Baby Nahla Ariela Makes Her “Official” Debut

Actress Halle Berry was spotted getting in some mother-daughter bonding time over the Labor Day Weekend with daughter Nahla Ariele Aubry. The pair was seen visiting the Los Angeles Zoo with Halle’s mother, Judith Hawkins. Rarely seen with a bodyguard, Halle chose to bring one along on her trip as well, most likely to keep the paparazzi from getting too excited about finally getting clear pics of the 5 month old, who has been kept under wraps since her birth back in late March. Check out baby Nahla to your right and on the next page are six more exclusive pics, not yet published on other websites.


  1. Wow. That baby looks straight up and down like a beautiful baby doll. Good work Halle and Gabriele….yall did the damn thang (pun intended).

  2. She could have dressed that baby up better than that. I always thought it odd to take a child out of the house with just a diaper and a top on.

  3. I’m glad you guys got the pictures up. She’s an absolute angel. Just beautiful with her little chubby self.

  4. Aww…she’s cute. Not all babies are. XD She looks like her dad to me.


  6. The baby is cute…and um Shar, Halle has a man….maybe you should worry about keeping yours (if you even have one at all). Some of you need to stop sitting around acting as if this woman is the only one that has had issues in her her life with men, when the fact is…the majority of the women in that business seem to have problems with men, shes not the only one. But some women (especially some black women) want to hold that against her because thats the only thing they can talk about when it comes to her. Leave the woman alone, for the first time in a long time she seems HAPPY. Stop hatin’.

  7. she is a cute baby but i think i’ll take my son thanks 🙂 bias mom LOL

  8. @ anon I got a man actually a husband and unlike Halle i CAN keep one ..i could probably have you if i downgraded!!! but what man talks on message boards anyways except an extra tangy one..

  9. wow the hatorade is running rampant in here..because halle is a celebrity the baby has to be “dressed up” everyone else in the photos is dressed casually so why not the baby. As for halle keeping a man the last 2 that she had were deadbeats so getting rid of them was smart on her part..ever heard the term “i can do bad by myself” she finally looks very happy and is truly blessed, stop hatin on the woman and be happy for her.

  10. @ lizereete yall are truly some haters up here closed .i dont put up with any more crap than ure mammy if she had a man…u bastard

  11. Halle is very beautiful and has a gorgeous man and a beauty of a baby.

    Im glad she refused to put up with a cheating husband, some women just accept anything and thats why there are way too many diseases spread between people. I never understand why people make comments about her not being able to keep a man, or that she is having a baby out of wedlock and some people go as far as saying that she should be with a black man. Just look at her past relationships, she is clearly trying to do something different.

    Lets stick to the topic, the baby is a cutie!

  12. The Baby is soooooo cute. She looks like her grandma. I want to hold the little cutie pie.

  13. I can’t wait to have my baby and when i do i think i’m def going to have her in one of of those wraps that they look like a burrito..heh he
    she a cutie…love it

  14. awwwww….soooo cute!!! i luv the pic when she sticks out her tough awwwwww!!!!!

  15. @Majesa: All babies are beautiful. They are too innocent to be anything else but beautiful. Halle’s baby is pretty.

  16. That baby girl looks just like her father. She is one cutie patutie!

    Halle looks good but she is so much more stunning with short hair.

  17. Oh wow her daughter is extremely beautiful
    and shar ,if keeping a man includes reduce yourself to accept his disrespectful cheating acts, because you are scared to be alone than be it Unlike[ i’m sure] you, a lot of women love themselves too much to stick with a man that refuses to treat then like the queens they are ..I’m happily married and i love my husband to death but the minute i feel disrespected my twins and i are going to hit the road.

    LOve yall

  18. i’m glad u have to keep responding i can certainly tell u have no life or man ..ill pray for u ..smooches

  19. @ Dark sista Is obama’s Vp said, u do what u do….. i have no kids and i would never stay with a cheater but i know females that have everyone situation is different. If we talking about Eric Benet who was all of a sudden a sex addict..i mean how does one hide that? the whole time they were dating she was none the wiser then she goes on Oprah and tells all her business slamming the brother i just thought it was kind of crass of her celebs break up everyday why she got to be all on Oprah talking about it and as i stated she has a baby i know she wanted one really bad and more power to her and Aubrey ……..

  20. shar : Now i understand your post a little better , see when you say “let’s see if she can keep a man” it’s like she is a bad life partner or something and it comes out really harsh, My husband and i talk and altought he never cheated on me [trust and believe he knows what he got] he thinks that cheating on a wife or girlfriend can happen and that it does not mean that you don’t love her or respect her,
    he says that some men will be men but that a woman should never cheat , We had very heated arguments than he goes on and on about how back in the days relationships lasted a lifetime because women understood that as long as their men respected them came back home on time and never allow their mistresses to disrespect their wives everything was fine, and that a marriage should not be based on sex, therefore sex outside the marriage should not be a reason of separation now what kind of bullshit is that?

    Where I’m going with this is that some men think that as long as they keep their cheating acts under the cover its okay but it is not, when he comes back with her smell and kiss you with those lips and you don’t even know where he putted them it’s time for you to pack your dignity and get the hell out do not believe that every man cheat trust me if you know what you deserve you’ll get it don’t settle on anything else but the best, and i don’t condone halle for leaving Eric i am so sure that she stuck by his sides as long as she could because that is what we women [especially black] do stand by the man until its too much to bare, but honestly i would not waste my life trying to fix someone’s else if they didn’t want to fix theirs themselves know what i mean?

    And as for wanting a baby badly, shoo how old is she? someone women putted and are still putting their career first nonobsting the fact that our bodies first “dutty” is to produce i’m 29 mother of gorgeous twins married since i was 18 and i still have a career that i putted and will putt on hold for my family so i can understand her wanting a baby

    next the list is janet and mariah lool

  21. It kills me the way some women like to throw shade at Halle Berry. Let’s be real, Halle hasn’t been through any more men over the last few years than many of you on this very site. Yes, she has been married and divorced twice, but a whole lot of women in and out of Hollywood have been in that situation. How does two divorces equal not being able to keep a man? That’s some silly shit nigra female bloggers made up for hype. Jennifer Lopez went through 5 men in nearly five years and no one ever said she couldn’t keep a man. How many nigra men have we seen Kim Kardashian kissing over the last 2 years? Hmmm… let’s count. Her nigra husband, Ray J, Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush and I think the nerd boy singer from the show Sister, Sister. Halle doesn’t have a problem keeping a man, Black women have problem insulting their own, and for no good damn reason at all.

  22. JBL…..Halle has issues. Now she is no different than a crazy broke sista, she just has money.
    Her stans tend to think she is above scrutiny. …. She is not. Just because someone is pretty doesn’t make them untouchable in the opinion lane.
    Nahla is a doll baby, but mama is a fruit loop.

  23. most people have issues but its all about how you deal them.

    she wanted out of a no good relationship – dealt with that!

    she wanted another relationship – got one!

    she wanted a baby – got one!

    if she ain’t complaining, now why is everyone else? we have not heard stories that she is not happy? or that her new man is not treating her nice? they seem very private and family orientated!

    her man cheated on her and wanted money off her and we are supposed to accept that?? bullshit!

  24. I think the baby is very cute and adorable. Congradualtions Halle and Gabrielle your baby was truly a blessing from GOD…..

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