Beauty: Helping Haiti

Although Haitian-Born and Brooklyn raised manicurist Meredith Leon- McCormack has lost several family members, and awaiting to here on an update on her brother, she’s still determined to help others in her home country. Leon-McCormack said earlier this week “she has been dealing with diplomats to help organize projects to assist in a rebuilding effort.” She has teamed up with some of the world’s high profile beauty and fashion colleagues such as Ted Gibson, Warren-Tricomi, Kissable Couture, Carmindy, Tracy Reese and Dana Gibbs — to serve as sponsors for “Beauty With a Purpose: ForThe Love Of Haiti “.Beauty With a Purpose: For The Love Of Haiti” is a two-day event she plans to hold during New York Fashion Week for editors, stylists, celebrities and designers. Each sponsor will donate items from their respective lines and proceeds from their sales will go to benefit a selection of charities. More sponsors are being courted to help fund the event, which will be held at the Bryant Park Hotel; the hotel is sponsoring one of the days. For more information, send an e-mail to

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  1. This is real cool. It’s great to see the fashion & beauty world doing great things/giving back.

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