Ashanti & Charli Baltimore

Charli Baltimore & Ashanti Talk about a blast from the past. I am sure the most of you haven’t heard the name Charli Baltimore in over ten years and even I hadn’t thought of the sista until I came across this pic of her with Ashanti. As some of you may remember, waaay back in the 90’s Ashanti and Charli were suppose to do for The Inc. what Hersheys did for chocolate. Unfortunately, only one of these sistas would go on to super stardom while the other would basically disappear into oblivion- but not for lack of talent. I think Charli was actually a decent rapper who was simply cursed with mediocre songs and a record label that was more interested in exploiting her past with Biggie rather than her skills on the Mic. Okay, I can hear some of you laughing right now (Nova), but I never the sista was Rakim, only that she was a decent MC.

Anyway, check out the pic above and if the sista could do nothing else, she sure could take a beautiful photo. I think both she and Ashanti look amazing.


  1. WOW, All I can say is that this sounds like Trouble. But let’s keep it real Ashanti can write a HELL OF A SONG! So hey let’s see what these two go. BUT WOW!!!!! ASHANTI and CB. This is something to hear.

  2. I saw CB in DC when Gilbert Arenas had is B’day party in January. She put on a little weight, but she still looks nice. It would be interesting to see where she fits in the industry now.

  3. I wonder if Charlie Still has that RED Kool Aid Hair Color.

  4. Charli Baltimore had no talent at all and her only claim to fame was that she slept with Biggie Smalls, something I would have personally never admitted to anyone. So outside of being cute she really had nothing else to offer.

  5. I know she was involved with Biggie but I cant really recall any memorable tracks from Charli Baltimore
    . Come to think of it, other than that song on The Inc I dont remember any solo songs from her, period.

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