Armani Unveils New Rihanna Video

Rihanna‘s latest promotional video for Emporio Armani made its way online today via the retailer’s official online presence.

Clad in Armani lingerie, the Baja beauty is seen writhing around in bed before taking a shower and throwing on a pair of… you guessed it… Armani jeans.

For those of you wondering if this type of promotion actually gets people to go out and buy the product, the answer would be yes.

Though no official numbers for Rihanna have been reported, Armani’s last spokesperson, actress Megan Fox, reportedly helped the company fledgling lingerie line see a 32% upswing in sales.


  1. That was sexy. If megan brought it to 32, ri’s gonna bring to at least 80. Her body is more beautiFULL.

  2. That was a GREAT marketing ad! Rihanna looks gorgeous and I’d definitely by those jeans if I could…but I’d skip the lengerie, I prefer Victoria’s Secret in that department. #Go Rihanna and Good job Armani in hiring a woman of color#

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