Ashanti & Cassie Stop By TRL

Today Ashanti and the cast of “John Tucker Must Die” stopped by the TRL studio to promote their film being released tomorrow.Ashanti, looking beautiful as ever, is pictured below.

Also performing on the show was up and coming singer Cassie.I personally have no idea who she is or what she sings, but I hear she has a top 10 hit, so here she is doing her thing.

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  1. Not one to hate but I have no idea how CASSIE got a record deal — we all know the girl dont sound good live! as for ashanti, she aint that bad, i hear shes a good songwriter though.

  2. ashanti isnt thaaaatttt bad.

    Cassie…yuck. She’s a top ten hit for advertising her body. Her song says
    …….. “I know them other guys, they’ve been talking ’bout the way I do what I do
    They heard I was good, they wanna see if it’s true
    They know your the one I wanna give it to
    I can see you want me too…”

    She isnt suttle at all.
    She has the “look” ( light skin, long hair, mixed ancestry) a think body and is a dancer. She used to model for Missy’s ME addidas line.

    Another perfomer NOT A SINGER.

  3. After that lousy BET performance last week I think everyone knows who Cassie is. 😆

  4. When this was posted we didn’t even know who Cassie was.We haven’t covered this chick since on this site and we never will again.:thumbsdown:

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