“Beautiful” Music From Vivian Green

After an almost four year hiatus, R n’ B sweetheart Vivian Green is finally back with new music. The singer’s label has released “Beautiful,” a soft piano driven tune they hope will remind the public of why Vivian was pegged as this generation’s Anita Baker by Billboard Magazine.

Click here to take a listen. (YouTube)

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  1. emotional rollercoaster was nice. i remember BET after dark….or something like that….and her video would always come on. then she had the second album with gotta go gotta leave. that was a nice song also. that video used to play on soul sessions all the time.

  2. I love her I was just talking about her this weekend wondering why she hadn’t came out with anything in a while. This look like this is going to be a good year for black music.

  3. I am sure this will be a nice CD, but the truth is this is a Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga obsessed generation. Her CD will be lost in the sauce just like every other true R&B singer that won’t get any radio play, awards or recognition because they are not gyrating, shaking their booties or dancing around in leotards selling sex.

  4. ahh Vivian… how we’ve missed you!!! Between Vivian, Melanie Fiona, Ledisi and the return of my girl Sade…I’m just a happy camper all around!

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