Beauty 101: Short Do’s Without Cutting Your Own!

Like most women, I love my hair. I love my hair so much, that I wouldn’t cut it (unless it’s for a trim), and I choose not to color it (unless it’s something safe, like jet black). Well, I’m a New Yorker, and for 2 yrs of my life I lived in Tampa, FL. In Tampa, the women style their hair like Chicagoans — with so much confidence. I think it’s amazing. They cut it, they sew, braid, glue, shave, color — whatever it takes to give them that “right look”. I love that. But, in Tampa was when I was first educated on what a “QUICK WEAVE” was. A quick weave is basically any hairstyle bonded onto a wig/stocking cap.

I’ve had tons of people tell me they want to cut their hair, or they want to do “The Rihanna”, but are too scared of losing their lovely locks. So, what’s my answer? — ‘Why don’t you try a quick weave!’ Of course, you may need to have a skilled person do this for you, but if you have a friend that can do some good hair (like we all do), then just ask her!

What you’ll need:

– a pack of ’27-piece’ human hair (Harlem 125 brands & Sensationnel are available)
– bonding glue
– shampoo
– hair gel
– paper towel
– hair dryer
– tight, black wig cap or stocking cap
– razor (for thinning)
– cutting shears
– flat iron
– oil sheen
– holding spray

How to create this look:

– first, shampoo the hair (KeraCare brand may be used)
– then, wrap it using gel (Queen Helena brand may be used)
– place under a hot hooded dryer until hair is hardened
– place a paper towel over the head followed by a stocking cap (to protect hair from glue)
– start at the nape of the neck with the small strips and glue tracks horizontally (half-inch from each other)
– once the middle of the crown is reached, use the medium hair pieces to continue the circular pattern
– end at the front, where the bang should be created (lay the tracks about 1-inch apart to avoid a heavy, bulky look)
– use razor to thin and shape the hair
– use cutting shears to cut the hair at the top, at a 90-degree angle to create layers
– use flat iron to bump the top
– apply a small amount of oil sheen along with a mist of holding spray to add shine and a firm hold

* as a second look, a flat iron was used to lightly flip the bangs.


[photos from Hype Hair magazine]


  1. When I lived in Chicago, I wore my hair like the pics at the top. I couldn’t find anyone who could do that style after I moved to Cali. Its funny….I have never even considered a short weave. That’s a pretty cool idea. I have worked really hard to grow my hair, but a short weave would be cute sometimes. Thanks for the idea.

  2. I like the style cause I always have my hair short, big fan of the short hair, but its a shame they done a wig cap though cause I don’t particulaly like weaves, but all the same the style looks nice.

  3. I live in Alabama and I use to wear a quick weave all the time. I wore it long, short, medium, black, brown, highlights and all. I loved it but then it got to expensive and I just wear it short. But I would go back to it in a heartbeat as long as it looks natural!

    Good info!

  4. Fashionista101 posted this, not Steph.

    Very interesting article. I’ve never been into weaves, wigs, or braids for that matter, but this is cool. I use to wear my hair short in high school, but have been long since then. Currently, I have highlights, but I am considering a change for spring. I want to go short like Kelis or Rihanna with color, but I do like being able to throw it in a ponytail….decisions, decisions. I would like to see the back, because I would think it wouldn’t look natural in the back.

  5. Thanx Lola. LOL. I agree with the ponytail thing too, anything I do with my hair has to be able to go into a ponytail at some point. I get hot! And lazy.

  6. This is a great post…I’m a natural girlie girl…but I love the fact that we can do all kinds of things with our hair… :brownsista:

  7. The last time I was at the hair salon, I saw a woman getting this done. It was so cool to see. I’ve never tried it myself, but I am thinking about it for the summer. I want to change my hair color, but I’m too much of a chicken and this would be the perfect solution. My only question would be how long does it last? I would hate to spend all that money just for it to last like 1-2 weeks.

  8. 2 Torya:

    A style like this can last anywhere from 2-4 wks, depending on how well you manage the style. I don’t know what they charge at the salons, but like I said, if you have a friend that is skilled in hairstyling then ask her to give it a try. I’m hoping it wouldn’t cost more than $50 since it’s only glued.

    The hair for this kind of style is less than $20, and you only need one pack. The other products you need to accomplish this look, like glue and gel, are inexpensive and you only have to buy them maybe once per every 3 times you get it style. Hairdryers and flat irons — you should already have laying around.

  9. This is a good post and i’ve recommended it to my friends. So many of them want the Rihanna kind of look but dont want to cut the hair they’ve been growing for 19 yrs. It’s like Nooooooooooo when some scissors is near your hair.



  10. I like that idea, (Quick Weave), but it’s a lot of work, and time. I enjoy having a collection of different wigs, all colors, lengths, and styles. Inexpensive, and a couple very expensive. I can be a different woman everyday! I get one or two new wigs or ‘pieces’ a month. Lucky for me, I have a big walk in closet. 😆 It gives my natural hair a break from the wear and tear. In the summer, I ‘keep it real’, unless I REALLY want to make a statement. Isn’t it fun being a girl!!! :brownsista:

  11. This is so funny to me. I guess being born and raised in Cleveland, quick weave is now a thing of the past. I didn’t realize that other cities were not hip to it.

  12. I’m with you Jenn, this is sort of old. I do mine a little different so that the hair is blended with my own and can be worn in a high ponytail.

  13. Fashionista101: I was listening to Tom Joyner this morning and they had the girl who’s weave stopped a bullet on; it was a Quick Weave she had on! She had an angel protecting her that day.

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