Ashanti Pushes Back Album… Again


It is not out of the ordinary for artists to have to push their album release dates back. It is however out of the ordinary to do it on the day the album was set to be released. Ashanti did just that earlier today when she took to Instagram to let folks know her long delayed ‘Braveheart’ album would continue to be delayed.

Below is the message Ashanti sent to fans explaining why.

“Hey y’all! So Braveheart is NOT coming out today. We have clearances & legalities to take care of. It costs to be the boss!! This CEO sh#t is Not A Game! LOL looking like September.”

So, there you have it. ‘Braveheart’ is now officially set to be released sometime in September.

Ashanti gave no official release date, more than likely because she still doesn’t know herself. At this point, ‘Braveheart’ has been delayed for almost two years and in my opinion is unlikely to see the light of day without the support of a more established label.


  1. how old will the album actually be by the time it comes out? 2 years old at least?

  2. I respect what Ashanti is trying to do. The industry can turn just like that and artists need to find a way to adapt which is what she is trying to do. With that said, she should have had her ducks in order before she started releasing music and announcing release dates. She might be the boss, but she is not an effective one. Announcing the pushback of the album the day it was supposed to be released and then laughing about it is quite unprofessional. Social Media is not the way to do such things either. Again, I wish Ashanti luck. But she needs a professional team to handle the backend while she handles the front (performing, making appearances).

  3. Unfortunately for Ashanti Braveheart was given false release dates to begin with, I NEVER heard her say Braveheart was to be released until she said July 30….so with that being said ….Ashanti “Braveheart” was pushed back once. I am a TRUE Ashanti fan and have no problems with how she handles her packaging and distribution…when it comes out I will buy 3 I for me, I one for Dana and one for Liverpool

  4. whether is was pushed back or not, the thrill is gone (2011 smh), please donate that cd money to a charity…OOPS I guess you would be…

    On December 15, 2011, “The Woman You Love” featuring American rapper Busta Rhymes was unveiled as the album’s lead single.

  5. 2002 was a long time ago. Ashanti I wish things were better for you

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