Ashanti Hosts Lil Sister’s B’day Bash

Ashanti and her parents came together over the weekend to help little sister Shia celebrate her 22nd birthday. The event was a small private affair hosted by the family at the Marquee Night Club in New York City. As always, Shia’s extra tight attire was the talk of the web. Many think the young sista is just too thick or too fat to wear the clothes she often squeezes her voluptuous frame into. Me? I kinda like how she isn’t ashamed to show off her rolls. Would I do it? Nope. But to each his own.


  1. A lot of black men like their women like Shia. They like that extra layer of blubber. It keeps them warm in the winter.

  2. Its her body. I’ts clear that she has the confidence to wear it, on top of that she’s a pretty girl.
    I’ve learned to recognize that those who talk about others have personal issues and are insecure. Prime example, what Sista stated above, “Would I do it? Nope. But to his own.” Just because YOU wouldn’t have that confidence doesn’t mean another person wouldn’t either.
    This is NO attack of Sista AT ALL, but goes to show that having confidence or lack of it is a personal issue and has nothing to do with what someone else does or wears.
    The way I try to view things is, its their life, their body, as long as what they do doesn’t affect my life in a negative way, then I’m cool with it.

  3. Thats wonderful that she was blessed to see another year life. At her age I understand she wants to have fun and it’s her choice her clothing selection, she is grown. I’m not here to judge her because I’m quite sure ppl see me in certain clothes and probably think I look a hot mess. Like I always say when me and my hubby sit down to pay our bills, those ppl in the media are not on the other side with their check book helping us with the mortgage, electric gas or whatever… So it does not personally affect me.

  4. Happy Birthday Shi Shi! Do you girl, you sexy. The Douglas’ are a good looking family and I love that money didn’t split them apart. I love to see family sticking together and always showing love no matter how much Hollywood tries to break them apart. They always look like they’re having a good time when they’re together. Keep it up Douglas’. Knowles’…take notes. Ashanti I am waiting for the next album Ma.
    Remember ppl, this is a blog. There’s gonna be a lot of different opinions. Say what you gotta say and keep it moving.

  5. Them Knowles stay on ppls mind, don’t they!
    *eager to hear the excuse/response*

  6. Well if it isn’t my little ankle biter. You got a hard time staying on the topic don’t you? Yeah they do stay on ppls minds just like I’m on yours. It is the last day and the Knowles’…I mean the devil stay busy. You know how it goes, the Knowles’..oops, there I go again, I mean the devil thinks that he is on top and is going to stay there while he makes mindless dummies out of weak ppl so they can follow him; and in the end…well, you know the rest. And if you don’t, log your eager for Gigi a$$ off and read something worthwhile instead of riding my comments.Flattered by your eagerness but I’m strickly stickly. Smooches baby.

  7. Ya know, it’s funny you said I have a hard time staying on topic when, guess what…this post doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with Beyonce/Knowles fam. But I guess that’s what she does to people. Know you can go ahead and say the usual (worshiper, Beyonce is your God etc.) but in reality you’re really the worshiper, I mean you know more “facts” about her than her stans, or it seems that way. I knew who your were gonna hate (I meant have your opinion) on before I even got to that part of your post :(…
    But smooches right back at cha, & God Bless.

  8. You’re right, it doesn’t have anything to do with the Knowles but I did write a paragraph on the topic at hand and gave the knowles three words. Where is at least one word from you concerning the topic? Your comment is concerning me. I don’t have to say the usual because you know what you are. You’ve heard it before and not from me. What does knowing facts about somebody have to do with worship? I’ve seen demonic stuff from her and I know for a fact that they are relating to the devil. Does that make me a worshiper? No.What reality do you live in? You’re confused lil girl.I know how to make my own decisions and if something isn’t right I don’t give nobody the benefit of the doubt no matter who they are. I never let anybody make me believe something that I know for a fact is not true. That’s the difference between me and you. You’re controlled and I’m a bad pitch by my dang self. I know who I am. If I said four facts about them how does that give you the notion that I worship them? You sound young and stupid. You’re too inexperienced to be conversating with me.But yet you keep bringing stuff that doesn’t make any sense. You state that you don’t know the difference between what is a fact and what seems like facts. Hate? Everybody sees that the family up top looks more like a family than the knowles. Didn’t baby girl just diss her daddy for a grimy brooklyn nucca? Where’s the hate for that. That’s not hate lil girl, that’s recognizing when someone is trying to make a fool of you. Obviously, you’ve been a fool many times. But, I’m glad you recognize my facts because that’s the first step;acknowledge that you have a problem. Soon, you’ll be wiping your a$$ all by yourself. I’m already blessed, been blessed and patiently waiting to be blessed some more. You chasing my comments all over this site proves that you have some insecurities about yourself. I’m not your enemy but it seems like you keep trying to make me one. Whatever your problem is, it ain’t me A.B. Learn to stand tall by yo delf.

