Bailey Gets New Love Interest On Grey’s

Jason_George_What_About_BrianFor those of you that watch Grey’s Anatomy, Miranda Bailey played by the brilliant Chandra Wilson is finally getting a chance to have some hot love scenes of her very own. Jason George who is best known for his roles on Eve, Barbershop, and Sunset Beach has been cast as a new hospital anesthesiologist. The character of Ben Warren is set to make his presence known in mid February.


  1. @LMAO! Yep that should pretty much calm her quick witted self down!!! My mom thinks he is very handsome and I can actually agree with her on this one!

  2. Whew,about time they remembered that she was a woman who is also sexual!! Every cahracter on that show is either coupled up or having some sexual fun, why leave her out of it? The straight, gay, single and married all have romantic liasons every now and then.Bailey was never shown to share romance with her ex husband and he was fine also!Some of the major networks are still afraid to show healthy, sexual black on black love. The images are usually just a hug, peck on a cheek, but rarely hot and bothered under the sheets kind of way like their white counterparts.

  3. i loved him on Eve, he was the reason i watched the show, that body and he has a big behind lol! anyone noticed that?

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