Ashanti Releases New Music


There may be hope yet for fans still hoping Ashanti will release her long delayed “Braveheart” album.

Ashanti used her Twitter page on Friday night to unveil the cover for a new Rick Ross assisted single “I Got It,” which leaked over the summer and originally featured Ciara’s fiancé Future.

The track will be included on Asahnti’s new album, though she did tell a fan on Instagram that it more than likely will not be named “Braveheart.”

After an almost two year delay, Ashanti says she has basically reworked the album from top to bottom, but still has no time table for when it will be released.

In the meantine, “I Got It” can be downloaded via iTunes on Tuesday, November 26th. Give the leaked version a listen below.


  1. I bet it sucks to be in that industry when you just keep trying to get it right & no one is taking the bite. These artists except a few (Jay Z/Beyonce, Eminem, even Drake) have longevitity in their field. Most artist get a year or so tops and their time is up & their nobodys again. Must suck trying to get back in loop.

    So many good artisit fall out of the loop quick & never reach that stardom they once had Ever again. I can name plenty & regardless what anyone says these artists just will never be Hott again no matter how hard they try: Ciara, TLC, Fantasia, Nas, Brandy, Trey Songz, Mario, Omarion, Bow Wow, 50 Cent, Lil Kim, Ashanti, Kerri Hilson, etc etc etc. When their 15mins of fame is up…it’s up & will never come back. Fan base and/or songs are not strong enough to gain the spotlight for more than one song. Hope they saved when it was all good.

  2. ^^^True it’s all a cycle, NO ONE stays on “top” forever. Now some will keep their fan bases for life but as far as being and stay “the hottest” won’t happen. In a few years Gaga, Katy P, Rihanna, Justin Beiber etc. will all be pushed aside and there’ll be new superstars on “top”. Just how the industry works.

  3. Yes i agree, you’ll always have that one album that will be the best selling, and truth is the music industry now sales are not what they are use to be and let’s be honest there is not a lot of actually GOOD music out now you have Brandy’s Two Eleven and Ciara’s Ciara these two albums were solid albums, yes Ciara is not the best singer but neither was Janet and they dog her for that it’s all about your team and MY OPINION so many people are up Beyonce’s butt it’s not funny I see awards just looks like there are given away now….but every artist will always have that 1 album and that 1 CD and let the record show Beyonce’s best selling album was 10 years ago, and last #1 single 5 years ago

  4. I agree with you guys to certain degree. Me being such a fan of music particularly R&B music, I don’t mind giving a seasoned artist a chance. I am not saying they should be back on top because it is a cycle. I think consumers are programmed to like what’s new, popular, and shiny. I think we are too quick to disregard the artists who pave the way for some of your favorites. I was born in the early 80’s but clearly remember being a fan of people like D. Warwick, D. Ross, L. Ritchie, Chaka Kahn, P. Labelled, M. Jackson, G. Knight, S. Wonder, I could go on and on. All these artists I mentioned all benefitted from a comeback or second or even third wind in their career. I was not born when these artists were new. The mind set is very different now, people were given a chance back then. What if people did not accept M. Jackson as a solo artists or many other mentioned? Can you imagined music without MJ? The problem is not the artists. It’s us. We are too busy stanning and not standing. Okay I could say more but my fingers hurt. Hopefully my point was clear. Lol

  5. I agree JP but the difference with Beyonce as oppose to say a Ciara (I like both) is, Beyonce has built a strong origin/fan base around her name & it also helps that she’s never seen in a negative light i.e. fighting, arguing, etc. While she has flaws also & may not be the best singer, when it’s time for her, Eminem, Jay, Drake to show..their Teams know what to do.

    Like Rihanna said last nite: You are only as good as your team! So even when Beyonce literally falls off, she will always be remembered & acknowledged b/c her Team has put in the necessary work, same with Rihanna’s Team. The others, no matter how good they were, they only had that “it” factor momentarily.

    I have to disagree with Blacksista to a degree…Consumers aren’t programmed now-a-days, they just like what they like. Some artist don’t have to be promoted a lot to sale b/c their fan base is so strong, they will sale regardless (Beyonce, Rihanna, Eminem, Jay) others have to be constant reminders in consumers mind in order to sale (Ciara, Ashanti, Nas, etc) that’s where their team steps in. Obviously their Team don’t believe in their talents to push their brand & if they don’t, the consumers won’t either. And you have to keep in mind, the younger generation rules music now. It’s about what they want & this generation has different/weird taste. It’s all about them now so that’s who’s targeted.

    There’s no comparison to yester-years music to today’s music. Totally different now; Back then you only needed talent & didn’t really have to have a worldwide fan base or hot videos in order to sell (Babyface for example). Now everything is gimmick-y & artist like Nicki Minaj, 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, etc. will be forgotten about soon. Rihanna on the other hand image will be strong for a while b/c she’s a badgal starlet & can be promoted in so many ways beyond music, she won’t be forgotten anytime soon. It’s their Team & if they’re not pushing their brand…they won’t get sold by consumers or sales.

  6. BLACKSISTA I agree this stanning/loyalty and competitive nature amongst fan bases does play a HUGE role. I VERY RARELY see comments on a blog/post about Rihanna for example without someone arbitrarily trashing Beyonce and vice versa, that’s all you seen on Twitter last night. This new generation doesn’t want anybody topping their “fave” hence the reason only a few sell, basically it’s a war against fanbases. But Ashanti will be alright she has some ride or dies just like everyone else.

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