Azealia Banks and MAC Team Up

Rapper Azealia Banks is the latest artist to team up with MAC to bring the world her own signature lipstick shade.

“Yung Rapunzel,” a dark plum color with a semi-matte finish, will be available online for $15 starting September 5th and will be available in stores beginning Fashion’s Night Out, September 6th, until September 20th.

Banks will also perform at the MAC store in Soho on ‘FNO,’ where she’ll undoubtedly be rocking her limited edition signature shade.

On another note, is dark purple the go-to lip shade for dark skin women? I blame Foxy Brown for this travesty.

Contrary to popular belief, very dark women can rock the same lip colors as their lighter counterparts (same goes for nail polish). It’s all about finding the right color with the right undertones.

Look for an upcoming article in our ‘Health & Beauty’ section to tackle this subject in the next few days.


  1. I hate this damn near blue black purple. It ain’t nothing but Wet&Wild #13. A garrish color I think sistas should dtay away from. There are so many other colors out there for dark sistas to choose from. This is as ugly as Nicki’s color which was really ashy.

  2. I hate the way this girl’s handlers have made her look. Have any of you seen Azealia without these hideous Korean hair weaves and horrible ass loud make-up? She is a pretty black girl who has been made to look like a clown in order to fit the look black girls have to have today in order to make it. It is sad that black women have to fake it to make it these days. I would rather get a regular 9 to 5 rather than run around with fake Rapunzel locks and black tar on my lips. If she goes blonde I’ll effin’ scream.

  3. The Wet&Wild #13…so funny!

    I agree, darker skin women can wear any color with the right undertones! I would love to see her rock tangerine or fuchsia with violet and bronze colors…Azealia’s a pretty girl! They always want to make us, esoteric, tribal and wild. No one to bring home to mother!

    She’s coming in like Nikki Minaj and her look is becoming her music, so it won’t really matter what she does in the studio or onstage as long as she’s in costume! The male artists don’t have to go through this, it’s sad! She’ll be very successful, it’s all marketing, not that she’s not talented. They just crash and burn these artists today as they try to replicate their initial sales and success. They blow them up so fast, but what happens later, it’s not all about money when you have it!

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