5 Beauty Trends to Help You Look Your Best This Fall

Go Big or Go Home

Big hair has taken over the fall runways this season. The good news – it’s not the big hair our moms and her girlfriends rocked. This season its big, sexy and bouncy hair that our boys can playfully run their hands through. Tip: Use a one – inch curling iron and when you have finished curling, flip your hair up side down and run your hands through. The key is to have a lot of volume on the sides and keep the top flatter.

Short and Sexy

Not into the big hair, then try a bob hair cut with blunt bangs. Your eyes will pop with this stylish and edgy hair do. You can’t go wrong with blunt bangs, and they even work for long hair.

Simple Face, Colorful Lip

Save time and still look trendy by skipping blush and eye shadow and going straight for your lips. Try a bold red lipstick that suits your skin tone. For long day wear, fill your lips with a red lip pencil and layer on the lipstick with a lip brush. Add a coat of mascara and your ready for the runway or a day at the office.

Eye shadow Addicts

If just thinking about walking out the door with out a bit of color on your lids gives you the shakes, then try a smoky bronze or gold look this fall. To take the look from day to night, add glitter over the eye shadow and to open up your eyes, add a bit of color to the inner corner of your eyes. You’ll be glistening as you dance the night away.

Wing Out Your Eyes

Add drama to your eyes with a simple flick of your wrist. By winging out your eyeliner, you can take your look from ordinary to sexy feline. Add a pop of color to your lips and your ready for the catwalk or just a night out on the town

5 Foods With A Purpose

1. Blueberries
Brain Power
Besides adding color and taste to your favorite parfait, blueberries aid in increasing cognitive functions and boost your learning and memory.

2. Almonds
Healthy Skin
Almonds are a quick and handy snack on the go. Research has shown that monounsaturated fats from almonds display protective attributes that actually prevent wrinkles and sun damage.

3. Greek Yogurt
After Workout Snack
I know we all feel drained after a serious workout, but energy drinks aren’t the answer. Try Greek yogurt, it has three times the amount of protein of normal yogurt and even better, the amino acid helps to build and repair your muscles.

4. Strawberries
Another great addition to any parfait. A cup of strawberries boost your daily Vitamin C intake by 160%. Researchers have found that Vitamin C helps clear out cortisol, which is the hormone that is related to stress symptoms.

5. Dark Chocolate
I am sure we all knew about this one! The flavonoids found in cocoa have been linked to improve blood and release “feel good endorphins”.

Good Luck

Good Carbs vs. Bad Carbs

In today’s diet obsessed society, carbohydrates or carbs for short, get a very bad rap. Many of us avoid them completely when trying to lose or maintain weight. Interestingly, carbs are one of the body’s main sources of energy and is very important to our daily body functions. Foods that contain starches, sugars and fiber are all grouped together within the carbohydrate family. Simply put, there are good carbs and bad carbs. It’s our task to determine which carbs are good for us, which ones to avoid at all cost and which ones we cant live without (even if we should avoid them at all cost).

Simple Carbs.
Simple carbs can usually be identified by their ending “ose”. Examples I am sure you have heard before are, glucose/fructose (from fruit) and table sugar (sucrose). Simple carbs should be avoided when possible. I have to admit it can be difficult at times; many low-fat products include simple carbs. These added carbs, provide flavor to our food, which is good for our taste buds, but bad for our waistlines. These simple carbs have no nutritional value, thus our bodies have no need for them. Eating simple carbs will satisfy us in the moment, but we’ll feel hungry soon after.

Some Examples:
Table sugar
Corn Syrup (avoid at all cost!)
Most packaged foods
Pasta made with white flour

Complex Carbs.
Complex carbs simply put, are the good carbs. Complex carbs are better for us because they leave us feeling full after we have eaten. Complex carbs. have nutritional value, which the body can use. Our bodies take a longer time to digest complex carbs., they burn slowly in our system, which keeps us feeling full for a longer period of time. Though, complex carbs are good for us, certain complex carbs must be eaten with moderation, (i.e. Pasta – made with whole grain).
Some Examples:
Lettuce (greener the better)
Apples (The skin contain the majority of nutriential value)

Good Luck

Cardio Isn’t The Key To Losing Weight?

