Ashanti Has Finally Snapped !

Asahnti Mug Shot Oh my gosh- what is going on here? Nope, it’s not what you might think. Ashanti hasn’t gone and pulled a Lil Kim or Foxy Brown or Eve or Vivica- ok you get the point (lol). No, this sista has only gone loco on camera and the faux mug shot to your right is a newly released image from the new/remix version of Ashanti’s single “The Way That I Love You”. Word has it the first version was not the “official” but rather just a leaked version to peak interest in the song. Whatever the case, Ashanti tells MTV that her inspiration for this new video was the show “Snapped” which comes on the Oxygen Network. Snapped is about abused women who- you guessed it- SNAP and take matters into their own hands. Expect the new version of the “The Way That I Love You” to debut tomorrow and you have to give it to Ashanti and her camp- they know how to peak the interest off fans and non fans alike. Can’t wait to see this…


  1. Cool! I like Ashanti. She’s ‘bananas’ and this is a cool thing to do. I liked her video, as well. :brownsista:

  2. *whew* I thought Shan Shan went and shanked Nelly when I saw that mug-shot!!

    And YES! Her PR team gettin the Ashanti grapevine rollin’ these days. This ought to be good for her upcoming album….

  3. I watch that show “Snapped” all the time…. crazy stuff.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of Ashanti… She may not have Beyonce Mega Star status but sometimes it’s good to do your thing and then take a break and then come back again… I’ve never OD’d on Ashanti exposure (read: Bey, I love you but you need to sit down for a minute…)

    The leaked version was GREAT and probably the best song/video of hers yet…Get it, Sha! It’s BANANAS!!!

  5. [quote comment=”22010″]Any reason to mention Beyonce is another singer’s post. :confused:[/quote]
    You know some folk always gotta find a way to hate on Beyonce even if the story ain’t about Beyonce 😆

  6. I love the show snapped i watch it all the time. The women on them show is off the hook. Go ashanti love the new direction you going with your singing career.

  7. I like the mug shot. It sparked my interest and was a good publicity stunt for attention. The only problem is that some wacko will watch her video and blame Ashanti for their violent act for “The Way That They Love” someone.

  8. BTW did any one hear that Kanye’s fiance is pregnant?! I’m so excited for them! When his mother died I told my husband “He is either going to get married SOON or have a baby” ….and Vwalla! What do ya know. Steph, can you post some news on Alexis, I like her :thumbsup:

  9. i’m i the only one that thinks that ashanti might make an impression this time?

  10. :iagree: With the idea, great play on things as they are right now, that is the truth behind Entertainment Politics. Good marketing team, seems that they will keep her hot enough to pay the bills, lets just see if she can keep up the hype with the music she made for her new album. The leaked version of the song is hot, but she is a three single at max artist, I would like to see a solid album.

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