Behind the Scenes with Janet

Though I am not a fan of Janet Jackson’s NutriSystem commercials, or the overly airbrushed images from her Blackglama campaign, I am a fan of the behind the scenes videos that usually accompany these promotions.

It is with these videos that we truly get to see Janet at her best. I am also usually reminded of why I am a stone cold fan. In the video below, Janet is relaxed and playful- takes me back to the earlier years before she seem to become so guarded and camera shy.

As for Janet’s new svelte look, she needs to take it to the streets and let the paparazzi get some hot “candids” of her. Janet’s body is circa 1986 in this video. I haven’t seen her look this naturally “thick” in years. It is a great look for her.

This video will probably also dispel those rumors that the previous images of her released by NutriSystem were altered in some way.


  1. Dave!!! He directed many a good video in the 2000s! Love him! And Janet looks gorgeous STILL. Her smile is always so infectious. Love her.

  2. I was shocked to see him as the director. Haven’t heard much from him over the years but his website shows that he has been a busy man and has his hand in quite a few different ventures.

  3. I watched this video last night on you tube I liked it. I have 2 agree with you Janet definitely has become guarded and camera shy. which in all actuality has always been her MO but it seems it’s even more so now…… As a fan…… not liking it! Still love J though…..

  4. @ SISTA, even when video directors don’t make that leap into filmmaking (a la Francis Lawrence, Spike Jonze, F. Gary Gray, etc.) they will most *always* have work, which proves again (to me) that the folks in Hollyweird who work behind the scenes are usually the ones with the longer lasting careers, rather than the stars in the forefront. But if one plays their cards right, singer/actor/model/etc. and learns to play in front and behind the camera then longevity is more likely. I’ll have to check out Dave’s website. I had forgotten about him, honestly, but immediately recognized him in this clip.

  5. I don’t blame her for being shy around the media. They can manipulate your words and actions in a minute. BTW. I have NEVER seen her look better. It makes me want to sign up.

  6. These lying celebrities supporting weight loss companies, knowing good and damn well they don’t use this crap.

  7. the baddest. she shpuld play eartha kitt. beautiful as always.

    janet looks so happy and centered.

  8. Janet is truly riding her own tide after decades in the business and looking good! Smart move to do a reunion of sorts with Meyers. LOVE HER!

  9. I thought she always behaved in a shy manner in interviews. That’s just her persona…

    She looks better than ever and I applaud her success!

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