Bag Ladies: Beyonce & Meagan

posted by Sista on August 1st, 2007 at 5:12 pm

Both Meagan Good and singer Beyonce Knowles were spotted out and about yesterday rocking their respective high end purses. As always, Beyonce’s bag game had me salivating, while Meagan’s dirty strapped, once beautiful, Chanel bag left me cold. Beyonce Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork purse is not only an eye catcher, but costs a whopping $45,000. That’s right- forty-five grand. Now, we all know this purse is not worth that kind of money, but if you can afford it, and Beyonce can, why not get it?

Bey was seen with her fabulous bag while attending a taping of TRL at the MTV Studios. Love her or hate her, you must admit, she knows how to dress. I won’t even mention her shoes which are just as fabulous as the bag.

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  1. Hey Brown Sista…just a correction…that’s a Marc Jacobs Stam bag not Chanel.:) A

  2. I love Louis Vuttion but I just don’t love that bag. The LV bag that has reasonable prices like the monogram is prettier than this patchwork bag. $45,000 shoot, but I can’t blame Bey because I’m in love with Hermes Birkins bags. $55,000 for the crocodile with diamonds but atleast it’s pretty and a lifetime keepsake.

    When I saw Meagan with that bag I thought it a Marc Jacobs because it and Chanel’s quilted bags look so similar. I believe it was rumored that MJ copied of the Chanel bag. However my favorite always was and always will be Chanel. It’s the epitome of femininity.

  3. Honestly, I heard Meagan was rockin’ a knockoff.

  4. I am not into bags and things like that but I do like Megan’s bag. I don’t think the bag Beyonce has is worth all of that. Maybe it is on paper but looking at’s quite ugly. I don’t even think I’d spend that kind of money on a bag even if I had it like that. It’s just not smart. I can totally understand where Tyra’s comming from calling herself the “queen of cheap” :lol: Just think of something else you coulda done that that 45K

  5. Pardon me…”You coulda done WITH that 45K :lol:

  6. I don’t think I would either Liyah. Plus, she won’t be able to use that purse a year from now because it will be “played out” . For forty grand if I was Bey I would be using that bag everyday like Meagan does. :lol:

  7. Oh wait- it just dawned on me that Bey probably didn’t even buy that bag. Designers lace celebs with their stuff for promotional purposes.

  8. That girl fell down the steps, that’s all I gotta say! I will never see her the same! KARMA! Who gives a hoot about their purses! Beyonce’s purse is a mess, LV or not $45000 sounds ridiculous! If you have the money or not its still crazy! Meagan’s bag looks nice but really who cares??

  9. How do you guys know where she got the bag from. Louis Vuitton could have asked her to carry it for publicity,it could have been a gift or maybe she could have bought. But whatever its hers and her bag game is superb. By tha way her shoe game is crazy right now.

  10. [quote comment=”11230″]That girl fell down the steps, that’s all I gotta say![/quote] Aww come on Kitten, you have no sympathy for her at all? You can even see this big cut on her leg in the second pic. She probably still in pain :lol:

  11. Jamie my style intuition told me it was a Marc Jacobs, but as usual I had to test my instincts.

  12. Come on you have to be slow to really still care about her falling down some damn steps. The chick is fly and her bag and shoes are as well. Do you really believe it is hurting her. :roll:

  13. The Bag Meagan has is Nice and it matches with more stuff too. Some people will wear or take anything with a name brand even if its ugly. I wonder if these chics ever wear sneakers. Its sexy rocking the heels and all but damn give your feet a rest. :dance2:

  14. i’m sorry, $45k or $200 , that bag is nasty looking! i could have made that myself or bought a $275 coach that looks like that. but whatever, it’s her money! i like megan’s bag though…it’s cute, and i like how her shoes and bag match…really chic…and bey really needs to cover up that cut! it’s gross to be showing it off like that! but bee’s ensemble was tight! LOVE the shoes!

  15. I have the blue one but it didnt coast me $45.000
    and its a real one too

  16. Meagan looks good but her purse is indeed played out. She needs to buy a new one or have her man spot her some cash to buy a new one :lol:

    As for my girl Bee, she do need to cover up that bloody cut but besides that she is rocking the hell out of that outfit :koolaid:

  17. is that the bag we’re talking about?;jsessionid=TPUQ54JBOA0PCCRBXUFFAGIKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=en_US
    Cuz i bougth the same one at the louis vuittons on the champs elysees and it wasnt 45 grand steph

  18. The link didn’t work for me but Beyonce is reported to have one of only 24 of the Tribute purses made and rumored to cost between 42-45 thousand dollars. It’s actually been news for some time now. I meant to post it weeks ago but forgot until today when I saw her carrying it again.

  19. Baby Look I’m not even mad!It’s their money besides $45,000 or 10g’s they can afford it,i wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t given to them. I’m sure majority of the people posting would splurge on something like that.

  20. Yes, I’d wear both bags. At the same time and every single day if I an extra $60k to toss into my fireplace! Even if they were given, that type of cash is nothing to a woman who can afford to spend $2 million for her boyfriend’s 2-day birthday party.

    Life is short and she can’t take the cash with her when she’s gone, so I say go for it! :dance:

  21. Beyonce is looking extra beautiful in these pictures. She has a beautiful skin tone :dance: :banana: :dance:

    Meagan does also…

  22. That’s not Chanel it’s a fake Marc Jacobs Stam bag. The straps are too long, the leather looks suspicious and that color has never been produced.

