Ashanti Releases Official “Braveheart” Cover


With the official art work for her “Braveheart” album just unveiled, it appears Ashanti is one step closer to releasing the long-delayed project.

After almost two years of push-backs, Written Entertainment, Asahnti’s own label, has reportedly confirmed that the album will finally be released on March 18th.

“Braveheart” will be preceded by “I Got It,” the album’s official first single, which features rapper Rick Ross, who replaces rapper T.I. who was featured on a previous version of the song.

Ashanti has shared several behind-the-scenes clips and images from the video, which is rumored to be released this Friday,February 7th.

Click the image above for a full size preview.


  1. I love a diehard, I bought her last single,”Never Should Have,” I think it would have been a huge pop/R&B single back in the day, but now, it’s gotta be like “Rude Boy” where many people didn’t feel Ms. Fenty, but you heard it everywhere, blasting out cars or like Tamar’s “Love and War”…a song that was quite relatable…without a reality TV show or documentary, it’s not easy. People buy according to personality and gimmicks and sometimes catchy songs will get through. But I will buy it because of the void of R&B music and she’s a good songwriter and singer!

  2. I will definitely be supporting Ashanti. I was a fan since her debut album. She has never gotten the credit she deserves. Ashanti is a true songwriter, and not one by committee, unlike some singers who claim to be writer’s. I saw Ashanti live in concert a few years back and her voice sounds even better than her albums. I was surprised as she put on an incredible show. This album cover looks the best. I’m not liking the parental advisory sticker on the cd, as I hope she keeps it clean. If I hear another singer singing the N word, I don’t know what I’m going to do…

  3. I am a huge fan of Ashanti! Can’t wait for her new album to drop hopefully it’s March 18th not another 2yrs from now lol. She’s an amazing singer! I saw her in concert her voice was perfect… I love the album cover! ????

  4. I think it would be smart to do like a small 5 episodes documentary leading up to her release date. I know it’s probably too late now but reality shows are like music videos back in the day. They can be used as a vehicle to promote. Don’t know how much that cost but she will need a boost. Maybe a YouTube Web series like LeToya did and promote that too. Come on Shani you gotta spend money to make it today (but I am sure she already knows that being independent.)

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