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Since Keyshia Cole stepped on the scene back in 2004, the Oakland, California native stole our hearts with her R&B/Hip-Hop Soul melodies. Not one to fall into the “pretty chick, with no talent or personality” stereotype, Keyshia made certain she was true to herself. Over the years, her different hair styles and colors, as well as her personal style have evolved.

Keyshia Cole and hair are like ying and yang. It makes her complete! What is sometimes a questionable style for Keyshia, you kind of have to let slide. You reason with yourself that this girl loves to experiment, and you appreciate that, then they just grow on you.

She’s done it all from a long flame-red mane, which was red all over with bits of blonde and orange, to a short bleach blonde whispy pixie cut. So, whether her choice of style is long, short, loud, or mainstream, Keyshia no doubt sets trends.

Keyshia’s looks are ever changing — just like a chameleon! — so don’t expect to see her in any one style, cut, tone, or length for too long.

Keyshia’s Romantic Red Ringlets
(top, right photo)
1. To get the look, distribute a styling cream through damp hair, then blow dry. A rough dry is fine, as you’ll be curling your hair too, just make sure it’s completely dry before moving on.
2. Once hair is dry, wind half-inch sections around a thin-barreled curling iron from ends to roots. Hold the iron vertically while turning.
3. Hold the iron in place for a few seconds, then release the clamp while pulling the iron down and away from hair.
4. Allow the curls to cool, then spray with a medium-hold hairspray. Don’t comb, don’t brush — don’t even touch — the curls or you’ll ruin the ringlets.

Keyshia’s Formal Updo
(bottom, left photo)
1. To create this look, begin with flat-ironed, perfectly straight strands. Brush hair back into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic band.
2. Separate the hair coming out of the ponytail into several thick sections. Twist each into a cinnamon bun-like (mmmmm, sticky buns) shape and pin in place at the base of the pony.
3. Spray the style with a strong hold hairspray to secure.

Keyshia’s Funky Pixie Cut
(bottom, right photo)
1. Apply a dollop of mousse to the length of your hair, scrunching it into the roots.
2. Using a vented brush, blow dry strands straight by lifting small sections and directing the hot air underneath, which will add volume at the roots.
3. For the front swoop, brush hair forward and against the scalp while drying.
4. Finish the style by rubbing a few drops of a shine serum between palms, then smoothing over hair.

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  1. That first picture all I gotta say is DAMN! She’s fine. She didn’t even look like herself there kinda like Gabrielle Union if you just glimpse. But Keyshia is very beautiful the only thing I hate are those dam tats all on her arms n sh*t. Put them in sexy unnoticeable places.

  2. The ronald mcdonald orange was a definite no no!

    The reddish hair worked for her.

    The black was ok with some styles.

    Blond hair & black women..NO!

  3. Okay, I always liked Keyshia…let me say. HOWEVER, I always thought her hair use to be busted! The best she ever looked was on her ‘A different Me album but i never saw her as one of those sistas I would imitate on the hair tip. IJS

  4. i found your blog because it was in
    clutch mags top taste makers list but im really wondering why. in the few posts that i’ve read i noticed negative and divisive comments.
    -Not one to fall into the “pretty light-skinned chick, with no talent or personality” mold-
    so are u saying that the only people with no talent or personality are light skinned black people? that is so offensive and rude and just ignorant. do u also assume that pretty girls are dumb and then there’s a post about natural hair hate. where on earth did u get the idea that people with relaxed hair feel left out of the natural hair club and that naturals feel superior? thats just ridiculous. those two posts have insulted women with relaxed hair and light skinned women, and thats all i needed to read to decide that i will not be following this blog.

  5. I think one of the reasons why people like Keyshia have such loyal fan bases is because the average black girl from around the way can identify with them. Keyshia’s style is much like many of ours when we were young as we matured so did our looks.

    I love her ,she is fabulous.

  6. @NOT A FAN: This post was not meant to disrespect or offend anyone. Besides the fact that I am also light-skinned, I was referring to a stereotype that we all know is in the entertainment industry.

    I was praising Keyshia Cole for being her own individual — not a product of the people or label who “founded” her.

    …This is a post about someone’s hair and beauty transformation. I don’t know how you got to thinking I was saying “pretty girls are dumb.” *SMH*

  7. Keyshia is different in that respect. The industry is littered with girls who have a certain look but no discernable talent to back up why they have been given a singing contract.

    But to keep on topics, Keyshia is a true beauty chameleon as most brown sistas are. We change our looks like we change our minds. And though I know fans hate comparisons, I will agree that she does in many ways remind me of the way Mary transformed herself, only Keyshia’s transformation has been quicker.

  8. Keyshia has evolved from a girl to a woman and her new sophisticated style represents that. I love her recent looks and I am so digging the fact that she rocks her own hair. Sistas we look good with our own hair. Keyshia makes me proud and I hope she keeps her more natural look going.

  9. Love Keykey! Thats my girl. The black and reddish orange looks great on her. She can do it all and not be too plane jane with it. I can’t be doing a those colors though unless its a cute

  10. I loved the red hair she had, when she first came out. It looked great in the “I Just Want it to be Over” vid.

    I personally like her Red/Black hair styles. But she’s pretty regardless.
    I love her music too.

  11. @ DAISY,

    Nah. But the lady in my avatar IS. Her name is Jaunel McKenzie and she is a model from Jamaica I think and she’s drop-dead gorgeous. I’ve got a bit of a girl-crush on her LOL

  12. @Southern Diva: You ssaid it perfectly.
    I too love KC’s versatility.
    She and Monica are able to wear long hair or short hair, red/black/brown/gold/orange hair.

    & each colour & style they both look great.

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