Ashanti Is Headed To Broadway

Ashanti This is bananas! Ashanti is set to ease on down the road- the yellow brick road that is. The singer and part time actress has landed the lead role of Dorothy in the broadway production of The Wiz. Ashanti will have huge shoes to fill as she is following in the footsteps of Diana Ross who made the role famous on the big screen and Stephanie Mills who made the role famous on Broadway. The revival will kick off June 12 at the New York City Center and wrap up on July 5th. Asahnti’s previous acting credits include Coach Carter, Resident Evil Extinction, John Tucker Must Die and Bride & Prejudice.

Her television credits include “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “The Muppets’ Wizard of Oz,” “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,” and “American Dreams,” in which she portrayed Dionne Warwick.


  1. How do you go from casting Diana Ross and Stephanie Mills to Ashanti? Her voice is amateur compared to Miss Ross and Miss Mills. What happened to getting roles based on talent and not popularity or looks?

  2. How do you go from casting Diana Ross and Stephanie Mills to Ashanti?

    @Chocolate Girl :iagree:
    I just never liked Ashanti. She rubs me the wrong way. But, I digress. This is a good look for her career. It should help her clean up her image a bit too.

  3. I am exited for her, I’m so sad that we are not giving fair chances to all sisters and instead opt to pick who we back up and that’ s sad to me, I hope she gets the success she deserves

  4. @Voice everyone picks people who appeal to their values or qualities or interests. And don’t make it a “Black” thing bcuz white people do it to until it’s one of them up against one of us (except Obama vs. Hilary but thats an isolated incident).

    Now Ashanti has always rubbed me the wrong way bcuz she came out talking bout she was the Princess of R&B on her DEBUT album. That pissed me off lyk how are you gonna give yourself a title and we’ve haven’t heard nary a note from yo silly self yet? But if she does good, great 4 her.

    I’m jus saying i cud care 1 way or the other about Ashanti’s career.

  5. Voice PLEASE!!!

    I agree with Drea, people choose who they like based on their interests as people, and you also have your favourites and those who you dislike don’t even act like you support all black sisters, because from all your other comments in other posts there’s a certain lady who you hate with a passion and she’s black!!!!

  6. i’m happy for Ashanti,her voice is similar to Diana Ross,if Diana Ross can be something with her soft voice so is Ashanti.. i always felt Ashanti had the killer body to bad she didnt exploit it to the fullest……if anybody can act then lets give everybody a chance…true acting for black females is dying anyway why bother…….I just want to congratulate the Oscar-winning South African born director Gavin Hood who recently directed X-MEN Origins:Wolverine starrimg Hugh Jackman and it opened yesterday on the 29th in South Africa,go and watch it as soon as it opens in your country it is worth your time and money,judge the movie on your own opinion dnt listen to the critics…..if i ever decide to have a child,her name will be Ashanti,Sana or Nia i love swahili names.

  7. As far as the title she did not give herself the name. Her management did so get off that. Go Ashanti doing her thang. :bowdown: I alway like her she classy woman that is still doing it.

  8. I am so happy for Ashanti. I can’t believe someone called Diana Ross a powerhouse singer! I love Ms. Diana but she is not a powerhouse singer.

    I think Ashanti will do well in this part. This girl is definitely a grinder.

  9. not saying there is anything wrong with broadway, but i see a pattern. Most singers who’s careers have kind of stalled always end up on broadway. Not hating, just stating

  10. if broadway is going to re-ignite your career then why not….go get that Tony girl me and my friend will organise a special tour to just see you in action,theatre is my first love,if you dnt understand true art you will diss broadway.

  11. I have to say to all of you people that leaves those negative and hateful comments about these cekebrities: DO u Honestly think that they read the blogs and care about what u really think??? It`s always the black ones hating on the BLACK sisters in hollywood. Your`ll HATERS have to realize that these people are celebrities and they get paid top dollars that your`ll will never make in your lifetime. It`s obvious that a Diector saw something about that individual that`s why they cast them and hire them whether it`s for ACTING, COMMERCIALS or what have you. So instead of putting all that negative energy into judging and criticizing these stars why don`t you put that energy into your education and make something of your`ll lives. These stars are who they are, they don`t know your`ll and dont be so quick to BELIEVE evrything you read in the blogs or in Magazines about these stars, because at the end of it all, we on the outside DON`T know who these people really are. Your`ll are Judging based on Rumors your`ll heard or what your`ll read in a magazine. WHOEVER READS THIS and feels OFFENDED, that`s because the cap fits you. So wear it. MOst of the celebs are WORTH millions while you have the HATERS who is working a 9-5 job struggling to pay rent and living in the GHETTO. Poor things. They just have nothing better to do with their TIME.

