Baby Bey is Already Breaking Records

According to Tech Crunch, Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement via her performance on last night’s MTV Video Music Awards was not only earth shattering- it was record breaking.

Beyonce’s belly rub reportedly set a Twitter record for most tweets per second. Earlier today the Twitter blog was updated with news that the singer’s spectacle generated a record setting 8,868 tweets per second.

In terms of previous records, Beyonce trumped the 7,196 tweets per second that were made during the U.S. women’s soccer team match against Japan, the 4,064 tweets per second that were made when Bin Laden’s death was announced and even the 6,939 tweets per second that were made on the day of the Japanese earthquake.

So why so much shock over a singer getting pregnant? Well according to Billboard writer Aaron Elsei, it’s not every day a singer as popular as Beyonce decides to step away from the spotlight to have a baby.

FYI: Did any of you read the article on BET asking if Beyonce’s pregnancy would cause an increase in black teenage pregnancies?

I didn’t want to give it any publicity but I did respond to the writer via Twitter telling him I thought his article was in poor taste and wreaked of sensationalism.

The writer claimed that some young Bey fans may be so infatuated with the singer that they may purposely get pregnant in order to be just like their idol. I personally found his theory to be lacking- especially since Beyonce married first and then became pregnant.

Whatever the case, I have theorized for some time now that whenever a black woman becomes pregnant, regardless of the circumstances, someone somehow always manages to find a way to add a negative connotation to it. Its like even though Beyonce followed the so called rules- America may still be F@%cked because her pregnancy will lead to more unwed black mothers sucking up tax payer dollars on welfare.

The article was just a joke to me. Its like a sista can’t win for losing.


  1. folks losing their minds over beyonce’s pregnancy is something i just don’t get…. she’s not the first nor will she be the last high profile singer to become pregnant…. pink, mariah, j lo, britney, christina…. other singers have gotten pregnant before and 50-11 stories and theories weren’t written about them… and assuming a bunch of little girls are going to run out and get pregnant because beyonce is is quite frankly the most ridiculous thing i ever heard… congrats to her and her husband on their coming child but come on…. this is not an affront to this website by no means but honestly folks just need to calm down just a little bit….

  2. If any woman has a baby because another woman did, they’re stupid! Point blank, period. These ghetto women that are literally poppin out kids just to get tax money is a whole “nother” story.

    “Its like even though Beyonce followed the so called rules.”

    ^As far as marriage first right? Isn’t that in the bible? (could be wrong)

  3. @John

    The world says marry and then have children- that is a guarantee of nothing. Ask Swizz Beatz wife.

    That’s why I said Beyonce did things as the world instructed her to and yet still someone found a way to criticize her- not based on her own actions- but those of someone else (maybe).

  4. @MsEssance Ridiculous is all I could say. I’m a 19 year old black woman focused in school and succeeding. Yes I lovelovelove B but any woman, young at that who idolizes Beyonce that hard has her own personal issues. LOL! I think that’s the ever growing ignorance of OUR society. Some people just give us to much damn credit for being BLACK and beautiful. We’re the center of attention, because we are in deed the main attraction and the main center of attention. Considering how every race try to imitate our Essence, our beauty. I think that articles FUNNY!

  5. She does something as natural as getting pregnant and people find a way to turn it into some strange trend “stans will follow” situation and blame her for the so wrongfully pre-empted increase in teen pregnancy! Let the woman enjoy her pregnancy & lets all just congratulate her as you would a friend, colleague, neighbour and relative!!

    I wish her all the best and I hope she eats all that she wants to eat 😉 thats one of the perks of being pregnant!!! 🙂

  6. @DRMKPR

    It’s because it truly shocked people. Other than her fans who has been confused about her lack of promotion this era and the pictures that surfaced last week that showed a baby bump at her concert, no one thought it. Honestly, WorkAHolic Beyonce pregnant when she just released an album two months ago. She was pregnant before then. It’s just shocking and to do it so boldly on national television is a factor to.

  7. I give beyonce props for the entertainer she is. But people should stop thinking that black teenage girls are the only ones racking out babies. In England everyday give or take ten teens under 16 get pregnant, and more than half are white. So. I’ll never understand the obsession we half with the lives of celebrities.

  8. “Let the woman enjoy her pregnancy & lets all just congratulate her as you would a friend, colleague, neighbour and relative!!”

    Thank you, it really is as simple as that.

  9. Wow. What we celebrate today. Tweets.

    Congrats again to the Carters, but this fallout is ridiculous.

