Nicole Beharie & Danai Gurira Cover Essence


“Sleepy Hollow” actress Nicole Beharie has landed what will hopefully be the first of many covers for Essence magazine.

Though I had hoped Nicole would grace the cover alone, she has instead been featured alongside another worthy cover star: Danai Gurira of “The Walking Dead,” Alfre Woodard, who has been featured on a solo cover in the past, and surprisingly, LaVerne Cox of “Orange is the New Black.”
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Does He Only Text You?

I have noticed an ongoing trend in relationships these days. One where couples no longer whiseper sweet nothings in their partners ears, but rather text them.

I have several girlfriends who seem to spend more time texting their men over the phone than actually spending time with them in person.

According to a recent study on how technology has affected the dating scene, 65% of respondents felt it was okay to ask for a FIRST date via text message. 48% said it was okay to break up via text, while 30% admit to actually being dumped via text message.

Even more sobering, many women claim texting has totally ruined the act of courting. “A lot of guys don’t even call anymore, they just text,” said one female respondent. “Guys no longer feel like they have to woo you. Now it’s all about technology. They feel a text message is just as good as a phone call or one on one interaction.”

When asked how much time they actually spend with their “textmates,” most admitted that texting has cut down the one-on-one time they spend with their partners.

Natasha Reynolds, a college student, says she and her boyfriend hardly speak by phone or see each other because of their busy schedules. She admits the short length of text messages had led to misunderstandings and thus they have limited their texting time. She says she hopes it will strengthen their relationship and the way they communicate with one another.

So, how you Brown Sista readers? Do you find yourself texting your men more than you talk to them via phone or see them in person? Do you think texting has ruined the art of dating?

Have your say.

How Beyonce Can Save the “Girls”

If you guys are chart buffs like myself, then you know that Beyonce’s latest single “Run the World (Girls), has not exactly set the world on fire. Though the song debuted at #33 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is her second highest debut ever, it is still struggling not only on iTunes (#41), but radio as well. Despite selling 77,000 copies in its first 3 days, many of those copies were bought multiple times by eager fans wanting to make the song appear hotter than it actually is.

The fact of the matter is that “Run the World (Girls) has been a monumental disappointment to radio and the public at large. On its own merit, the single has not piqued the interest of anyone, much less the general record buying public. Sure, great performances and a great video may help revive the single on the charts, but that still won’t truly make the song a hit. Music should be able to stand on its own merits and not require great visuals in order to make the public want to buy or listen to it.

So what does a singer, who some think has the potential to become the female Michael Jackson, do when her big comeback and supposedly groundbreaking new single falls flat with not only her fans, but the public as well?

I don’t know; you tell me.