That’s right ladies; cardio alone is NOT the key to shedding those unwanted pounds. For years we have been told to hit the treadmill or run for at least a half hour daily. Yes, those techniques are helpful and yes, cardio builds stamina, but those aren’t the key to burning fat and keeping the weight off. The key element to losing weight is a combination of cardio and weight lifting. Now don’t get scared ladies. I know many of us hear the word weights, and we picture body builders and oversized tan muscles. We all know that lifting weights builds muscle, however, many of us aren’t aware that muscle eats fat. Muscles need more protein to stay alive then fat does. When we incorporate weights into our exercise routine, we build muscle, which in turn eats the stored fat in our body. You don’t have to use heavy dumbbells; a beginner can start with 3, 5, and 8 pound dumbbells. Its important to rotate the weights that we use for the different size muscles that we have. There are many workout videos that incorporate this regimen; one example is “The Firm”.

I encourage you to research and find a workout routine that works best with your fitness level, abilities, and schedule. For those who prefer a gym setting, I am sure your local gym will have workout classes that also incorporate this workout regimen.

I believe in this workout regimen because I was able to lose 70 pounds, along with a sensible diet. A helpful tip from my own experience… when you begin this regimen, please don’t feel discouraged when you see the number on the scale go up. Many people who begin this regimen get frustrated because they feel like they are gaining weight instead of losing weight. Remember, as you lift weights, you are building muscle. You need to build the muscle first so that it can eat the stored body fat. You will see your weight go up a few pounds, but in no time the fat will be melting right off of you. Stay motivated and you will shed those unwanted pounds!

Good Luck

Black Don’t Crack

With the days getting a little bit warmer and the sun shining a little bit brighter, I decided to go shopping for sun block. Holding my sun block while waiting on line, I was asked by an older black woman in front of me, “Why are you buying sun block?” I answered, “Because I don’t want skin cancer…” I was given a disapproving look and was told, “Black don’t crack honey!” Hearing that made me think back to all the times I have heard that saying. I realized that many of us aren’t aware that we are susceptible to sun damage, which leads to skin cancer. Yes, our skin is beautiful and yes, our skin ages beautifully… but wake up call….we are still susceptible to sun damage! Reports show that Melanoma (a form of skin cancer) is yes, common in white people, but its riskier to black people because it’s more likely to go undetected. Its goes undetected because of the misinformed but accepted, common knowledge in our culture that we aren’t affected by the sun. Varying types of melanoma affect different ethnicities; the main problem is that we don’t take preventative measures. I suggest using sun block with at least SPF 30. Many moisturizers already have sun block protection, which makes life a whole lot easier.

Good Luck

Beauty Buys For Under $10

Who says you have to spend a fortune on beauty? With so many brands out there, it can be hard to find quality products that won’t leave your pockets feeling empty. With a little research and fun filled experimenting, you can save money while looking beautiful. Here’s a list of 10 drugstore products to get you started. (Prices may vary depending on location)


L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche $9
This moist, creamy lipstick allows your lips to stay kissably smooth and with its massive 54 shades, no skin-tone is left out.

Revlon Super Lustrous $8
No need to spend money on high-end lipsticks, this luscious lipstick provides high end quality for a low end price.

Lip Gloss

L’Oreal Color Juice $6
This glossy lip-gloss is great for wearing alone or under your favorite lipstick. Gives your lips a moisturized feel, with a glossy finish.

Maybelline Color Sensational $8
Provides great texture, moisture and staying power. The nourishing moisture comes from the nectar used to make the lipstick.


Normal Skin
Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 45 $10
A great daytime moisturizer and the added bonus is the SPF, which is very important with summer upon us.

Oily Skin
Purpose Dual Treatment SPF 15 $9
Oil-free products are very important for oily skin. This moisturizer provides create moisture without the greasy feel.

Dry Skin
Ponds Dry Skin Cream $9
Hydration is key for dry skin, even in the summer. This moisturizer is great for deep hydration and gives skin a supple feel.


Foundations can be very tricky due to the many brands, coverage range, skin tone range, and quality out there. I believe the best bet to finding your perfect foundation, at a reasonable price, is to research the many companies out there and based of your needs (oily, dry, normal, light to heavy coverage etc.) find the one that matches what you want.
If I were basing judgment off the brand with the best color range, and department store quality, I’d suggest, L’Oreal Paris True Match $11


Maybelline Full and Soft $8
If you’re looking for a soft and natural look, this mascara is right up your alley. It’s virtually smudge proof and it last all day.

Cover Girl Lash Blast $9
If you’re looking for dramatic lashes without all the fuss of fake lashes, then Lash blast is what you’re looking for. It thickens and lengthens your lashes to the extreme.


