Ashanti Stops By TRL

Ashanti made a quick visit to MTV’S TRL today to premiere 2Pac’s new video, “Pac’s Life”. Ashanti talked about her upcoming album and about her dream movie role. If you missed the show, you can download the video or watch it on You Tube.After a quick wardrobe change, Ashanti also hopped on over to MTV’s Sucker Free to help premiere Pac’s new video on that show as well.You can check out the pics from that appearance below and the HQs of Ashanti’s visit to TRL can be seen in our gallery.Geniet van!!


  1. She look beautiful but just like Brandy and Monica, I think her time has come and gone.

  2. She llos pretty and I agree her singing career is probably over at this point.Ciara, Beyonce and Ashanti have taken over now.

  3. Totally agree. I think Brandy may have a better shot at having a come back though. Her albums are good, but the last one just didn’t sell very well.:brownsista:

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