Ashanti Performs At The Artistry Series Concert

Ashanti performed at the Third Annual Hennessy Artistry Series, last night in Chicago. The singer is presently out promoting her Declaration CD and recently revealed that a compilation of previously unreleased material would be packaged up and released as an album, The Vault, on October 14th. The Vault contains vocal recordings penned by Ashanti in 2001 while signed exclusively to AJM Records. This composite of work was completed before AJM’s joint venture with Murder Inc in 2002 and before Ashanti became a star. Producers have been brought in to touch up the recordings and Flo Rida was specifically brought in to add a special touch to Crazy, a song producer Miguel Baeza seems to think has the potential to become a hit.

Check it out the new single -> here and more pics from her performance last night can be seen below.


  1. Ooooh weee! Shan Shan feelin’ it isn’t she??! She doing “da butt” in the second bottom picture πŸ˜†

    The song is ok. Maybe it’s just my ears and taste in music are too old 😐 ….

  2. Get it Shani…Get it Shani The song is alright the “Imagine” is better

  3. Work it girl! I didn’t listen to the song and I don’t plan on it. lol I love the dress and shoes!

  4. BS you are WRONG and are reporting misinformation. Ashanti DOES NOT SUPPORT AMJ or their B*%* S*%@ so called CD !!!!! Please update your information. Those are DEMOS from when she was 16 yrs old!!! Those people are extortionists !!! Unless you see her or hear her supporting this BS you SHOULD NOT write she has another cd coming out!! it is NOT TRUE !! THE DECLARATION IN STORES NOW !! That is her ONLY cd out now !!!
    Why don’t you guys go straight to the source b4 you print info that confuses her fans!! try her publicist or her label or sylvia rhone!! WTF !!!

  5. Don’t worry m$.n3wbooty, nobody is gonna buy The Vault just like they didn’t buy The Declaration. πŸ˜†

  6. Ya know, with the right production and style team Ashanti can rise again. She sounds just like, if not better than, the rest of the “singers” on the radio. Only a few rise above the masses-AKeys, JHuds, Fantasia, Christina A, Carrie Underwood, and the list grows shorter.

  7. Correction Dana they DID buy 89,000 copies of The Declaration and are STILL buying each week so I am NOT WORRIED!! I want to make sure they BUY NO COPIES OF that BS vault

  8. Yeah I bought the Declaration too and I love it!!

    m$.n3wbooty you are right Ashanti is NOT supporting “The Vault” although you are a lil over zealous in your non support. I guess whatever works.

  9. Ashanti can wear the heck outta a mini dress!!! She looks amazing i really love the style of dress on her.

  10. I love shanti She is just so cute! and i love her personality I have the declaration and its a good cd

  11. Can someone explain to me what is the Vault? Is that a an Ashanti CD ?

  12. @ Please Excuse Me

    Ashanti’s old label (before Murder, Inc.) is releasing an album with her old material.

  13. I really like ashanti she been getting a bad rap but when foolish came out you can not tell me you was not loving that song. I think she can hold a tune it just people so cloud by someone that they can not see other great talent and ashanti is one of them. So keep on doing your thang Ashanti.

  14. @ Lady I agree everybody was bumping Ashanti..people like to hate on her real hard but you gotta check her stats and the girl has a crazy writing ablity and the fact that she is staying out there despite the four year hiatus!!! I like Ashanti keep doing your thang you will be back at the top spot again!!

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  16. @ rnblover
    m$.n3wbooty you are right Ashanti is NOT supporting β€œThe Vault” although you are a lil over zealous in your non support. I guess whatever works.

    I agree 100%!

  17. like everybody who is saying that she cant sing and that she can’t dance are all hatas. :hater: wat are you saying she is freakin talented like krazyy! so you need to fall backk! & the declartion is a awesome CD ! compared to some of the other females in the game who dont even write their own songs so keep hatin lames! im sure ashanti is loving the freakin attention! :thumbsup:

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