L’Oreal HIP High Intensity Pigments Bright Shadow Duo $9
If you’re looking for vibrate colors and don’t want to pay department store prices, then look no further. Experiment with colors you’ve never worn without emptying your pockets.
Maybelline Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quads $7
Never know where to put the lid and crease color? This quad tells you what each color is for; allowing you to look like a makeup artist did your make-up.

Nail Polish
Essie $9
With its massive collection of colors, this polish can take you from fresh and clean to sassy and wild.

Facial Mask

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque $4
As an industry staple, this soothing minty mask shrinks pores, dries up pimples and draws impurities out from your pores.


Normal Skin
Purpose $7
Wipes dirt and oil away, while being gentle on the skin. Leaves face feeling cleansed and renewed.

Oily Skin
Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash $7
Unable to get rid of pimples, this potent cleanser kills bacteria, while the gentle grains scrub away residue and oil.
Dry skin
Cetaphil $11
This cleanser leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized. It is suggest to use without water and wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Maybelline Mousse Blush $8
This ultra light blush allows easy application and long lasting wear on cheeks.

Cover Girl Cheekers Blush $5
If you’re looking for a sheer easy to wear blush that stays on for hours, try this powder blush. The natural shades allow simplicity and easy application.

PS. If you need advice about a product and want to know how other women have liked it, visit Makeupalley.com. It has thousands of reviews on thousands of high to low end products. Just sign up and browse the reviews or leave a review of your own!

Good Luck

7 Simple Ways To Jump-Start Your Weight Loss Goals

Summer is almost here ladies! With spring already in session, its time to modify our winter eating habits and get fit for the season of swimsuits and lounging poolside. We are all busy women; from developing an ad campaign, to running after the kids, to staying up late for a final. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few changes to help us look and feel our best this coming summer.

Here are a few easy steps to ease your way into changing the way you eat. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds or just wanting to eat healthier, these 7 steps will jump-start you to a healthier lifestyle.

1. Breakfast is Key
We have all heard the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Well ladies, its true! Eating breakfast helps to regulate our appetite, so we aren’t starving by noon and willing to eat an entire pizza pie alone. Start your day with a hearty bowl of oatmeal with ½ cup of your favorite fruit (fresh fruit preferably), or try a Tomato & Cheese Omelet (low-fat cheese please!) with 1 slices of whole grain bread. You can come up with your own plan; the key is to have a balanced breakfast.

2. Drink More Water
This is another known solution, but many of us don’t implement this into our daily lives. Besides aiding in helping us lose weight, research has shown drinking water helps to give us a radiant, healthy, younger looking complexion.

3. Portion Control
Its okay to want that bowl of ice cream sitting at the party table near you, but understanding how much to eat of your favorite foods is key. Here are some simple examples to help you determine portion size:
1.Cooked Meat (ex. Beef) = Deck of cards
2.Rice = A tennis ball
3.Small candies or nuts = One hand full

4. Food Swaps
As I mentioned before, it’s okay to have your favorite foods in moderation. You can also swap healthier versions of your favorite foods. Here are a few simple swaps for an everyday sandwich: (calories listed below are based on research)
1.Whole Wheat Bread (100 calories per slice) VS. White Bread (140 calories per slice)
2.Mustard (16 calories per serving) VS. Mayo (103 calories per serving)
3.Turkey Breast (70 Calories per slice) VS. Salami (100 calories per slice)
4.Swiss cheese (70 per slice) VS. Cheddar cheese (110 per slice)

5. Beware When Dining out
Eating out can be tricky. Many restaurant entrees are loaded with fat, preservatives, and empty calories. One way to cut calories and gain control is to “order everything on the side”. Who says you can’t have that yummy chicken alfredo? Just ask the server to put the alfredo sauce on the side. This allows you to control the amount of sauce you use.

6. Stressful Eating
We all have those days where we just want to lay on the coach with a tub of ice cream. However, fighting the initial temptation can lead to a smaller waistline! Finding alternative ways to relieve stress such as exercising, talking to a friend or, reading a book can help distract you from reaching for food.

7. One Step at a time and Do Your Research
Stay positive and take it a step at a time. These small changes will create huge results overtime. Also, I encourage you to do your own research to find healthier food choices. Put the control in your hands by figuring out what best fits your goals and lifestyle.

Good luck. I hope to see you poolside!