Ashanti To Release “Wiz” Track

Ashanti According to Ashanti’s official website, the singer is back in the studio and working on the followup to her 2008 release “The Declaration”. The singer will also mark the 70th Anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” by releasing her Broadway version of the song “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on iTunes. The song will be released via Ashanti’s own label, Written Entertainment. Also on the singer’s itinerary this week is a performance at VH-1’s Hip Hop Honors (Sept 23), as well as a performance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” on “The Early Show (Sept 24). Ashanti will also light up the Empire State Building (green) on Tuesday, September 24th.


  1. Exciting news and I can’t wait. Big ups to Ashanti. Can’t wait for the album to.

  2. Um… Okay, I never heard her sing it, but I think it will be a dumb idea. I like Ashanti, I think she can sing fairly well and make good music, so overall I’m happy that she’s putting out an album, but I’m not feeling the wiz idea. She does not need gimmicks. This whole music thing is crazy. Artist are good enough and have a solid fanbase, but once they pull those gimmicks from only God knows where, they FLOP FLOP FLOP. Ashanti focus on making hot music, let your first album be your inspiration. You can do it Shanti.

  3. Ashanti needs another “Rain On Me”. That song changed the world and made her a star. She has yet to return to her former glory.

  4. brown sista please get it together i love this site but damm you guys are very slow with your stories, how long did it take you to put up this ashanti story after withney.

  5. It took me 3 days.

    I have a life, why don’t you get one as well?

    And I don’t post OLD news… ever.

    Even if I go several days without posting, when I do post I won’t do stories that are past their prime.

    Brown Sista is not my JOB- it is my hobby. I do it for enjoyment and at my own time and pace.

    Smile…. HATER.

  6. I really adore Ashanti because she’s a survivor and truly knows the meaning of never giving up…her management is awesome! She demonstrates you don’t have to sell the most CDs, chart well and still continue to build a strong brand. Since black people don’t buy enough music, instead we hope and wait on our black artists to fail for the exception of a hand few. We’re always talkin about who’s washed up or should go away when they don’t do the numbers, ASHANTI, CIARA, JANET and others.

    Artists have to try other things to sell music and stay media worthy…”where’s the story?”…Ashanti knows how to keep a buzz around her and her foot firmly planted in the mainstream without altering herself!

    She’ll be around!

  7. @Cythinia

    I absolutely agree. I have never understood why we want most black artists to fail instead of appreciating them and being supportive. Whites can have Madonna, Cher, & Celine Dion in addition to Britney, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Katy Perry, and Lady GaGa – different artists, all successful. When Janet hit 40, some of us acted as if she was washed up and should retire (LOL). As a people, we’re extremely narrow-minded.

  8. I love ashanti! I cannot wait to hear her cover this song. She has a different sound. Her music is very pleasing. Alot of artist overdue things but i like that Ashanti keeps her cool.

  9. Need an album Shanti,not broadway Mya continue that hobby…Yea I loved Rain on me and Foolish.

  10. Ic Ashanti got the bug 2. If she don’t come back in the game half-naked, she can’t huh? WHat is so special about Ashanti?/ She was cute, sounded cute, can’t front seemed down 2 earth, but she didn’t stand out either. I was tired of her saying “baby” all the time too. I don’t wish her downfall, its already here and she tryna resurrect herself-but nope, i think 2 late. But since they let Rhianna limited talented self slide, why not Ashanti?

  11. Watch sum1 say im hating on Ashanti- Check out the pattern, tho if your a singer who can’t wear clothes i don’t rock witcha, i don’t care how good you sing or don’t sing.

  12. Stephanie you are so disrespectful to your readers sometimes. I don’t think that Haters was necessary. She was just voicing her opinion. Come on now you are better than that. I am sure if you think about it there was a better way you could have responded to her. Can’t we all just get along.

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