Ashanti Unveils New Promo Shot

Just moments ago via Twitter, 30 year old R & B singer Ashanti unveiled the promo shot for what we believe will be the first single from her upcoming fifth solo disc.

Taken by photographer Robert Ector, Ashanti is pictured lounging on the rocks of a beach, or more likely a studio made to look like the rocks you would see on a beach, while wearing a matching gold bra and skirt.

Rumors of new music from Ashanti have been swirling for quite some time now. While attending the BET Awards on June 28th the singer told Access Hollywood a new single from her would arrive in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Ashanti has also kept her fans abreast by sending out regular tweets about her recording sessions with producers like Rico Love.
So what say you guys- are you anticipating new music from Ashanti?


  1. She looks gorgeous. Those are real rocks she did part of the photoshoot in the desert. I really want to hear new music from her.

  2. Desert theme?Not starting anything, but lets just say theme sounds familiar

  3. She looks amazing! Music from Ashanti is usually good in my opinion, but she gets no love. She needs to take it back to the first album in terms of real r&b.

  4. Im checking for it. Go ashanti. She look beautiful. @Tiff you is so right she need to bring back to the real r&b.

  5. Theme of “desert” sounds familiar because the “desert” IS FAMILIAR. LOL.

    She’s beautiful. 🙂

  6. I am, she is an amazing songwritter and I like her voice , she looks gorgeous

  7. I always liked her because she actually sang about things. I am curious to see what her new music is about.

  8. @Melinda I know! Lol, why does every feed off each other like that. If I were in the industry I would be trying to go completely left from what everyone else is doing

  9. Who ever does her album cover shots they are the bomb!!! The last album cover was FIRE!!!! She looks fantastic I love ASHANTI!!

  10. My first thought OMG beyonce died her hair Black lol but its Ashanti and she is looks so beatuiful……. #ashantinoshade

  11. I cant wait to hear what she has to say.Ashanti is such a beautiful girl if any one could come back its her.

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