Ashanti Pushes Album Back To 2008

Ashanti Album push backs are becoming extremely popular as Ashanti can now add her name to the growing list of female singers having their album release dates either pushed back or postponed indefinitely. Appearing on the Doug Banks Show today, Ashanti confirmed that her “Declaration” will not see the light of day until sometime in early 2008. No actual release date was given however. Ashanti also confirmed that no video for her first single, Hey Baby, has been shot as previously reported. And though Ashanti probably won’t admit it, I think her label is re-evaluating their decision to release Hey Baby as the first single and rightfully so. The song is too similar in sound to that of Diddy and Keyshia Cole’s “Last Night”, and because of that radio will most likely not play it. By new years a new single will most likely be chosen, and fans will have long since forgotten about Hey Baby.

And in other Ashanti news, Irv Gotti has recanted his previous statement that he and Ashanti had a physical relationship while he was married. This news does not surprise me and all those people who were so quick to call Ashanti everything but a child of God should be ashamed of themselves. Oh how easy it is for us to believe everything we are told about another woman especially when it is negative. Shame. Shame. Shame.



  2. I’m glad somebody said it. When Wendy tried to coax Irv into saying he slept with her he went along with it but didn’t actually say he did. But not denying it the net went wild with it and people was calling Shanti a whore and slut, you name it they said it and sistas in particular lead the charge. We are some vicious hateful women and now that we know the rumor is a lie I wonder will those who vilified this innocent will have a change of heart and apologize for their hateful words and attack on her character.

  3. it’s none of my business who slept whit who it wasnt my p… nor people’s mama so let’s move on …
    i like ashanti i think she is pretty but i would love her to have her own style and leave the whole rnb witches thingy but i do enjoy her record and the fact that she is humble :thumbsup:

  4. I’ll admit that I believed what was insinuated by Irv on Wendy’s show but NEVER did I call Ashanti out her name (okay, maybe a “loose goose”) cause I was too busy hoping it wasn’t true that she ****ed w/ a married man. I’ve always liked Ashanti- loved hearing her music on radio, love her personality (glad she has one). This will be interesting, seeing her and Bey releasing in 08. I wonder will they try to make it a sells battle??!! Whatever the plan, I want her to come with some great music and revamp her look a bit (not that she really needs to, she been looking awesome as of late). Either way, I’m looking forward to some good dance/party music from Shan-Shan :thumbsup:

  5. I Like Ashanti. Her first album was the isssh. She just needs some good material to be put out there to get her back on.
    Irv is full of issssh . :thumbsdown:

  6. I’ve always liked Ashanti. No she isn’t the best singer of our time not even in the top 10 but she has had some good songs. I don’t thing the comments about her have anything to do with this push back. People are always quick to judge, for some reason people love the negative stories. I hope Ashanti can bounce back but, there was no buzz for the CD if “hey baby” was the best thing they had to offer, the CD was going to flop BIG TIME! I think they are doing the right thing. Work out some more material, come up with a bigger/better single, and avoid getting lost in the shuffle with all the highly anticipated albums coming in the next 2 months.

  7. I am so happy to see some positive comments about Ashanti. Unfortunately, not many people say positive things about her. I think she is waay more talented than a lot of females out right now. I hope she can get it together and come with some great material. I’m rooting for you girl!!

  8. Ashanti is a very pretty girl……….I think her and Nelly make a cute couple…………she writes good music, but she is not a good performer….she does her thing regardless of what people think and she gonna get her money regardless so Ashanti do ya thing everybody can’t be the same, if thats the case alot of females should sidown :thumbsup:

  9. Uh all i have to say about Ahsanti’s singing is :booty: it suck major a**. It makes me want to :lol2: roll around the floor and sceam and laugh. she is pretty -maybe she should become a mogul like Kimore-she should come out with a clothing line or perfume…that would probably be more productive!! This chic cannot sang but has a phyne a** man!

  10. Just to let it RAIN and CLEAR it out! Cute doesn’t mean talent, there are alot of cute people and they are called models. Totally diffrent career. So many of these females are getting by off of cuteness while real artist suffer in sales. Now no one wants to see anyone ugly but real talent is being over looked. ANyway I do think Ashanti is a talent because she does write her own stuff and I like the way she thinks, I hope it works out too. I think it would work out better at another label.

  11. Go get em’ Ashanti! 🙂 Why do people think that all young, pretty women want to sleep with men who are old, married or both just because they have positions of power? ex: rhianna+ Jay-Z (gross) :bag:

  12. I like Ashanti. She’s cute and has a pretty voice that’s competent enough for what she sings. I just wish she’d hook up with a really good producer to help her cement her sound so that it is more consistent and less “baby,baby,baby”.

  13. Ashanti needs to stop lying. Every single she has dropped from this album has flopped, and her label is scarred to release it. As far as the video, Diddy talked about it on the radio that he had shot the video with her. They’re just trying to downplay the single so it won’t look like another flop.

  14. i can’t wait for ashantis new album at the top of the year. i will admit that i think hey baby wasn’t the right single for her but i trust that she knows what she is doin. ashanti is very pretty and talented. i am tired of the haters but at the same time no matter what she does she is still makin her money. ppl seem to forget that she sold over 15 million records and even though concrete rose didnt have major sucess she still sold 2 million albums with one song. i think irv is an idiot and he just was tryin to get some attention for his new show. all the real ashanti fans go cop album jan./feb.

  15. Ashanti’s cool. I hope that her new album has some better songs. Her older stuff is okay, I just never thought she was given really good songs to sing. Some of them were just the same lyrics repeated over and over and over…”oh baby, oh baby……………..” She is a cute girl though and she has a great personality on camera. She could go far with better songs. Let’s hope.

  16. I absolutely love Ashanti and i never believed what rv said and “Switch” was actually good.

    I wish her the best of Luck and hope she comes back on top

  17. I want her to come back but tha single is not it and thats why they are holding up. Irv knows that Mario Winans ain’t it. IT’s boring. I would have rather heard Switch as a single than that. I hope she doesn’t release that. Do these artist listne to whats hot at all? I mean really her, Mya, Mary? They can’t pick singles at all.

  18. You need to hook up with our boy NELLY again and jump start your career sweetie.
    Good Luck!

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