Interview: Makeup Artists: Daniel Chinchilla

Los Angeles beauty expert and trendsetter Daniel Chinchilla knows beauty. His relentless perserverence is inspiring, to say the least, as he is also quite aware of what it takes to be successful. A highly sought-after makeup artist in the fashion and entertainment industries, Daniel has a wide range of diverse clientele. Amber Smith, Betty White, and Truth Hurts are just some of the stars who have had the privilege of working with Daniel – the talent who is known to create the ultimate “flawless face.”

BrownSista is delighted to present an exclusive interview with Daniel, a makeup artist who makes women look and feel beautiful. Enjoy!

BrownSista: You have had an amazing journey as a beauty trendsetter and makeup artist! What have you learned about yourself thus far?

Daniel: One of the biggest things I have learned about myself is that I love to empower people. I love to make them feel beautiful inside and out. It really is what makes me excited about going to work every day. I have also learned that there are no limits to where I can go in the beauty industry, and it makes me work harder to achieve all of my dreams. I am a very ambitious and driven person, and watching some of my dreams come true has been so surreal to me.

BrownSista: Tell me about your product launch. You look to cater to women of all different ethnicities.

Daniel: Oh yes!! Of course I do. It is extremely important to me that I have foundations for women of all skin tones. My clientele consists of all ethnicities, and I love the fact that I am able to match up all of my clients with my Beauty Perfecting Mineral Fluid. I don’t like the fact that women of color have to feel left out when they try and find their perfect foundation match in other makeup lines, and therefore, I promised myself that when I launched my makeup line, nobody would be left out. The other reason why my mineral foundations are so amazing is that they are all yellow-based, meaning they match everyone’s skin tone. I also wanted to create a liquid foundation that not only matched all skin tones, but that was also great for your skin.

BrownSista: What are some of the best colors for the summer? Are there certain hues to avoid?

Daniel: Summer is the time where you can play with bright, bold colors that you might normally be too scared to try. Purple and pink hues are IN for the Summer . Aside from those, a rainbow of colors such as blue are a big summer trend as well. Finish off your eyes with some bold eyeliner, and lengthen and thicken your eyelashes to their fullest potential. Even if that means putting on a pair of false eyelashes. Glowy, flawless skin, as always, is a big hit. And yes ladies, leave the lip gloss and bronzers alone, because matte lips and rosey cheeks are back in style.

BrownSista: The smokey eye is my favorite look for a dramatic appeal, but I tend to struggle with creating the perfect result. What are some tips that could help me?

Daniel: This seems to be one of the questions I get asked most. Remember, a smokey eye doesn’t have to be black. You could use any color combination to create a smokey eye. I would recommend first applying an eyeshadow base to your eyelid and applying a dark eyeshadow over it. I would then make sure to use a blending brush to blend that color into the crease of your eye. Blending is key! Apply a pencil eyeliner on top and bottom of your eye, and smudge it with a brush or Q-tip. That way it doesn’t look like a line. I recommend using a fantastic product, called Shadow Shields. It prevents you from getting raccoon eyes when trying to achieve a smokey eye. They make the process quicker and easier. Finish the look off with two coats of mascara on top and bottom. Waterproof mascara works best for the hot and humid times.

BrownSista: For women who are clueless as to how to apply makeup as well as unsure about which colors look best for them, what type of tips would you give them to get started?

Daniel: Well, it seems like a pretty scary thing to most women. But like with anything else, practice makes perfect. And of course, don’t be afraid to try new colors. Don’t get stuck using the same makeup. After all, we only live once! Thanks to technology, there are plenty of ways to get tips and learn new techniques online. For example, YouTube, blogs, beauty websites, and of course, my website. There are also many books and videos that give makeup and application tips. I always like to choose complementary colors to the eyes. That way, your eyes stand out. And you can use those same hues on your cheeks and lips. Some of the books that I was inspired by are those by amazing artists such as Kevyn Aucoin and Sam Fine. Theirs were the first makeup books I picked up 10 years ago, and they continue to inspire me. If you find something that inspires you, you will get different ideas as far as what to try on yourself.

BrownSista: I noticed that you’re always on the road, traveling here and there for shoots (thanks to your Facebook updates!). How do you balance your time so well?

