Battle Of The Ks: Keri vs Keyshia

Hits Daily Double is out with their notoriously accurate first week sales predictions, and as expected, both Keyshia Cole and Keri Hilson are expected to do relatively well. Though neither has a chance of dethroning Country star Taylor Swift for the number one position, both R n’ B singers are expected to debut within the top ten.

Keyshia however is expected to top Keri, with sales of about 130k. That’s about 200,000 fewer copies than her previous album “A different Me” sold in its first week. Keri on the other hand is expected to sale about 100,000 copies of “No Boys Allowed,” which is right in tune with what her first album “In A Perfect World” sold.

Other R n’B artists expected to debut in the top ten next week include actor Jamie Foxx, who is expected to put up numbers similar to Keyshia’s.


  1. So essentually, Keri could have kept her clothes on, the nasty’s undercover and just sing. He sexed up image didn’t do anything but keep her running in place so to speak. SMDH! As for Jeyshia, putting out a cd for the sake of putting out a cd just to stay relevant is never a good idea. You have to be inspired to share something of magnitude with the public in order to make that iconic cd. I am pretty much over pop and r&b, and was never a fan of hip hop.

  2. Keri hilson is a beast like the female usher she can sing betta than ciara dance better than beyonce and sing betta than rihanna ! Keri is about to gooo hard trust!!!!!!!!!

  3. There is no comparison. Keyshia is great! However,!!! Long before she started her own singing career she wrote the headbanger “Take Me As I Am” for Mary J.Blige. Hilson’s songwriting was responsible for numerous hit singles, including Mary J. Blige’s “Take Me as I Am” Omarion’s “Ice Box”, the Pussycat Dolls’ “Wait a Minute”, Britney Spears’ “Gimme More” and also Ciara’s “Like a Boy”.

  4. The way I see it as, yes I’m A huge fan of Keri any time she even touches down in DC, Northern Va MD im there. with this album I love the vocal progression, As far as Keyshia and i did buy her album as well i heard No change…and I’ve listened to it twice. So team_Keyshia i have love for you all but her going back to the same look as the beginning “irrelevant”…But Keri Album to me can do no wrong…she touches all aspects Sexual, Smooth…i just wish she did more ballets

  5. lol at whoever said keri can dance betta than beyonce. Rotflmao that was a good laugh. Anyway im team keyshia all the way because she dont have to talk about sex 24/7 to sell.

  6. @MYSHEL

    How was “take me as I am” a headbanger? It was a slow song. You sounded like a commercial. Lol

  7. Wow, I surprised that KC is gonna sell more than Keri. Keri has the press attn, I know she had a cd coimgn out for a while. I didnt know KC had a cd out until the day it came out. I hear Keri’s song PGR & see the vid. I dont for KC.

  8. I’ m sick of people talking about keri turned into a hoe keri was already a hoe look at her very first video i forget the name but she was in a boxing ring half nakad and had half her rump out in “knock ya down” dam people do research 4 ya speak

  9. Keri and Keyshia both did better than I thought they would. Keyshia’s is okay, but I am not feeling Keri’s or Jamie’s.

  10. Keyshia is the better singer, Keri is the better songwriter. In my eyes there is no comparison except for the fact that neither are good at both.

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