  12. :hater: Ashanti is a good choice for the role and Black people should stop saying bad things about her. We all have our preferences about whom we like, but the hating on other Blacks need to stop because if a White person got the role, you still would be hating. Ashanti will do good in the role of Dorothy and I know she will. I’m happy for all the many different things that Blacks are doing and getting the opportunities that was only given to a selected few.

  13. I am happy for Ashanti as well and can’t wait to see her take on her version in the Wiz. She will do great because every actor brings what they know along with what the producers and directors and audience are looking for.

  14. @Mrs Jones,

    Then you know nothing about Broadway. Broadway is a prestigious acting venue. Many actors work their whole lives to get to Broadway.

    Their has been a trend to cast singers/ movie stars in Broadway shows to get high ticket sales, but that says something about that star’s drawing power not the lack of it.

  15. diana a powerhouse. rolls around on the floor like patti labelle.

  16. Congrats Ashanti and for those of you who think Diana Ross does not have a powerhouse voice may I suggest that you rent Lady Sings the Blues. She is a songstress and she knows how to style a song and not sing verbatim from a record. I think Ashanti can sing really well. She does not over sing and she knows how to control her voice. With the proper coaching she will do great in this role. I hope it comes to my town I love this play and movie.

  17. To clarify, Ashanti has a very good voice. She’s not a belter, she’s not a powerhouse, but she is a bonefied singer. Have you heard her star spangled banner, or Breakup 2 Makeup…..enough said. And her and diana do have similar voices, thin but with a good range and decent control.

  18. Broadway is a great adventure and good career opportunity. Broadway is also a different beast than making a music video or starring in a movie. If the Broadway critics tear your performances down, don’t like the show or ticket sales are poor, the entire production can be shut down. I don’t think Ashanti is a great singer or entertainer, but she has grown as an artist. Her records sales are not what they used to be, so Broadway may be good for her.

  19. Go Ashanti
    Now this girl’s talent is underrated
    she is an awesome WRITER and that is the talent that I am speaking on
    I think she has sung all of herown songs

  20. No offense, but I cannot imagine her singing “Home”.

  21. WTF… Ashanti? Are they nuts? I guess there are no great black female vocalists. They could have tried to get Liona Lewis or Syesha who was on last years American Idol…. BAD CASTING…. BAD

  22. @Drea and “goodness”: Maybe but for now I’m black and that is what i am going to concentrate on
    I don’ t see either of you “ladies” when we have people singing the “crab in a barrel” song so don’ t get on my nerves Thank you

    Lizz: I know ashanti reminds me of diana ross, I hate when people speak without knowing, even if you can’ t stand the chick go and check
    for her to see if your critiques are founded, Ashanti can sing and hang with the rest of them so people need to sit down

    Shar: Yes i think celebrities read blogs and do care about the public opinion, so take your “ghetto” self somewhere else

  23. To begin with, I’m glad that Ashanti is going to try her hand at Broadway. Broadway has a high tendancy to be a very closed, very tightly knit clique of white performers ( One of the few exceptions to that rule is Brenda Braxton. Please Google her. ) It will be good to see a pretty brown sista on the Broadway stage.
    Next, this will give Ashanti a good opportunity to showcase her singing talents; Broadway style songs are not easy to sing. I think she will do very, very well. :thumbsup:

  24. Poor thang…I guess she has to take what she can. Good for her though :thumbsup:

  25. I have loved and supported Ashanti from the very beginning. She is naturally beautiful talented and smart. I have watched her over the years amaze us with all the cruel people waiting for her to fail and thats why shes the best she shows strength and courage and every song she sings she writes. I want us to support this play especially black people we need to stick together.

  26. This is good for her. I think she will do well, she did pretty good in the muppets rendition. Besides Raven Symone there couldn’t have been a better choice.

  27. Oh I didn’t think about Tiffany Evans, but I think she’s working on an album though.

  28. :stop: People throw around the word “hater” too much. Just because I don’t like a singer doesn’t mean I’m hating on them. I just don’t like their singing. Ashanti has a weak voice. I think somebody like Heather Headley, Kimberly Lock or Jazmine Sullivan would’ve been a better pick, and that’s my opinion. Some people may disagree and that’s cool. They have a right to their opinion also and I respect that.

    And just because someone is a black woman doesn’t mean I should support them. If I don’t like their actions or work I’m not going to support them. I didn’t see Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball b/c I found the movie offensive. Condi Rice is smart but she rubbed me the wrong way after Hurricane Katrina and I didn’t vote Cynthia McKinney for President b/c I didn’t think she was a good fit. That’s not hating, that’s just how I feel.

  29. :iagree: with Chocolate girl,
    Ashanti’s voice is very weak and since she has come out, her voice and vocal abilities have not improved! I think she needs to get a new manager and just change up her style altogether maybe get a new vocal coach. But honsetly she cant dance or sing for sh!t. Jazmine Sullivan would have been a good pick or even Letoya Luckett, or Chrisette Michele.

