“Awaken” With Keke Palmer

“True Jackson, VP” star Keke Palmer has just released her “Awaken” mixtape. The 17 year old actress and budding pop star, is reportedly set to release a full length album with the backing of Interscope Records later this year, and is using the mixtape to boost public interest.

In a recent interview, Palmer stated her new album was complete and is in the process of finalization. The as-of-yet untitled CD will be a mixture of R&B/Hip-Hop with pop undertones. Producers and writers for the album include Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, Oak and Lil Eddie.

Keke’s first album “So Uncool” was released back in 2007 but failed to chart, leading the young diva to part ways with her then label Atlantic Records.

Click here to download the free mixtape.


  1. I listened, it isn’t very good. Especially since she has a decent voice. Listen to her cover of reflection from Mulan or even her OKAY cover of Unthinkable-I’m Ready

  2. I like her! She’s young, black & talented. She has growing to do & if nutured the right way she’ll make it. Go Keke!

  3. I love Keke, I wish she was in more movies. And it seems like she has a good head on her shoulders like Raven Simone. It’s always good to see these kids grow up to become respectable adults especially since their in “showbiz” which can kill you.

  4. Congradulations to KeKe! I wish her much luck with her music career. She is a very talented young African American actress. I have seen many young people in the business with no skills become famous for nothing. Ms Palmer, keep God first in your life and your star will continue to shine!

  5. KeKe has really grown into her own!!! She is a very beautiful young woman, she reminds me of Gabrielle Union. Very pretty brown skin.

    Love her spirit as well.

  6. My daughter loves Keke. Hope Rodney has what it takes to put her over the top. Tiffany Evans, Karine Paisan, and now Keke are a new breed of young R&B/POP Divas in the making. They are all very talented!

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