  23. Yes steph it is my bag it’s not 45 grand or maybe they made a special price for them i got mine $3577 if i convert from euros to dollars maybe her fans as usual are trying to make her the female version of bill gate

    even raven symone that is richer then her got her bag the same price than mine she is the one that inspired me to get it

  24. i love fashion my closet is all about dior,channel,guess,louis vuitton,chloe,maxmara,gucci but 45 grand for bag ? :bowdown: unless its a personal a “special made” beyonce’s bag with her name on it or designed just for her
    even cheaper online

  25. [quote comment=”11253″]I have the blue one but it didnt coast me $45.000
    and its a real one too[/quote]
    YOu said it yourself you don’t have the same one so how can you compare prices. Bey you looking fly girl. Keep doing your thing and those shoes are the business.

  26. LOL Some of yall crack me up. I guarantee you if both chicks switched bags, some of yall would STILL say Megan had the nicer bag just cause yall dislike Bee. Anyways, most of yall fail to realise that 45,000 dollars to Beyonce is pretty much the equalent of 45 dollars to us regular folks, IF THAT. And yall know good-n-well some of you pay well over 45 bucks for yall purses.

    In other circumstances i’ll stop the debate rigth here because i have had enough of beyonce’s fan try to make her unique as random as she is
    but I will not let my sisters think that they can’t afford a bag like that because some fans feels the need to upgrade beyonce’s “stylish” reputation when everyone knows her for copying

    the first one to wear that was Lindsay lohan at a party that is when i started to covet the bag i made a lil search and i found out she bougth it $3600 tax includes i decide to get myself one now i have the certificate i went to the store at beverly hills
    Now why all of the sudden that bags become 45 grand maybe its one made for her specially and even in that case i won’t understand but sisters don’t listen to the stans if you like that bag you can have one :bowdown:

  28. $45,000 for a bag is RIDICULOUS. I don’t care how much money you have. CARS cost $45,000, NOT bags. If she got it for free that’s one thing, but if she paid for it, that is dumb as hell.

    You won’t even see it again next month. I cannot believe how superficial we have become. It doesn’t matter how much money she makes OR how much she donates to charity, this just doesn’t make any sense at all. That money could definitely go to some good use for someone who REALLY needs it. That’s just SICK. :thumbsdown:


  30. Anyone who says they have the same bag as Beyonce is lying because it was a limited edition purse with only a handful of people getting one. This was reported months ago so the notion that Beyonce fans made it up to boost her is a lie and easily proven to be so by doing a simple Google search. Some of you broads here are pathetic arse losers full of hate because your lives are so pathetically dull and :lol2: at broke azz chicks claiming to have $3,000 handbags. What people won’t say online for attention :roll:

  31. Stella That’s an insult coming from a black women white girls are supposed to tell us that i know i’ts hard for you to believe that sistaz cant afford more then target’s handbags :hater: see what the projects do to some of us not every black women works at el pollo loco/mac donalds/kfc/hollywood you need to calm down and apparently you need more atention then anyone else (and that’s an advice) and a job :hater: :hater: :hater: :hater:
    :thumbsdown: Anyway like i said Tru working brownsistas if you want the same bag hit or hit the store you’ll get the same bag at a more reasonnable price then 45 grand don’t listen to those :loser: that lives trought other people’s lives and believe everything beyond kfc is inaccessible you’re better then that :bowdown:

  32. I’m not big on purses, my thing lies with knee-high boots. If I could just find some knee-high black slouch heel-less boots, I wouldn’t hesitate to throw down my Mastercard!! I know that it feels good to go shopping and just not care about the price though; I recently went on my biggest shopping spree yet; I had to fight my pricetag fears, but it was worth it :mrgreen: !

    Lmfao @ Stella :lol2: , I’ve got to clean off my computer screen now lol! :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol: For some reason your post reminded me of a lot of women I see in designer clothes and high priced weaves, yet they’re like 5 months behind on their rent and begging for a payday advance! :lol2:

  33. [quote comment=”11317″] not every black women works at el pollo loco/mac donalds/kfc/hollywood you need to calm down and apparently you need more atention then anyone else (and that’s an advice) and a job :hater: :hater: :hater: :hater:
    don’t listen to those :loser: that lives trought other people’s lives and believe everything beyond kfc is inaccessible you’re better then that :bowdown:[/quote]

    :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :iagree:

  34. [quote comment=”11312″] broke azz chicks claiming to have $3,000 handbags. What people won’t say online for attention :roll:[/quote]
    :lol: yeah sure

  35. RIght I got some $700 and $800 but I be DAMN if I’m spending that much!! NO WAY! But I’ll let a dude spend it. :P

    Dark Sister WHAT’S UP MA!!!!!????? :dance:

  36. hey girl living the great life how is my niece doing?wassup with yourself?still in AtL?

  37. I just dont get it! :confused:


  38. [quote comment=”11344″]hey girl living the great life how is my niece doing?wassup with yourself?still in AtL?[/quote]

    HEY GIRL! I’m home FINALLY! I had a ball! My fam and I WILD OUT!
    The little one is WELL! Her first birthday is Monday so I’m getting on the grind for that! It is going to be nice but short and sweet!! LOL :P

  39. Does anyone know where I can get a bag like Meagan Good’s but won’t cost me $2,000? I am a college student on a budget but I really like the look of that bag….Thanks…..