    Next up: Beyonce’s sequined/bedazzled jacket gets highest number of twinkle-tweets in recorded history!

    Didn’t read the articles… y’all have at it. I’m too tired.

  10. The writer is not tripping sista, while beyonce might not be aware they are some peoplevout there that would emulate everything she does, those rachet will want to get pregnant just to say they were pregnant at the same time than beyonce, do not underestimate hood rats.
    As for the record breaking, isn’t that what the whole show was about?

  11. I don’t know how I feel about that ‘unwed black mother sucking up taxpayer dollars on welfare’ comment. Only because I have seen first hand, in NYC how black mothers didn’t even make up half of the welfare cases that came through. So I feel that “stat” has been exaggerated for too long. Now for everything else, I agree 1,000%!!! Congrats to Bey and Jay on their bundle of amazing talent (lol)!! And hopefully, the media won’t make too much of a big deal with this (as they have already) :0/

  12. People are shocked because there has been so many false claims that she was pregnant for years and when she finally is, not one person speculated and obviously she’s been pregnant for a while. Her people sure know how to keep a secret.

    Also that BET article is bogus. If anything her pregnancy may influence girls to date while getting their career started, marry once your career is going well and to finally settle down and get pregnant once you have truly made something of yourself. She’s the perfect role model. Beautiful, intelligent, driven, successful, graceful and humble. I’m so happy for her, Jay-Z and her family. They are truly blessed.

    Now everyone let’s follow in her footsteps, because obviously she is living the life!

  13. When my sister went to stand in the rain for the “4 intimate nights” concert she and several friends mentionned that she was pregnant, on boards and blog, no one cared because that card has been overplayed. I am happy for beyonce and her husband, I just want her off those heels drinking plenty of water, don’t read blogs , sing to your baby and try to get some exercice (swimming) . I think even the so called haters (which us a synonym for someone having an opinion) are happy for her and her baby, quit reaching.

  14. I am so glad that you responded to that person on twitter. Beyonce did it the right way; got married, then had a baby. In my personal opinion, I see that as a role mode. I am so sick of the negativity in people in general. Everyone has an opinion, but that was far fetched. I am a Beyonce fan and I take offense to that.

  15. Kimberly ..Cosigned..doing it the right way even if does not work out later on…do it the right way! I remember going to child support court with one of my grilfriends to show support. She had to hired a private investigator because she did not know his real name…I was embarrassed. He had also offered her $10,000 in 1999 to abort she declined. He pays child support besides the court hearing he has never seen the child. I knew none of this until the day I showed up for court. Beleive me I learned from that situation. Not to repeat it..Ladies if he does not want you a child will not make any difference!

  16. beyonce= no originality or soul! she never sings with emotion like real r&b singers ,,,, my opinion.

  17. Well I believe the article is nonsense. But if young girls decide they want to run and get pregnant then blame the parents!Blame all these sex rated shows on MTV where kids are having sex in highschool, blame Teen Mom and Pregnant and 16. NOT Beyonce.

  18. Tony Anderson’s BET article “Will Beyoncé’s Pregnancy Cause a Spike in Black Teen Pregnancy?” is a legitimate one. Beyonce’s fans are so dumb. There is even a scientific research out there which points out this claim. Beyonce’s fans want to be just like their idol, but they’re too stupid to even follow her already elementary blueprint.

    You’re correct Sista when you say Beyonce G. Knowles does things as the world instructs her to do. Unlike some women, Beyonce does not think for herself. She’s too stupid to accomplish this feat. However, Beyonce is such a good listener. Isn’t she, Sista?

    Stay healthy HoneyBey and child.

  19. First and foremost…congrats to the carters….
    that article is ridiculous….not even worth my energy.

  20. @Fleur, you win the award for “dumbest comment on this site”. One thing is for sure, Beyonce is a hell of a lot smarter than you. There is no scientific study that bey fans are dumb. That was a poll that somebody made up. If u were smart, you’d know that can’t be scientifically proven. Barack is not dumb. Michelle obama is not dumb. Oprah is not dumb. They are all bey fans, so your comment is just too stupid for words lmao. Stay mad & dumb while beyonce continues to be blessed. Sucks to be you.

  21. Congrats, Having a baby is just the beginning. I bet the $$$ helps. People think it is all cute but having a baby is a lot of work! I wonder if she had artificial insemination. I heard Jay was having some issues! Don’t envy her!

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