Ashanti “Hot On The Runway” Performance


Ashanti gave a stunning performance of her hit single “The Way That I Love You” on April 18th at 107.9 Atlanta’s Hot On The Runway fashion show. I have to admit in the beginning I couldn’t tell whether Ashanti was lip synching or not, and as a Janet fan how can I even complain if she was (lol), but by the end I was sure she was singing live to a back-up track and she really nailed this song. This is a great performance that really showcases her vocal range quite well. Check it out for yourselves above and to keep load time down I resized this clip, distorting the quality just a bit. To view the performance in high quality click here.

Pics from the performance can be seen below.


  1. She was most definitely into that performance! She looks good here! And she sounded good too. Thanks for the clip. 🙂

  2. 2 articles in the row about ashanti???? How hypocrite now that the “queen” is gone people give other singers a fuck…..
    GOOD PERFORMANCE ashanti i have true love for her with or without anyone else arouns

  3. Nice performance. She’s winning me over lately. Very pretty girl.

  4. It’s an improvement on some of her past live performances, but I still think she can’t sing!

  5. Good! I watched the bigger version, and she does sound good to me. Better than I expect from her. She gives off a really down-to-earth and friendly vibe, and that’s always good to see. I think it’s a great performance, especially give that there is no set and just her and the track. Extra points in the book for Ashanti.


  7. I can’t watch the performance but one thing I do like about Ashanti is the fact that she has personality.

  8. Back in the day I didnt like Ashanti at all but this performance has really left a good impression.

  9. I have to close out of the internet in order to see my comment. Is that normal for everyone else?

  10. Her vocals have improved, this is by far the best performance I’ve seen from her.

  11. I always liked Ashanti! Folks who feared that she was trying to be Aaliyah or Beyonce or whatever never gave her a chance. She’s great singer by todays standards. She has a great personality. She’s an excellent writer. Her songs are deep and thought provoking for the most part. Bey is the better performer, but Ashanti really has more substance.

  12. I really wish Ashanti well. This sista really tries to write meaningful music. I can`t for the life of me figure out why the landscape seems to have shifted away from her so quickly. There just seems to be a lot of scrutiny thrown her way and it doesn`t seem warranted. Hopefully in the end she`ll prevail and prove all her detractors wrong.

  13. OMG Shani Bani did so well!!! She has really improved! Go Shani! lol

  14. She sounds great and I love the song. Thanks for posting this. She really did nail the song vocally.

  15. She did very well this time, I hope the album is just as good as the rest.

  16. Ashanti……you girl brown sista.. She killed that performance….. I am getting CD whenever it comes out…

    love –

    rock with u
    Rain on me
    and the way you love me

    Dont like

    Only U – too fake

  17. She has always made some really deep songs. If you go back and listen to some of her songs they are really great and underrated songs. Maybe other black female singers will actually start being talked about.

  18. Ashanti definitely pulled that one off! She sound as good as the record. I really like this song and I am looking forward to another single. I hope she doesn’t get pushed back anymore.

  19. r you guys listening to the same performance as me.. OMG she lip sang the song…. stop sugarcoating this mess and make this girl earn her keep. if she want to sing she has to put more into it. dont think just bec your cute that you can sing (cassie). beyonce did not get where she is by cutting corners. this chick is so washed up and i wish she would stay that way. she needs to go to a vocal coach.. usually when singers sing to a back up cd the performer sings the lyrics and the cd does the back up vocal, but this chick lip sang the whole track.. stop sugar coating these people and make them do what it do?
    not buying this trash i’ll wait for whitney and bey new album.. sorry im not in the business of making people feel good i just tell it how it is..

  20. I am not impressed with Ashanti’s new single.

    Mariah Carey just made music history and she has yet to appear on the Brown Sista web site. After all, her father is an Afrian American man and she deserves some love. Yet all Beyonce has to do is show up and Brown Sista is all over her like she is the cream of the crop. Beyonce nor Ashanti can hold a candle to Ms. Carey. And my girl Whitney is releasing new music later this year. Can’t wait.

  21. I love this single. Everytime I hear it I can definitely relate. This girl can write her behind off. She definitely threw down on this performance. Love it. True R&B.

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