Ashanti Debuts ‘Early in the Morning’ Video


Although her “Braveheart” album has long since disappeared from the charts, that hasn’t stopped Ashanti from continuing on with the promotion of the project.

The r&b beauty’s latest bid to keep the buzz going is the visual for her latest single “Early in the Morning,” featuring rapper French Montana.

Ashanti has employed a number of rappers for her “Braveheart” album, including Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes. The trend appears to be extending to her new project as well, with the singer recently tweeting pics of herself in the studio with Lil Wayne and B.O.B.

Ashanti recently told RollingStone she plans to release several new songs in the new year, but has no plans for an official album. After securing a role in the film version of the stage play “Stuck,” Ashanti says she plans to focus on acting and is rumored to make an appearance in the upcoming FOX hip-hop drama “Empire.”

In the meantime, you can check out “Early in the Morning” below and hit up iTunes, Google Play or Amazon to download the “Braveheart” album. Despite its meager sales, the album has quite a few gems.


  1. Love the song, but the video is horrible. Tacky wigs and it just looks cheap. Ashanti can do better than this.

  2. Why won’t black radio stations play her music. Something is very strange here.

  3. Black radio has been garbage for years now Bria.
    I was in a cab a few years ago and the driver had his radio tuned to 107.5 WBLS here in New York, and I was shocked at how often they would actually play the same songs over again in the same hour. I remember at one point leaning over the front seat to see if the driver had changed the station. It was nothing but Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj.

    Its like these stations have a few names they are willing to play and they won’t deviate from that list no matter what. Ashanti doesn’t stand a chance and neither do a lot of other artists.

    That’s why getting your music to fans online is more important than ever before.

  4. I personally love Ashanti’s whole entire Braveheart album and I think it’s wise that she end her tenure with albums with such a gem. It’s a very wise business decision to profit from singles only and expand her career in acting which clearly pays her bills.

    I admit I had a different visual in mind, but considering how all expenses are coming straight from Ashanti’s pocket I think she did a good job. And I’m very happy that she is stilll nourishing the album despite the lack of public support. It’s the loss of the masses, not hers. It’s a great project….and yeah @SISTA that’s why I just listen to predominately Pandora and Youtube only. That way I can listen to good music and tailor the station to my tastes…..I have discovered MANY gems that way. If not for Pandora, I would have not known just how FANTASTIC Tamar Braxton’s Love and War album is and also, there are A TON of Justin Bieber’s songs that are just out of this world amazing that never get radio play. Pandora is a true music lover’s dream.

  5. Am I missing something. WTH was Ashanti going for in this video. Yes, Ashanti is beautiful and sexy, however I didn’t know after the studio she hits up the strip club to dance. I like the vibe of the video, the realness, and the song can grow on you. However I wish women would stop being strippers in their videos, I mean is that a fantasy of some of these artists. Being a stripper is no joke, I’m sure its hard work and beyond degrading. Not too sure where the fantasy comes from. I understand dancing for your man, but put that scene in context, be in the bedroom or an empty studio.

    Kourtney, did you just bring up Justin “go F yourself” Bieber. Don’t care what song he has, I will never, ever EVER support that punk. No shade at you Kourtney, but I just couldn’t resist.

    Back to Ashanti, I’m glad she’s still promoting her album. I have supported her since day one. I hope she doesn’t release just singles, but an album. Just release it and her real fans will buy it. Invest in yourself and make some hot records, it will eventually get heard.

    Radio is wack,record companies own them, I haven’t listened to the radio in any kind of way in years. I go online and then buy albums.

    Support the artists you like or else they will GO AWAY.

  6. I am not a big fan of the video.I wish Ashanti would of put more thought into it. Whats with the strip club scene is Ashanti serious! I wish she could come out with classy videos. I wish her the best as always because I truly believe she is talented and could do more with her music.

  7. Got the album can do without the video though. This is what is expected of black women now? Nah, Braveheart is better than this.

  8. complete garbage

    i feel ashamed for her….just my thoughts and the nicest thing i could come up with

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