Ashanti’s “Black Men Magazine” Photo Shoot

The latest edition of Black Men Magazine features a stunning photo shoot from Ashanti. The singer, whose most recent album hasn’t faired very well on the charts, continues to promote herself and even picked up an award recently. Her “The Way That I Love You” video won for Best Break Up Video at the Music Choice Most Demanded Video Awards. The singer is also out on the road promoting her new material with small club dates and continues to also work with other artists, most recently the rapper Plies. Word is Ashanti is also in talks to reprise her role as Heather in the second installment of the teen film, John Tucker Must Die.

Check out images from her photo shoot below.


  1. Ashanti is very underrated..she is really pretty and she makes good music…..she doesnt have a great voice, but there are alot of others who can’t sing…….the music sounds good thats all that matters…….she look damn great in these pics and her body is certified!!

  2. Awww what people will do to STAY relevent!!? Any who she looks cute but its time to STEP it UP Ashanti…you been in the game way too long to STILL be taking these type of pics!

  3. hummm…what can i say? the first pic looks really high school ghetto girl pose she is a singer she needs to get over that…the last to are nice but is she a swimsuit model or a singer? i mean she looks nice but the pics are kinda average for her being a celebrity and whoever chose those backgrounds should be shot they make the pictures look stupid thats not ashantis fault though

  4. I never knew that photoshop could do such wonderful things for your body and I also see now that it can make you look like a 80’s porn star. She look a MESS!!! Get somewhere and sat down Ms. Ashanti. :noway:

  5. I like the purple swimsuit. That bikini shot isn’t that great, but the menfolk will love it! :brownsista:

    So glad to hear she’s taking on acting again; she was cute in John Tucker. I wish her the best. And maybe her promoting her LP via smaller venues is the way to go too 🙂

  6. i want her to explain to me how posing like a video hoe in a men’s “magazine” keeps you “relevant”…

    i vote NO. you’re getting older ashanti… get wiser and stop exploiting yourself. :thumbsdown:

  7. Ashanti is a cute girl. The pictures are ok, but honestly who didn’t see this coming. The day that Ashanti did her 1st solo release I knew her days would be numbered as a artist. Yea she made some cute songs, but nothing that would say ” you’ll see me here in 20 yrs suckas”. Maybe the girl can a make comeback maybe not, but I am glad to see she is making strides in other areas. I think she’ll be ok, she always seemed to have a great personality & be well rounded. One day, this scenario that we see w/ Ashanti will be duplicated by Rhianna & Ciara. I think the one thing that will save Rhi Rhi is she can strike a mean pose… modeling will prolly be her fall back.

  8. for ashanti not being able to sing she lasted long enough. and 4 da photos she probaly got 50 grand.

  9. kim honestly ashanti feel off hard after her first album…she didnt last we know her name but that doesnt say much and i seriously doubt that she got 50 grand for those photos :lol2:

  10. I am just glad to see Ashanti doing something in the spotlight because she is a good singer to me. I like the pictures because it looks like she had fun. I wish her all the best.

  11. sick of seeing ladies half naked..that being said..ashanti is cute and is a decent songwriter..hope she continues to do well

  12. She looks good :thumbsup: . On the note of her album, every artist go through a phase when everything they touch turns gold and then it goes to where they just don’t ignite anything with new material they bring to the table.

  13. Ashanti got with a bad record company and had a bad record contract. She had to put out one more album with them and they purposely did not promote her. She makes great music and she writes for a lot of people. These pictures are no different than what Beyonce, Rhianna, Britney, and all of these other so call starlets.

    And I agree with Tosha, someone is selling these young ladies a bill of goods like they can’t be sexy or just be themselves they always have to take all of their clothes off. It’s becoming just sickening. It’s enough already.

  14. I like Ashanti, but not feeling the pics. The purple swimsuit is cute though. I think her vocals have improved greatly from when she first came out

  15. Well, at least she gives the pictures some life. I can not knock her hustle.

  16. My how the times have change. At one time there were some diehard Ashanti fans out there! Poor Ashanti, I always thought she was simply beautiful (not cute); a natural beauty but what made her appealing was her position at Murder Inc. Ja was really popular and she was the first lady of all that and since their stock went down so did hers I guess.

  17. One commenter brought up a great point – what’s so different about these poses by Ashanti than by the same types of pics by artists like Beyonce or Rihanna?
    I had to think about it but there are a couple of reasons why Ashanti’s pics get a :thumbsdown:
    1. the venue. Men’s magazines – you’re either an up and comer, at your height of fame, or going down. Up & comers and has beens can ONLY be pictured in men’s mags.
    2. The photos look cheap. She doesn’t look a diva who has her game on point, she looks like that pretty girl in high school who craved attention and was willing to take her clothes off to get it.
    3. this is going to be controversial, but Ashanti is thick. Not curvy like Beyonce after she’s dieted, but around the way girl type of thick. Generally, stars, no matter their ethnicity, once they reach a certain level always strive to keep a certain weight. (this goes hand in hand with the more famous you become the lighter/more Caucasian you try to appear to be for many mainstream artists) N.E. Way her thickness is not associated with mainstream super stardom, just another hint that she has fallen off/is struggling.

  18. The pictures look very low budget.

    To the Ashanti fan trying to blame her flop album on her company…try again. It flopped because people wasn’t feeling it. Plain and simple. She worked on that album for years, and SHE was the one that put everything together.

  19. Wow, I’m not usually one for photos with less clothing but the girl looks good. Wow!

  20. I know these pics are airbrushed to the max even the my fav the 4th one . I tried to hate but these pics are turning the on out of me. ROWRRR!!!!!
    as for ppl talking about the diva thing. these pics are aimed at Men’s mag not chicks’s , we don’t need divas , I have not listened to her stuff as of late. I believe the last time I paid attention to her musically was during her “awww baby!!! ” years.She is not doinng it for me musically. But I don’t want her to disappear tho.

  21. She look really good in those picture. Like someone said up top what different from beyonce and ri-ri, ci-ci like come on people. Go ashanti.

  22. She looks great! I see nothing wrong with the photos. I think she gets a hard time because she’s beautiful and has a great looking guy to go with her beauty. I admire her because she doesn’t seem to conform to what america thinks is beautiful. She keeps the dark hair and looks like a sista all the time.

  23. I’m not into women having to take their clothes off for attention, but she looks good! Ashanti is underrated, she has a great voice.

    These pics are no different than other artists that I have seen. Beyonce’s newest CD has her topless (or atleast the appearance) so what’s the difference? If you are going to knock down one, knock down all!

  24. John Tuker Must Die part 2??? Like the 1st one was really good or something and not to mention Ashanti’s acting in that movie was horrible. She looks pretty in the pics though. I think she should just stick with music & writing.

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