Barack & Michelle Surprise Sasha & Malia

A puppy isn’t the only thing first children Sasha and Malia are getting to ease their transition to White House life. A well-equipped playground set appeared outside the Oval Office Wednesday, complete with swings, slides, rope ladders, climbing slopes, clubhouse and crawl spaces. The playground set was designed by Rainbow Play Systems. The positioning of the set, right outside the Oval Office, was chosen so that President Obama could easily keep an eye on the girls while working.


  1. Aw that’s so sweet! I can’t wait to see the new puppy.

  2. Cute set and it adds a nice touch to the White House :thumbsup: They have two of the most beautiful little girls.

  3. The thought is sweet but it looks dull and military for young girls,they shud have added more colour it looks more like a boot camp playground….just my opinion.

  4. :bowdown: LOVE the OBAMA’S :bowdown:

    This story is too cute. He wants to be able to keep an eye on them while he’s working. It must be a beautiful thing to have a father.

  5. @lady on i’m realy happy and i think it is sweet,i just like little girls to have more color and a fairytale playground,maybe they didnt want to go overboard and splash too much money in this economy,which is extra thoughtful

  6. “Oh My god doesn’t like Michelle want her daughter to be entertainers? Why can’ t she buy them three teachers one for the dance moves another one for the scratchy singing and another one to teach them how to look rehearse? Omg she is like soooo dumb a castle? Like for real? ”

    I love the castle it’s gorgeous and i hope they have fun with it , i love the fact that they are trying to keep and eye on their daughters while working, Very sweet :bowdown:

  7. Awww…that’s so sweet. I haven’t seen a child play on a swingset in so long. LOL!!! This was a good idea. I know I LOVED my Sesame Street swingset when I was little 🙂

  8. @Voice: Relax they are just little girls. It’s really not that serious to bring her into this. We all know who you are talking about and it is just not necessary.

  9. Yeh!…. for a carefree childhood and lots of love

  10. Hmm Hmm baby You THINK you know who i’ m talking about but i was just talking in the air, because i have read some blogger saying that michelle wants her daughters to be entertainer because they can sing and act, so i was just venting about the fact that people are trying to categorize our first family because they are black, Like it is a fact that black little girls aspire to be nothing else then entertainers, I was not talking about anybody in general,teia mari, Rihanna is rehearse, Ciara is rehearsed,Keri hilson is rehearsed i can keep on Going on and on, so if you saw somebody in my comment then you need to wonder why 🙂 kay boo?!

  11. Not sure a lot of colors would be good- it is the White House after all. They probably wanted the set to blend in. I’ve seen Rainbow sets- they normally have red, blue, and yellow tarps on top and bright yellow slides.

  12. My first lady is dark skinned so they can chose white women to portray our icons, for all i care 🙂
    It’ s a brand new day and we are there, No matter what. With that being said i’ m so happy that they portray our icons , I could care less what color they are

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