Back To Me

It’s obviously clear to me that my girl Fantasia has come a long way since her American Idol days. The sista from High Point, North Carolina, has without a question left her mark on the music industry and continues to do so today. With her powerhouse vocals and electrifying performances to go along with it, Fantasia has ensured us all that real music is still alive and thriving.

In this day of manufactured artists by record labels and with the ability to sell records with sex appeal and little talent, Fantasia is among a class of artist who embodies the essence of true music artistry. In order words, Fantasia can actually sing!

Fantasia is now back with a new album. After disappointing sells of her sophomore album entitled “Fantasia,” the starlet felt it was more important than ever to get back to her musical roots and give her fans an album that they truly deserved.

To read this article in its entirety, to hear Fantasia’s latest single, and to see one of my favorite performances by Fantasia, click here.


  1. I hope things get better for her as I hope she cuts some of her family members loose. They are bringing her down.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. I loove Fantasia’s music. That picture of her is really pretty.

  3. :iagree: Tiffany. She does need to let some of them go because they are a burden to her. It is ok to do for people, but not support them when they can get out and work. I really wish her the best because she is very talented.

  4. I LOVE the picture, she looks gorgeous. The problem is urban radio rarely play Fantasia’s music. It’s the same thing for Brandy, Amerie’, LeToya, Estelle, Ledisi, and even Angie Stone. The only way you get major airplay is if you have an undeniable hit, like Melanie Fiona did with It Kills Me (and she can actually sing but many of us would not know her if she didn’t have an unforeseen hit).

    I wish Fantasia much success with this album and I’m definitely a fan.

  5. I love Fantasia for her music and for her courage. She went back to school and got her diploma! Now that’s a role model if I ever did see one!

  6. I am so buying this album. I love everything I have heard so far. It is criminal the way radio is sleeping on so much great music. I guess that is where true fans come in. If you know Fantasia delivers then buy her album regardless if it is on mainstream radio or not.

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