an eating and excercise plan then I’m all for it. But I refuse to bash another woman because she is 250 and wants to label herself thick, It’s childish and elementary “Oh let’s make fun of the fat girl” type attitude to make myself feel better. Let’s do better ppl.

  14. I am fat ass hell :lol2: :lol2: I need to really start back working out i am 30lbs overweight. I went from 140 to 170….a damn shame

  15. Black women can get away with being a little overweight because a lot of us carry weight in the bottom (thighs,hips,behind)with small waists and it is proportioned in the shape of an hour glass. Other races cannot get away with that. For the most part, and i may be a little closed minded but most overweight white girls look funny because they dont have a butt (and most dont have breast either but they got silicone for that problem). My opinion is white girls have to be super skinny and work out to to get the curves we have naturally. With that being said things have gotten out of hand. If you have rolls and fat hanging off your body, healthy or not it looks disgusting and I sick of seeing us prancing around with all that hanging out talking about “Im fabolous, I have curves” NO you use to have curves now you have skiing slopes.

  16. Another thing, where in the hell are they getting their information from? I dont remember anybody coming to my house getting a BMI on me or any of my friends. They kill me with these stats. I believe this is another hit to the black woman’s image.

  17. Just Remember two things:

    Keep your waist smaller than your hips!

    Get regular excercise !

  18. I love how all of the sudden people are tripping themselves, trying to convince others they have no stomach but a gigantic butt thus thick, Who the hell cares? ARE YOU HEALTHY? That’s my question! if you are great keep up the good work, If you’re trying to keep a black man happy by having “a small waist and a large butt” that’s your problem, i’ve seen “thick ” women being left for bigger or skinnier, LOVE YOURSELF!

  19. Just wondering where the person who wrote this article got this idea from??? I don’t understand the point of writing this. What’s “thick” in one’s eyes may be “fat” in another. Who cares? I think this article could have been a informational piece about health in general, but it got lost some where. I am 5’6” tall and weight 170 pounds. Some may say call me fat some may call me thick. I have a flat stomach, thick legs, thighs, and big butt, and 36c bra. size 12 pants. I LOVE my body and wouldn’t change it for the world no matter who has something to say.

    Oh and I can work the hell out of a cat suit!!!1 :bowdown:

  20. :lol2: This title is hilarious!! I remember girls saying they big-boned. I think ‘thick’ got more famous with the popularity of big bottomed video girls. These days you have butt pads and silicone injections that are the trend. The main thing though is our health as women, whatever size we strive to be we need to be healthy.

  21. We also need to pass a positive self image to our young girls. Some of the kids these days are going to drastic and sometimes deadly measures to look a certain way. We need our young women to accept themselves as they are so they don’t let people take advantage of them.

  22. Toni, I agree we should love ourselves that’s why some are bragging about butt and thighs, because we are the “thick” ones who are not obese or unhealthy, but beautiful, sensual, and proud of it. You say, “Who cares?” Well, a lot of us do that is why the article was written. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but health is not. Let’s face it, I agree it’s not what you look like on the outside of your body. The real issue is what are you putting inside your body?!
    I don’t care how skinny, slim, fat, or thick you are, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you’re gonna die younger than you should. I’d rather have a big butt and big thighs than lung cancer any day! I think the article should just address “obesity” in the black community.

  23. I call myself whatever makes me happy. I am 190 lbs, and 5’7″ tall. I don’t feel the slightest bit bad about it, not because I think my body is perfect, but I now eat very healthy (no crash diet–just healthy food), and my husband and I hit the gym 3-5 times weekly. I am a healthy person, and that’s my main focus. I call myself thick because that is what I feel. I feel like the word ‘fat’ has a negative connotation behind it, and even when I was 215 lbs I called myself “big” instead of fat.

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  25. @Nicety
    I see many Fat guys every day at work they reffer to themselves as “buff” do i sit around trying to call them fat, and diffuse their confidence?Hell no, Only an insecure person would sit around worrying aBOUT what someone is calling themselves to make themselves feel better. You wanna talk about obesity, i’m down, Wanna talk about better way to eat? let’s go, But don’t sit here trying to point fingers to make urself feel better, you think people don’t see themselves in a mirror?you think they don’t hate their body enough? saying “nah u aint thick you FAT” is not helping them in anyway, and newsflash a big butt and big thighs mean you have fat in these areas! so at the end of the day you’re fat too, but you don’t like that do you? that’s why you sat here describing yourself as if i care! i work a t a gym i’ve seen healthy and it as many faces and shape not only skinny or “flat stomach with big butts” and if you really wanna get down to it not fat is having muscular legs and calves a thin waist and an nice size but not super big, That’s fat too!

  26. The Key is to be healthy! Get regular exercise and eat right. Your body no matter how it is shaped should be healthy. That’s what really matters.

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  27. Toni, I remember you saying “you got a big butt, who cares?” and “a big butt is just fat”. Having opinions is one thing, but just plain putting other folks down is showing that you are the insecure one. I said originally “Ok, thick does not equal fat. Some women say they are thick, but are fat! “. The author of the article wanted us to evaluate the meaning of the two terms “Thick and Fat”. Thick meaning bigger in certain regions, but healthy. Fat meaning, obese and unhealthy. Why is this concept so hard for you to grasp? I used the term “Fat” because the author did. No one should go around calling people fat, who does that?!
    You come off as a person who prefers a muscular physic. That’s great for you to have a preference. This is an issue that is ongoing, because of the cultural and social aspects of it all. I have a friend who some would consider healthy, because she is very slim but she has had numerous health issues. I’ve never had any health problems. I lift weights and exercise, but still my booty and thighs are the biggest thing on my body. Probably too big or “fat” for some, but perfect to my husband.

  28. I agree althought I Like thick and healthy women,but being over weight is very unhealthy for anyone.To be curvacious,shapely,and Healthy is one thing but to be over weight is another

  29. To me, “thick” is Crystal Renn (when she’s aa bit thinner). “Thick” is Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. Marilyn Monroe. Please, google them.

    If you’re going to say “I’m thick” then you need to be naturally voluptuous yet TONED and PROPORTIONED. NO excess fat on your body whatsoever (Keep in mind, I said EXCESS fat).

    Some of you need a reality check: If you feel attacked, then that means that deep down, you know you’re fat but you wanna cry foul when someone tells you. If one doesn’t like the label, hit up the gym. Buy some weights. Go walking. Eat good clean food, lots of fruits and veggies, etc. Simple as that. Maybe then you’ll get down to “thick” and realize the difference.

  30. Wow, this topic sure brings out haters. Most agree about proportions and such. Some have even admitted needing to go to the gym. Others are thick and loving it. I’m through, lol 🙂

  31. Houston, we have a problem. There are a lot of obese sistas in H-town. It is ridiculous. Great topic!!!

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