  30. :stop: :stop: :stop: :stop:

    im so mad i didnt see this POST earlier!!!!


    :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

  31. :hater: *not done venting!!* what type of scheduling conflict does SHE have????? and remember when she did muppet wizard of oz STRAIGHT TO DVD?????????I DO CUZ IT WAS IN THE $5 BIN AT WALMART!!! no wonder our tiz were only $25….


  32. Lmao at the usual people calling others “haters” despising the word”hater” when it’ s convenient, Get a life Lmao

  33. taluzapple

    thank you so much for that observation, no i don’t follow broadway, it’s not my thing

  34. Let’s try this again Congratulations Ashanti!

    @ Chocolate Girl :iagree: “People throw around the word “hater” too much. Just because I don’t like a singer doesn’t mean I’m hating on them. I just don’t like their singing. And just because someone is a black woman doesn’t mean I should support them. If I don’t like their actions or work I’m not going to support them.”
    @ VIRGO you are the biggest hypocrite and liar posting here on Brownsista :hifive: . If the same statements would have been made about (you know who I don’t want to say the name because this post is mainly about Ashanti you would be the first one to argue tooth and nail and throw up a :hater: sign to defend Ms. want an Oscar never will be legends) horrible acting and gimmick tactics. Your words, “Poor thang…I guess she has to take what she can. Good for her though “. A lot of people think and feel the same way about you know who only difference is she buys whatever she can to stay relevant :lol2: :lol2: . Stephanie please block this fool and all her other alias names.



    Please STOP! You sould like a damn fool! I can say what I want about whoever! This is why the blog site was created, this thread has absolutely NOTHING to do with BEYONCE (YEAH I SAID IT). I was simply stating my opinion. Im not a fan of Ashanti but I do like some of her songs, she’s a good song writer and I like some movies she’s been in. I never have to hate on a black sista doing her, so you need to have a seat sweetie and think before you speak…but Im not surprised thats just like a delusional HATER… but I get it WHAT YOU LACK IN INTELLIGENCE YOU MAKE UP FOR YOU’RE STUPIDTY 😆 so LIKE I said Ashanti has a weak voice and she cant dance , however congrats to her and I hope she puts her best foot forward :thumbsup:

  37. @VIRGO I did not even bother to read your post. You have nothing intelligent to say most of the time :thumbsup: But you are still a :loser: Oh one other thing stop posting under alias names 😆

  38. @anonymous PLEASE cut the sh*t! 😆 …I ‘ve been ONE person only! UNLIKE YOU (VOICE, KENNY ECT…We all know its you hunnie! 😆 Your so pathetic :loser:

  39. I agree with Lisa… Syesha would have been my choice for Dorothy

  40. @VIRGO I did not even bother to read this post either. You are a very ignorant and negative individual. Please go educate yourself and get a life. Everyone who frequently posts on this site knows that you post under multiple names 😆 . You are still a loser :loser: and nothing you say or do will change that :bowdown:

  41. I’m not Ashanti’s biggest fan but I hope she does well because you’ve gotta be a powerful singer especially for a show like The Wiz. All in all, I wish Ashanti the best because the role of Dorothy in the Wiz is a role of a lifetime.

    For those who don’t know too much about musical theatre or B-way at all…

    Broadway is fierce and serious, it’s a whole ‘nother culture. There are lots of Black women on Broadway or that have been in Broadway musicals such as Audra McDonald, Debbie Allen, Deidre Goodwin, Nikki Renee Daniels, Heather Headly, Tonya Pinkins and more. They are forces to be reckoned with. Look them all up on youtube if you can. You might be surprised at what black stars have been on Broadway such as Taye Diggs. 🙂

  42. I’m just really glad any sista is getting some kind of work…they are so discriminating. I was watching marley and me how do you make a movie without one black person in the year 2009…Friends, Senfield I can keep going on and on…no black people. Rock on Ashanti!!!

  43. I like it and I like that more entertainers are doing broadway. If you want to improve in your craft, you do plays because they help you sing and dance better. So kudos to Ashanti for doing this. Her voice will fit it just right. In fact, her voice reminds me of Diana’s. So this can work. Hopefully they would put a strong cast around her, I don’t want her to be caught out there because we all know how they do sistahs.

  44. Exactly@ Myshel. It is super hard for a black female to make it in the industry. And that’s why I wish that more black actors/actresses, entertainers would put their $$$$ where their mouth is. Because $$$$ talks. Why complain about it, if you can do something about it. It’s cool to recognize the problem but the solutions has to be there too.

  45. Anonymous: Get her Girl i didnt even know this psycho mention my name up in here LoL DESPERATE stans workign hard while their idols enjoy their money That’s a batch loool

  46. @ Voice :hifive: someone has to shut these :hater: stans down! They are pathetic and extremely jealous just like their idol.

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