Author Terry McMillian Makes Comeback!

The last time Terry McMillian was in the news it was in regards to her Jamaican boy toy turned/hubby Jonathan Plummer coming out of the closet. After that debacle, Terry went into hiding, and I guess while she was in hibernation, she gave birth to the follow up to the bestselling Waiting To Exhale.
For those of you who never read the book or seen the movie, it’s about four brown sistas looking for love, losing at love, and learning to love themselves while celebrating the power of their sister circle.
The new novel is called Getting to Happy and it’s due to be released in the Fall of 2010.
I don’t know the premise or how long after the previous story the sequel takes place, but I will keep you readers abreast of whatever news I get regarding the book.


  1. I like her a lot..she failed for the same thing a lot of our sista’s have failed for master manipulators and narcissit socialpaths!!!! If you remain faithful…GOD will prepare a table before him in the presence of your enemies..Psalms 23 God will do fantastic things after we have walked through the fire….God is awesome and Terri my sista I am proud of you.

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to see a sequel to Waiting To Exhale. If a movie is planned, it honestly won’t be the same. They have waited entirely too long. UGH. I gaurantee a whole new cast which won’t help it. =( Maybe if they did a television serious like they did with Soul Food. Hell I don’t know… but I can’t wait for this book as well! =)

  3. I hated the movie waiting to exhale. Found it awful to watch. Blamed everything on white women. How pathetic…. Made black women sound bitter and jealous. uRGH…

  4. Just goes to show you cant blame your man not loving you on a whole race of women. After all her man left her for a man. Hope she has grown from that experience and will approach things differently in the future. God bless her.

  5. LOL @ REAL

    I wasn’t a fan of Waiting to Exhale either. But I loved Angela Basset!!

  6. Is REAL a white woman? Or someone that didn’t watch the movie all the way through and just read the Cliff’s Notes?

  7. @REAL Uh, I’m not exactly picking up your whole view of how the whole movie is blaming white women. Bernadine’s situation was just hurtful PERIOD being that she was married to the man for 11 years. Doesn’t matter if the woman was white or not! It’s another woman he cheated with. At first she wanted to blame the situation on the white woman, but then she realized that wasn’t the point. She worked her ass off to support him and raise his family in general. That alone makes a woman mad. Shit, I’d get mad and burn the MF’s cloths too.

    Besides Terry’s man leaving her for another man… I think that would equate to another character, Gloria going through what she went through with her ex turning gay and being on the DL.

    I’m sorry… I just don’t see how you get the whole movie being about hating a white woman. I do understand the bitterness and jealousy of women, but that’s human and goes for any race. These are things that all women go through… have you ever seen FIST WIVES CLUB? I consider that the white “Waiting To Exhale.” LMAO.

  8. Terry McMillan looks a lot like Brandy’s mother.Im sure her book will be a success. Waiting 2 Exhale had a huge following.

  9. hey REAL you might want to watch it again with no distractions and get the gist of the movie. Its about women who learn not to settle for BS and learn to grow. Try reading the book then watching the movie like twice that might help you get the message.

  10. I liked it but a lot of people – both male and female – came away with REAL’s impression after seeing that film. Many thought it showed black women in a negative light. I didn’t mind it though.

  11. All I am saying is that Angela B’s character was upset her husband left her for a WHITE woman. It was just the fact that she seemed to stress WHITE woman. As if it would be less painful or ok if it was another woman. During the movie they did mention ‘white woman’ a lot. Its funny because white women dont sit around having discussions about ‘black women’.. they couldnt care less…

    I just get a bit tired sisters who always go on and on about… I CANT FIND A GOOD BLACK MAN…BLAH BLAH BLAH …

    How come I dont have that problem. I am a black woman.

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