Ashanti on Why She Went Independent


With her Braveheart album finally set to be released on February 26th, Ashanti recently sat down to talk with Sirus Radio and field questions from college students who are taking courses in communications.

When asked how she was using the media to promote her new music, Ashanti revealed that over the last two years she has turned down offers from seven major record companies, citing the dreaded 360 deals where labels take a cut of all an artist’s earnings, including touring, endorsements and even movies.

Despite starting her own imprint, Written Entertainment, Ashanti said being an independent artists wasn’t easy, but said in the long run she believes the financial benefits will be in her favor.


  1. I keep telling people Ashanti is nobody’s fool. She may never again be the hottest chick in the game but she is smart enough to branch out and secure her future in other ways.

    Kudos to her for betting on herself.

  2. in the long run she believes the financial benefits will be in her favor.

    this is the only statement i can agree with.

    she will never get her old record sales BUT going this way, she wont have to flip burgers either.

    she will make a decent living…6 figures at most. but thats better than the average person.

  3. Ur right dana. Some ppl just didnt understood why I love Ashanti. She said with her own label, she writes the checks and cashes them. Ppl kept trying to get her to stray from her momager but shes not dumb. Shes just keeping her money in her pocket and multiplying it. Glad for a album release date also. Handle yo biz Ashanti.

  4. to liverpool NOBODY is selling like the yester years….not with bootleg, Itune and mix tapes….check 2000 to 2012 not even Nelly, Beyonce or Jay is pulling those numbers….and Ashanti is extremely smart and expanding her brand beyond music…once again making her a force to reckonded with

  5. Go head girl do you. The record companies are evil and they want to work these artisist to an early grave. This way she makes her own music and can sell it herself as well and does not have to be a slave. Prince was trying to tell everyone this years ago. This is what should be celebrated. I know everyone see a $50 million deal and go crazy but ask Dave Chappelle about those $50 million deals. They think they own you. Just wait and see what you are about to see with all these people with the so call big deals. They will be working day and nite.

    This is a smart girl.

  6. Not all that interested in watching the video, but just stopped by to say she a.) is a pretty girl, b.) seems to have a bit of business savy and c.) has a likeable quality about her (personality). Yay, Ashanti!

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