Daniel: Well, that is tricky at times. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love it! I balance my time by waking up early, and going to sleep really late. LOL. That way, I know I will get everything done. Luckily, I am very good with planning my days, and usually fit everything in. I have learned that its about being business-minded, and thinking ahead. On top of that, I have amazing clients that will work around my schedule so that nobody and nothing is left out.

BrownSista: The economy seems to be affecting everyone right now. So many women can’t afford to update her entire makeup collection on a regular basis. If a person’s budget allows for only three items, what are the essentials to invest in?

Daniel: I would say the top three makeup items that you must have are a great foundation that will even out your skin without looking heavy or cakey. Remember, less is more! Especially for the summertime. Try my Beauty Perfecting Mineral Fluid. Gives a nice, even finish, without feeling heavy and clogging your pores. When it comes to foundation, we want to see your skin, not your foundation. So keep it natural. Another must-have would be mascara, because it draws attention to the eyes and instantly wakes you up. Lastly, I would get a great lipstick. You can also dab a little on your cheeks for some instant color, that way you never have to worry about looking washed out.

BrownSista: Your mother is said to be a huge inspiration. So I’m guessing that she helps to keep you grounded in such a competitive industry…

Daniel: My mother is a huge part of my life, and why I am so driven to succeed. She helps keep me grounded, and at the same time never lets me give less than 100 percent to my dreams and goals. Nobody works harder than her, and because of that, I make no excuses for myself. She’s amazing, and when I need some TLC, I make a trip to visit my mom.

BrownSista: What should we expect from the Daniel Chinchilla brand in 2011?

Daniel: You will have to wait and see! LOL… I hate to ruin surprises. As always, I am excited about the future and sharing it with everyone who loves makeup! It has been an amazing journey, and I am truly grateful to everyone who has supported my dreams. Therefore, I promise not to disappoint! Sign up for my “eNews and Updates” on and you will get updates on all the latest and greatest!!

By Elana Pruitt

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Here are some sexy safari runway looks from top, influential designers from around the world, featuring field jackets, leopard prints, khaki, and chunky tribal jewelry:
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Top 5 Stylish Summer Essentials

The sun is heating up, we’re preparing our budget to fit in blasting air conditioning, and most of us are pretty much downright tired of stretching our Fall, Winter, and Spring wardrobe to make do. So how can you make an adjustment and become seasonally appropriate? Invest in these five stylish summer essentials and you won’t be sorry. Mix and match them with what you already own, and you’ll be amazed with what you can come up with!

White Tank: This should be a staple in every woman’s closet. It’s simple, basic, and unfortunately, often overlooked when shopping. A white tank can be worn fitted to your waist or in a loose, lengthy fashion. Whether worn alone with fun accessories, underneath a short-sleeve button-up, or layered with colored tees, a white tank offers versatility – a blank canvas that is just waiting to be stylized. It also complements various skin tones.

Simple Cotton Dress: Have at least one cotton summer dress to flaunt! A floral or printed dress would definitely add some flavor to your wardrobe, but a solid color can be worn more often without being as recognizable in doing so. White, cream, gray-ish hues, and even black can take you far as you will be able to wear a variety of shoes, accessories, and handbags with it, in different ways. Plus, being cotton, it can help you stay dryer on a scorching day. Spaghetti-straps, wide straps, or strapless – it’s all good. Just know your body shape and size first. The last thing you want to do is tug and pull on a fashion piece that should be worn in an effortless style. Cotton dresses also make great cover-ups for bathing suits!

Comfy Sandals: Sure, having sandals are a given in the summer. But are they comfy? There are styles for different occasions, that’s for sure. So before you purchase your summer sandals – be it one pair or multiple pairs – think about where you are headed and how long you will be standing or walking around. If you are toes feel scrunched just while trying on, there is no doubt that you will be blistering as time progresses.

Cool Shades: No matter the brand or designer you favor, having a cool pair of shades (especially) for the summer will help to protect your eyes from the beaming rays. And yes, you will look pretty chic in the process. Just like shoes, you want sunglasses to fit just right. If it works, take advantage of the oversized trend! It will help to truly shield your eyes, while giving you A-list appeal.

Shady Hat: The wide-brimmed, straw-like, woven hat is always a great essential to have worked into your wardrobe. It is perfect for the beach, the river, barbeques, and lounging about! It adds a boho-glam, final touch to an outfit as it provides convenient shade and helps to protect your face from the sun. It, along with strong SPF sunscreen, will help you enjoy your summer more as you soak up the sun outdoors.

By Elana Pruitt