Beauty News: Solange Knowles

From dancing to singing to performing at exclusive parties as a disc jockey Solange Knowles just won’t stop. She has decided to take her career to even furthur heights. Following in her big sister’s footsteps she has just been named one of the newest spokesmodels for Rimmel Cosmetics. Knowles along with actress Zoeey Deschanel, Kate Moss, and model Alejandra Ramos Munoz is one of the three new Rimmel Cosmetics girls. “These three strong, successful and uniquely beautiful women will help ensure that Rimmel London’s image continues to be modern and globally relevant,” said Renato Semerari, president of Coty Beauty, which owns the Rimmel brand. Congrats to Ms. Solange Knowles, I know she will be a great representation of women of color:)


  1. So good to hear, and it is great to see that companies aren’t just using white boney models in their ads and commercials anymore, esp. a huge international company like Rimmel.

  2. Lol….I think I am more impress about her being a DJ its a competitive job amongst men and goes beyond just having good looks. That is thinking outside of the box. I bet she’s good too.

  3. Mr. Knowles is an awesome manager. Congrats to Solange. I like some of Rimmel’s products; namely their eye shadows and nail polishes.

  4. I must say she looks stunning in this pic..If that’s what it takes, by all means keep wearing those wigs girl!

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