Sharon Leal Is A Hellcat

Dreamgirls and Why Did I Get Married? star Sharon Leal has landed another primetime gig. This time she will be a lead on the CW’s drama pilot “Hellcats”, which will also feature High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale. Sharon’s character Vanessa Hodge is the head coach of the Hellcats and will enjoy a love/hate relationship with the school’s football coach who is a former flame. In order to keep her coaching job with the Hellcats, Vanessa must take the team to the championship. No word on when this will air, but I am guessing the Fall.

Garcelle Beauvais Nilon: Hollywood’s Latest Scorned Woman

Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon best known as Fancy on the Jamie Foxx show is the latest victim of a cheating spouse. E Online reports that Garcelle who has been married to agent Mike Nilon for nine years and the mother of his twin boys discovered her hubby had been double dipping for five years of the marriage. His side piece resides in Chicago. Garcelle sent an email to his co workers and let them know of his dirty deeds. Garcelle also released a statement saying she is all about protecting her boys from the fallout of the affair. Garcelle is a beautiful woman. I wonder what the mistress looks like. Let’s hope this isn’t another case of Skankitis per Tiger and Jesse.

Concert Review : Chrisette Michele & Laura Izibor

To see a legend in the making is something that everyone should experience, and at The Tabernacle in Atlanta Friday night, I witnessed just that. To say Chrisette Michele is in a league all by herself is an understatement. You must see this young lady in concert who in my opinion sounds better live than on audio. From the moment Chrisette hit the stage with Epiphany, the title of her second disc, the crowd was on their feet. She tirelessly sang several songs and was flawless throughout. She took a short break while two members of her band took to the stage and paid homage to other females in the game (Jill, Mary, Beyonce, Alicia, Fantasia), whom Chrisette respects. After this Chrisette returned to the stage in a long blue sundress to tackle the second portion of her show. Radio really needs to come to their senses and give Chrisette the same kind of airplay they give to Beyonce and Rhianna . True talent like Chrisette’s and her opening act Laura Izibor cannot and should not be denied. If you are blessed to get a ticket to her show please go! Tickets are reasonably priced (I paid under fify bucks), and she is playing small venues so the setting is an intimate one where you can get the full effect of the Chrisette/Laura experience.

Precious Wins Big At Indie Awards

Precious the groundbreaking fim by Lee Daniels swept at the Indepdendent Spirit Awards held Friday night. They were awarded : Best Actress (Gabourey Sidibe), Best Supporting Actress (Monique), Best Director, (Lee Daniels), and Best First Screenplay, (Geoffrey Fletcher). The prestigious honor of Best Picture went to the film as well. Congrats to Lee and co. for their hard earned success, and if you have not caught the film at the theater it will be out on DVD, March 9th.

Author Terry McMillian Makes Comeback!

The last time Terry McMillian was in the news it was in regards to her Jamaican boy toy turned/hubby Jonathan Plummer coming out of the closet. After that debacle, Terry went into hiding, and I guess while she was in hibernation, she gave birth to the follow up to the bestselling Waiting To Exhale.
For those of you who never read the book or seen the movie, it’s about four brown sistas looking for love, losing at love, and learning to love themselves while celebrating the power of their sister circle.
The new novel is called Getting to Happy and it’s due to be released in the Fall of 2010.
I don’t know the premise or how long after the previous story the sequel takes place, but I will keep you readers abreast of whatever news I get regarding the book.

Sex On the Beach

I had some down time at work today, and I read the Essence with the controversial Reggie Bush cover. One of the articles that drew me in was entitled Fool’s Paradise about how Black men go to the Dominican Republic in droves to get laid on the cheap and to be treated like royalty by the local women who view Americanos as wealthy and willing prey for their feminine wiles.
Essence ironically did an article on Brazil a few years back which had the same feel to it. Black women read the article and caught on to their guy’s game and now DR is the new spot of choice for the many men who are looking to get their freak on behind their lady’s back and often times they use DR’s world class golf courses as an excuse.
Married men on the DL also frequent Santo Domingo and one was quoted as having sex with ten different men in the span of 24 hours which gave me immediate pause. All I could think of was his poor wife and two kids back home who had no idea of what their hubby/father is up to. Or is it that sometimes the wife does know and use their husband’s going away as their chance to let their hair down.
It made me wonder where is the hot spot for Black women who are looking for a little fun in the sun. I know there is Jamaica, but where do we go to get away from it all and to get our freak on ( if we are that kind of girl), and are we as indifferent to the seediness of it all as the men in the article seemed to be?
Hit me back Brown Sistas with any tales, (sordid or otherwise) that you have experienced with a guy that you have dated or known that goes out of the country with his boys to Brazil or the DR for a little R&R . And have you yourself ever gone away with your girls for your own freak fest?

More Medical Drama From Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice has been hard at work on yet another drama pilot for ABC. This time it’s about three stateside doctors who decide to lend their talents to a clinic in the tropics. I don’t know about this one Shonda. What about an Afro American drama with Isaiah Washington as one of the leads? Now that I can get behind!
I am a fan of both her shows and enjoy the diverse portrayals of Blacks, Latinos, and Asians. Chandra Wilson’s Bailey on GA is a well written complex character, and I also like Audra MacDonald’s portrayal of Naomi on Private Practice.
Shonda is in the unique position of being the exec producer of two hit shows on ABC. As an Afro American woman that is a highly coveted position to be in. I just want her to take advantage of that clout and give the sistas storylines that rival those of their White counterparts.

Halle Berry’s Pure Orchid

I know this is my second bit of Halle Berry news in the past 24 hours, but our girl has been busy. Her second fragrance Pure Orchid is being launched and I got some info on it. It’s a floral , woody scent with hints of cactus flower , lemon, and blackberry among other notes. It’s retail value is $ 17 for a 0.5 oz and $ 28 for a 1 oz.
Halle’s first fragrance was a bestseller, and I’m curious to see what this one smells like. It can be found at mass retailers CVS and Wal Mart.