  9. yuck they look fat, smelly and disguisting. Please stop sugar coating it and kissing their ass, they look HAM

  10. There’s NOTHING more insecure than a “grown” woman talking trash about another grown woman she’s never met a day in her life. The only chasing on this site, is you on Beyonce posts. But you just keep FOLLOWING people you depise, “lil girl”. And since you know so much, you would know Matthew said she made that decision because she wants to grow, and there’s no bad blood against him and his DAUGHTER, but you JUST KNOW that’s not the truth..huh? But I’m done with you, because you’re as predictable as Beyonce’s next album going to number one. I’m sure you already have it in your head what you want to say about her in her future post. But it’s getting late for a “lil girl” like me, I have to work in the morning. So GOD bless, and nice speaking to you again.

    SN: Some posters are too obvious.

  11. There’s NOTHING more insecure than a “grown” woman talking trash about another grown woman she’s never met a day in her life? Isn’t that what you’ve been doing to me? I’m not following anybody sweetie. Take a look at multiple posts and you will see me. Don’t act like you haven’t.Sista can prove that.And she doesn’t have to, because if you just scroll up, you should see. So if I know what I’m going to say in future posts, then I know what posts are going to be posted, right? Don’t you sound smart. An album at number one doesn’t prove anything. Grow up. I been told you to be done with me remember. Two weeks ago, I told you the next time you see me, don’t. And here ya stalkin a$$ goes again. I don’t care about what you gotta do, and where you gotta go, just go.

  12. I wasn’t going to comment back, but please quote when I talked trash to you OTHER than speaking the truth? But you on the other hand..

    “They always look like they’re having a good time when they’re together. Keep it up Douglas’. Knowles’…take notes ”

    If you can’t quote me, then no need to respond back.

  13. Stop following me freak. I don’t have nothing else to say to you. Get some help child.Since you’re not going to take the big girl step, I will. The next time you chase me on this site and harass me, I’m not answering you back. My opinion is my opinion. Get over it. Get lost.

  14. Well….I think the comments left on this article were actually far more entertaining than this article and I must say based soley off of what I’ve read within the last 3 minutes…Get Real, sorry hun, but you are clearly a hater. I know nothing about ya’lls history or whatev ’cause I’m not on this site much, but outsiders see the truth clearer than those in the middle of the conflict and from what I can tell, you REALLY need to get more in your life to do than being a blog-bully and stop harrasing peole like Gigi. We all have different opionions and they need to be respected. I’m not taking sides on the whole debate at large about Beyonce being good/bad/etc. ’cause really I don’t care. Ya’ll need to remember that celebrities are REAL people with feelings and they read the blogs and they are JUST as offended by negativity comments whether they are “true/false” as you and I…so, yeah. I wish all celebrities the best and just all people the best in general as long as they leave me and mine alone enough to enjoy our lives and I’m doing just fine as I hope you all are too. But anyway, If I gotta take a side…I agree with Gigi simply that she’s been harrased and it’s unfair. Nitey-Nite everyone.

  15. How have I harrassed anyone? I hear all the time from Beyonce’s naysayers to STAY ON TOPIC, so I just simply said “the Knowles stay on people’s minds, don’t they”. Did I lie? Now if I said something like “all you haters do is hate on Beyonce and her family” that’s different. The word hater is no where in my previous posts. The reason I even said that was because everytime it’s someone else’s post and Beyonce’s name gets brought up, people are always soo quick to say “this isn’t about Beyonce/why does everything always have to be about Beyonce” etc. But if you feel like I attacked her, to each his own.

  16. Thank you Kourtney. And I can tell by your comments that you are a level-headed confident person that is comfortable in your own skin. These quotes are not to be taken that serious. Too bad you didn’t see the other topics that she harassed me on also. And honestly, I think Get Real is really Solange. 🙂

  17. Yep Kourtney JUST because you agree with Gigi you’re everything she stated.

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