Beauty Must Have

Every woman has a beauty product she just can’t live without. You know, that one thing you never forget to throw in your purse before you leave the house.

For my best friend, it is her MAC Peachstock Lip Glass/Gloss ($14.95), but for me it is something a bit more simple… and inexpensive.

Carmex. Yep, that stuff that comes in the little yellow tube. I buy the stuff in bulk… like toothpaste and toilet tissue.

I never leave the house without my Carmex. I even keep the stuff in every room of my house just in case I have a sudden bout of dry-lipness.

So what say you, Brown Sistas? What beauty product do you never leave the house without?


  1. Clear lip gloss. I buy tons of it for cheap at beauty supply stores. Can’t live without it. It is both a chapstick and gloss in one.

    I hate lipstick.

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