Ashanti Experiences a Sales Spike


According to Amazon, after Ashanti’s recent performance of her single ‘Never Should Have’ on the Marie Show, the song had a 951% increase in sales via their chart.

‘Never Should Have’ is the fourth single to be lifted from the singer’s upcoming fifth solo album ‘Braveheart,’ due out July 30th.

The single has also gotten a big push thanks to its being played during several episodes of ‘Army Wives,’ the hit Lifetime series Ashanti joined for its 7th season.

Ashanti will perform the single again on June 19th, this time via Katie Couric’s new show ‘Katie.’


  1. I already have Never… Respect her hustle. I don’t if it’s because there are so many non-singers out there lately but Ashanti sounds so much better than I remember

  2. Oh my gosh Blacksista, you too? I don’t remember Ashanti being the ish either, but with so much garbage out there I long for songs like ‘Rain on Me.’

    Thought I was the only one feeling Ashanti way too hard these days 😆

    By the way, if she performed and promoted her music better, it would perform better on the charts. These numbers from Amazon are proof of that. Performances equal sales.

  3. Yes Sista, I am rooting for her and shared the video on Facebook.

  4. every song or a snippet of a song that I have heard from her “Braveheart” cd is boss…I am rooting for her.

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