Living In A Secret Society

Overcoming the Shame of Rape

SECRET SOCIETY (140x140)I know all too well how it feels to have a secret that I wish I could tell someone, yet at the same time if I told this secret, it could potentially ruin my character. The moment after it all happened; I knew instantly that I should keep my mouth shut. I had already been deemed a young lady who was lost with a hard time finding her way. I knew it was my fault; had I just followed my intuition and went home that night after celebrating my 22nd birthday with friends, perhaps I wouldn’t have found myself waking up to him raping me.

After a night of partying way too much and having too many drinks, all that I remember is blacking out in the backseat of my friend’s car. The next morning, I found myself going in and out of sleep, not really sure where I was or how I got there, but I also felt a heavy weight on top of me. As I began to open my eyes and began to comprehend what was happening, I was finally able to process the activity of rape. I started to mumble, “no,no”. Then I mustered enough strength to demand that he removed himself from on top of me, “get off of me…stop, stop! get off of me!”
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Educational Obstacles Young Girls Face in School

While growing up in a predominately White school district, I suffered from a lot of social and educational barriers that hindered me from reaching my full potential at times. I struggled with very deep self-identity issues, as I became more aware of the fact that white students would get away with saying and disrupting the class a lot more than I could. I eventually fostered feelings of wanting to be a little white girl. I also began to notice that some of my white teachers would reference black people in a negative tone during general discussions. I was even spat on and called a “nigger” several times out of my school day, that resulted in nothing less than, “I am sorry you had to endure that”, from the principal of my elementary school. To say the least, I had some major social barriers that caused a few educational deficits.
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The Value of Black Women In America


The latest hot topic and matter of flaring debate, all over the country, has been that of the most recent exposure and occurrences of domestic violence cases. It was in reaction to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodwell’s pick of members to serve on the Domestic Abusive Leadership Team; a team in which lacks the representation of African American women who have been victims of domestic violence, and in addition to a recent article that labeled Shonda Rhimes as an “angry Black woman”, that probed TV One host, Roland Martin, to comment and discuss the devalue of Black women in America.
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The Phenomenon of Soul Ties

Soul Ties (140x140)

For the past two weeks, I have been researching and reading up on the phenomenon of soul ties for a presentation I’ve been asked to give on relationships. The teachings of soul ties are beneficial to anyone who has ever felt abandoned, neglected, angry, bitter, and/or confused while involved in an intimate relationship. To be honest, I’ve been following the phenomenon of soul ties for several years and have been able to contribute many of my struggles to the ties that I have developed, with men, over the years.
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Does Being A Side Chick Hold More Clout Than Being A Wife?


I have to admit, I am a die-hard reality show fan. I faithfully follow the story line of Love & Hip-Hop, Housewives of Atlanta and Ex Wives of Holywood/LA; and as much as I have tried to convince myself that I am supporting a very toxic and negative perception of Black women, I can’t help but to be enthralled by the deception and the drama that has manifested in these people’s lives.

Whether the story line is fantasy or reality, it’s definitely low-quality entertainment that keeps the anticipation going amongst thousands of viewers each week. However, I have noticed a very peculiar trend within the most recent seasons of these reality shows. Many of the male cast members have left their “main chick” for their “side chick”, with no remorse or shame.
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Female Hostility In The Workplace

Black-woman (140x140)

Upon entering the work force after a few years off from mourning the death of my mother, I was delicately warned by several individuals, that I was older and smarter now; that I needed to understand that I WILL become a threat to most as I re-enter the workplace…especially white women.

During those few years unemployed, I spent the majority of my time developing my own non-profit organization. I spent countless hours at the university library, self-educating myself on how to start and run a small business. Within one year, I completely legalized and filed with the state of Nebraska, The Beauty Is Skin Deep Movement, Inc. which is a non-profit organization designed to eradicate the general perception of women of color living in America through programming and other educational outlets.
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To Riot or Not to Riot: That Is The Question


The aftermath of 18 year old Michael Brown tragically being gunned down by a St. Louis police officer, after visiting his grandmother’s home in Ferguson, Missouri, has been nothing less than a mass pandemonium for the past two days.

As I awoke Monday morning and started to check my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages, I came across many posts regarding the tragic occurrence and it appeared as if many people were angered, frustrated and fed-up with these unjustified episodes of white men with guns, feeling as if they have the power and the authority to kill unarmed and non-threatening young black men.
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Rapper LIV Dedicates First Single To Beyonce


There have been several rumors circulating around the reasoning behind Solange’s vicious elevator attack against hip-hop mogul, and husband of Queen Bey herself, Jay-Z that took place in late May of this year. But, perhaps the most recent speculation that Mr. Carter and model turned hip-hop rap artist LIV have been rendezvousing it up for quite some time, will perhaps become the explanation that fans have been so desperately seeking.

LIV, who is allegedly Jay-Z’s mistress, has released a single entitled, “Sorry Mrs. Cater”, a dreadful lyrical open letter to Beyonce, regarding her interactions with Jay-Z within the last 6 years.
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