Ashanti Releases New Single

R n’ B singer Ashanti recently tapped fellow urban icon R. Kelly to assist with her new single ‘That’s What We Do.’

The track is the second single to be released from Ashanti’s upcoming ‘Braveheart’ album and can be purchased from iTunes and other digital media outlets NOW.

Give the song a listen below and let us know what you think.

Oh yeah, check out the cover below.


  1. I like it especially when the beat softens up. Ive had my keys hidden a few times so I can relate to this.i would say this is an im mad u riddim

  2. Black folks singing about their dysfunctional relationships. I’ll pass.

  3. britney so what exactly are you listening to because the other alternatives is rappers talking about beating it up and bandz to make her dance….IDK…I like it alot but I do like everything that I have heard thus far from her from ” the woman you love” to ” she cant” to “no one greate” to “that how we do”….like what I am the direction.

  4. Better than a lot of other stuff that’s out right now.

  5. I love it…R. Kelly’s duets always work with his voice…RNB is just an awesome genre of music…as I watch The Voice and other shows, somebody’s going to eventually bring it back!

    Justin Timberlake is resurrecting MySpace…to be continue…

  6. no. myspace has died a long time ago. ain’t no coming back from that.

    do i like the song, meh. i don’t care either way about it.

    all i’m saying is why be in a relationship when you have to work so much and feel the need to hawk your love’s every move? sounds stupid to me.

    ashanti can do better….she has done better.

  7. Absolutely loving this song… Have bought the song already and been blasting it out!!!

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