Ashanti Heats Up New Mexico

R n’ B chaneteuse Ashanti, who is the midst of a mini tour, brought her show to the Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Friday night. The singer’s latest album, The Declaration, has not performed as well on the charts as Ashanti had hoped, but that hasn’t stopped her from performing non stop all across the country and even planning a tour that will stop in both Europe and Japan. Much like Kelly Rowland and Kelis, Asahnti has seen her overseas fan base stick by her while her American fan base has diminished. Ashanti is in fact very popular is Japan, as are many American female artists, and is reportedly heading there in the beginning of 2009 to perform several shows with Nelly.

There are also early rumors that the singer will perform at the innauguration ball of President Elect, Barck Obama. Ashanti was one of many Brown Sistas heavily involved in getting young people to register and vote- and has mentioned that she would be honored to be called on to perform for America’s First (Black) Family.


  1. I think it’s smart for a lot of the artist that would like to still continue singing & performing, to do so overseas. Here in the U.S., you just gotta have that “it” factor and not many do…. at all.

    I don’t like those latex tights on Ashanti… I don’t like either outfits but she’s still pretty.

  2. if thats true about the inauguration i’m really goin to :lol2: but not at ashanti but at somebody who was throwin there name out there like somebody ask them to sing but on a real note people across seas stay die hard fan better then people in the US you know we stop likin people as soon as the wind blow but good for ashanti she’s a good song writer and a soft singer :thumbsup:

  3. Love Ashanti..not a fan of the leggings.

    She just did 3 shows in Japan and yeah they love her over there so that would be good for both her and Nelly.

    It would be great if she performed at the inauguration..she performed at one of the parties at the DNC so it would be great if they had her back.

  4. I HATE THOSE LEGGINGS/PANTS. I hate them on Rihanna, Beyonce, Ashanti, Megan, and any of our other ladies who have worn them.

    Just because they are COMFORTABLE (and from the looks of it they are) they are NOT CUTE and/or FLATTERING.


  5. Go head ashanti do your thing. I like that fact she stilling doing the damn thing. She look good in that black outfit. I heard that her and nelly might be jumping the broom soon. Go Ashanti.

  6. Jennifer hudson is grieving obama needs a strong vocalist to handle this, and ashanti isn’ t that chick i love her but know, He can take superwoman alicia keys, jazmine sullivan, or more but idk bout shanti Love her tho!

  7. Lol at the two of you
    If it was up to me Jennifer Would sing but 🙁 Why not chose someone that can sing without doing all the extra? Whitney would be a great choice, Mariah too

  8. Barack can do alot better than Ashanti. Much success to her, but personally, I’ll pass. I would love to see a real vocalist perform at his inauguration. My vote is MARY J. BLIGE :thumbsup:

  9. I think it would be nice to have Ashanti sing. If she does, she should perform her song Shine because it is very much appropriate for the inauguration.

  10. Ashanti performed Shine at the DNC .. both her and nelly performed at different venues…
    They have been an important part at the beginning of the race for the primaries….

    Ashanti also sang on broadway ..defying gravity and got rave reviews… so she can perform vocally
    when called upon…

    I love this chick because she isn’t waiting on someone else to promote her and her album she is doing
    all on her own.. and that is what is called for…she has performed on the casino tour since September and sold out a number of venues and has started performing internationally…. big ups to Ashanti for staying on her grind..

  11. ASHANTI NEEDS TO SIT DOWN SHE LOOKS LIKE A CHEAP UNDERAGE WHORE PERFORMING GHETTO TALENT SHOWS :stop: :lol2: :hifive: 🙄 :bag: :noway: :loser: :thumbsdown: :booty: SMOOCHES :brownsista:

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