New Music from Ashanti


With the release of her serially delayed ‘Braveheart’ album drawing ever closer, Ashanti has decided to release new music in order to promote it.

‘Never Should Have’ is the third single to be released from ‘Braveheart’ and the first to be featured in her new series ‘Army Wives.’

As previously reported, Ashanti’s ‘Written Entertainment’ Production Company inked a deal with the show’s producers to have singles from the album featured in several episodes.

The song was written by Ashanti, produced by Masury and had its visuals shot earlier this month.

Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.


  1. that is a beautiful pic of her. stomach envy like crazy. i like the song and i will be buying the album but…i want to hear ashanti get pissed off sometime through her music. get mad girl and throw some things in a video. love her and she did a great on army wives.

  2. I like the beat, the song’s ok to me, I could see this doing good on the charts though very pop.

  3. She is a very astute business women. She is the one everyone sleeps on. This girl is constantly making moves and is worth a lot of money because of those moves. Kudos to you Ashanti.

  4. Best single shes produced in a while…i could do without all the dam drums though.

    this will be a successful single on itunes

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