Basketball Wives Reunion Show Ends In Arrest & Injury

While taping the reunion show for the VH-1 hit reality series Basketball Wives, castmate Suzie Ketcham was arrested for assaulting surprise guest Sandra, a woman whom Ketcham had gotten into a disagreement with earlier in this season. An audience member who was at the taping said Ketcham became so upset she left the stage but later returned with a bucket of water which she hurled at Sandra. After the incident Sandra reportedly tried to get away but slipped in the water and fell. She was apparently injured enough to the extent that paramedics were called and subsequently the police. Word is Suzie was arrested in front of the audience and wouldn’t you know it… the entire incident was caught on tape.

The VH-1 “Basketball Wives” reunion show is scheduled to air on Sunday, June 20th and no doubt this bit of controversy will help send the ratings sky high.



  1. Those hoes are insane. Throwing drinks and water on each. Real mature

  2. Can you say “publicity stunt” boys and girls? :lol2:

  3. whats up wit everyone on this show throwin water on people?? u either fight or leave it alone….so stupid :stop:

  4. :iagree: i thought that they may have had a real storyline, but when they started throwing drinks and going off all the time like little kids, then i knew this is a scripted show and maybe an ounce of reality.

  5. I wonder who is sader, them or teh people who watch them?

  6. these chicks are the most miserable, sad, but entertaining chicks man. I get they got money and a lil fame now but i wouldn’t trade my life for the world. NOPE SAD!

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