Beautiful New Beyonce Promo Pics



  1. beyonce looks flawless .i mean she is not human .she cant be.

  2. Beautiful yes, but boy am I so tired of her.I feel like she is just being shoved down our throats right now.She need to give folks a chance to miss her.Go away take a vacation and come back like Alicia Keys.

  3. I agree Beyonce is a beautiful young lady but there’s a such thing as to much exposure.I’m tired of seeing and hearing about her.I totally CO-sign to what Synthia is saying.

  4. Has anyone heard her new single? Jeesh people hated on DV but DV is ten times better than this song.I guess that is what happens when you record an entire album in 2 weeks.

  5. She’s cute but far from beautiful I’m sorry! Her legs are mad small when does she plan on gaining weight! And instead of taking 2 weeks to make her album she should stayed away for a year then came back strong as hell b/c I’m not feeling her two singles out now! Strike 2 B!

  6. It’s sad that so many of our people would love to see her fail or would love to hear bad gossip about her. But what kills us is not seeing her on everything,its the fact that its nothing bad to gossip about.. You see her and JAY_Z lasted longer than most famous couples…I love beyonce and I’m saying that from the bottom of my heart….FAB I’M YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN

  7. Whats so sad is that she gets more hate from her own people We are our own worst enemy..people grow,change,lose,gain we all do
    I’m happy so see a Black woman doing the damn thing
    Not on crack,in jail,on the streets,have five kids with 5 different dads

  8. Well Moni sad but true people are not hating when they give their opinion, but I guess some people hate on Beyonce 2. But millions more Lover her. By the way read the blogs for White celebraties they get much hate from their so called own race 2.

  9. Oh My god , hearing people talking about beyonce like that , really hurts !
    I agree with the fact that beyonce and jay are a ever lasting couple , but her new album is great , i never heared beyonce make any mistake in her music.
    Ans about her looks , she’s so beautiful , and natural.
    she didn’t have any sergery or something (like other celebs)!!
    She’s a beautiful talented woman , and i love her.. more than ever.:grin:
    Kaykay(from Holland)

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